Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COMM 49546

July 4, 2017
Assertiveness and affirming oneself involves the same kinds of communication across
all cultures
Describe the various marital types discussed in your book
Name and explain the external obstacles to listening.
Discuss the different approaches to conflict and give an example of each
Researchers report that there is no direct association between marital happiness and the
number of arguments that spouses have
According to your book, interracial marriages are increasing in the United States, thus it
is expected that there will be more children who have mixed ethnic heritages
Although words don't mean exactly the same thing to everyone, within a culture many
symbols have an agreed-upon range of meanings.
Women are more jealous of a partner's emotional investment in another relationship
whereas men are more jealous of a partner's sexual infidelity
A multi-tasker can be mindful when listening to a speaker and check text messages at
the same time.
Mothers spend more time that fathers with the children in caretaking activities.
The book discusses valentine's day, explain what is truly Valentine's Day?
Since there are no formal standards for friendships, there are also no consistent ideas for
what counts as a friend or patterns of interaction between friends
Describe a situation where you would (or would not) express an emotion for an ethical
reason. Based on the guidelines for communicating emotions effectively that were
raised in the textbook, discuss how two to three guidelines would influence how to act
in the situation.
Describe three Japanese styles of communication during business negotiations and three
American styles of communication during business negotiations as found by McDaniel
& Quasha, 2000 and Weiss, 1987