Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

COMM 30484

December 8, 2016
In an oral presentation, humor is a widely used technique to arouse the interest of the
For printed résumés, the most appropriate type size is _____.
A. 12 to 14 points for headings and 10 to 12 points for body text
B. 18 to 20 points for the heading and 6 to 8 points for body text
C. 10 to 12 points for the heading and 18 to 20 points for body text
D. 10 points for the heading and 10 points for body text
E. 20 to 30 points for the heading and 10 to 20 points for body text
_____ appeals predominate in messages for goods and services that do not perform any
discernible rational function.
A. Emotional
B. Logical
C. Practical
D. Ethical
E. Feature-based
_____ is best defined as the ability to understand and adapt to the preferences for
individualism or collectivism, religious beliefs, political environment, and ideas about
social hierarchy of people in different countries.
A. Cross-cultural competency
B. Ethical reasoning
C. Computational thinking
D. Visual literacy
E. Corporate social responsibility
Which of the following strategies should you use to improve your chances of having
your scannable résumé retrieved and reviewed?
A. Avoid using white paper and always print your résumé in the landscape mode.
B. Use shading and graphics to highlight important details in your résumé.
C. Represent the information in your résumé using fonts between 6 and 10 points.
D. Consciously work to integrate keywords into your résumé.
E. Use italics rather than using all caps for emphasizing the text in your résumé.
Which of the following is the best way to begin an unsolicited cover letter?
A. At the suggestion of Ms. Deborah James of your staff, I am sending the following
summary of my qualifications for work as your financial manager.
B. I've always wanted to work for this company, and so I'm writing to apply for the
position of financial manager.
C. I would like to work as your financial manager. I have sufficient experience in the
field, and I'm an efficient worker.
D. Since I have the necessary qualifications and experience for the job, I would like to
work as the financial manager of your company.
E. Do you require a financial manager? If so, I'm exactly the person you're looking for.
My qualifications for work are listed in the following summary.
When is it best to use the indirect approach in creating a message?
A. When the message is likely to evoke a negative response from the reader
B. When the message is requesting for routine information
C. When the message is informing the reader about good news
D. When the message is intended for an audience who prefers to get to the main point
without delay
E. When the message is likely to evoke a neutral response from the reader
Which of the following is an effective way to increase the accuracy of a person's
interpretation while listening?
A. The person will need to think in terms of what the words mean to the speaker who
uses them.
B. The person will need to think in terms of what the dictionary says about the meaning
of the words used by the speaker.
C. The person should judge the speaker's words in the light of his or her own culture
and experience rather than those of the speaker's.
D. The person will need to filter incoming messages on the basis of his or her own
E. The person will need to focus on the gestures and expressions used by the speaker
when the message is delivered.
Which of the following is true about the use of postscripts in sales messages?
A. It is illegal to add postscripts in sales messages.
B. The use of postscripts in sales messages de-emphasizes its major appeal.
C. A sales message can use a postscript as a part of its design.
D. They are no longer effective.
E. Postscripts should be avoided in sales messages as they divert attention from other
enclosures in the message.
The leader of a meeting must _____.
A. encourage participation from those group members who talk too little
B. encourage off-topic discussions in order to keep his audience interested
C. refrain from summarizing every key item in order to save time
D. discourage time-consuming activities like taking minutes
E. begin with topics that are not part of the agenda
_____ is an online network of library content and services.
B. Wikipedia
C. LinkedIn
D. WorldCat
E. Kartoo
Which of the following sentences is in active voice?
A. These cars are manufactured in Japan.
B. The houses have been built.
C. She is reading the memorandum now.
D. A lot of property was destroyed by the earthquake.
E. German is spoken in Austria.
Which of the following is true of the courteous use of cell phones?
A. You should use your cell phone at social gatherings to keep in touch with your
B. You should not turn off the ringer because you might miss important calls.
C. You should connect your cell phone to a headset to place a call when driving.
D. You should place your cell phone on the table while eating.
E. You should call from a quiet place, away from other people.
Given below is a list of rules to be followed while designing a logo. Which of the
following items is NOT parallel with the other items?
A. Create a balanced design
B. Avoid commonly used fonts
C. Take risks
D. Keeping it simple
E. Spend time on preliminary work
Which of the following headings from a report violates parallelism of construction?
A. Wilson leading in sales productivity
B. Kennison has the best training record
C. White shows all-around competency
D. Cannon is the most stable player in this field
E. Dawkins has a mediocre record
Which of the following is true about the scenario painting technique used in
A. It focuses on the we-viewpoint rather than the you-viewpoint.
B. It uses the common-ground persuasion technique.
C. It restricts the use of emotional appeals.
D. It puts the reader in a simulated context that brings out a product's appeal.
E. It is an outdated technique and is no longer used by advertisers.
Your goal in an indirect claim message is to _____.
A. ensure that your recipient admits that it was his or her fault
B. convince your recipient that you deserve some kind of compensation
C. ensure that your recipient apologizes for his or her mistake
D. let your recipient know that you are disappointed with the turn of events
E. indicate that you may discontinue using your recipient's services
A(n) _____ is written in response to an actual job opening.
A. solicited cover letter
B. thank-you message
C. prospecting cover message
D. follow-up message
E. unsolicited cover message
A sales description based on factual material will most likely _____.
A. have an emotional appeal
B. avoid using the logical appeal
C. have a rational appeal
D. use pathos to attract consumers
E. avoid using logos to attract consumers
Examine the following and identify the option that violates parallelism of construction.
A. Slight increase in bank debits
B. Freight loadings increase slightly
C. Postal receipts remain unchanged
D. Retail sales reach new high
E. Construction activity stabilizes
Which of the following is the first step in delivering a webinar?
A. Sending announcements of the presentation to the target audience
B. Hiring an assistant to help during the presentation
C. Choosing a user-friendly technology that supports the webinar
D. Creating something for those participants who arrive early to view before the
webinar begins
E. Choosing an appropriate medium for answering the audience's questions
Which of the following is an external factor that you need to consider when identifying
an appropriate job?
A. Your education
B. Your personal qualities
C. Your special qualifications
D. Your work experience
E. Your family needs
A study showed that women who were taking a particular kind of therapy also had
lower incidence of heart disease. This led the doctors to believe that the therapy was
protective against heart diseases. However, re-analysis of the data from the study
showed that women taking this therapy were physically active and thus it was their
lifestyle that made them less susceptible to heart diseases. Which of the following errors
in interpretation is illustrated in the scenario?
A. Drawing illogical cause-effect conclusions
B. Comparing noncomparable data
C. Interpreting a lack of evidence as proof to the contrary
D. Coloring interpretation to make them appear interesting
E. Oversimplifying the data
Which of the following sentences handles its subject most positively?
A. We regret to inform you that we cannot hire you at this time.
B. Although we cannot hire you now, we will let you know if there are vacancies in
C. Regretfully, we must turn down your request for employment.
D. Unfortunately, we have no job vacancy at this time.
E. Although all of our positions are filled, we will hold your application for a possible
future opening.
Which of the following is a source of primary research?
A. Encyclopedia
B. Government publication
C. Almanac
D. Interview
E. Website
Which of the following is a defining characteristic of a special library?
A. It usually contains all kinds of material.
B. It is only maintained by government organizations.
C. It typically does not permit access for any kind of research project.
D. It is usually not sponsored by private businesses.
E. It limits its collections to one type or just a few types of material.
Which of the following statements best illustrates the you-viewpoint?
A. I see that your credit is weak, so we can sell to you on a cash-only basis.
B. We are delighted to announce our company's financial gain for the last fiscal year.
C. Your refund has been approved, and your account will be credited with the amount.
D. I am happy to report that your proposal was accepted.
E. We are writing to request your assistance.
In the course of writing a business report, once you've defined the problem and
identified your purpose, the immediate next step is to _____.
A. determine what factors you need to investigate
B. gather the required information
C. analyze the available information
D. use the test of experience
E. use the negative test
Which of the following is the primary purpose of an email cover message?
A. It requests for an interview.
B. It identifies the exact nature of the job.
C. It invites a reader to review the message.
D. It highlights the personal information of an applicant.
E. It highlights the qualifications for the job one is applying for.
Which of the following sentences uses an incorrect idiom?
A. He knew the names of all his employees from heart.
B. It's hard to believe that we lost our jobs.
C. She built this company from scratch.
D. The salesperson made the deal more enticing by offering a huge discount.
E. When I bought my car, the dealer offered free auto maintenance for a year.
Which of the following elements should be included in the conclusion of a speech or
A. A summary of the keys points developed in the presentation
B. A statement that clearly defines the topic of the presentation
C. A statement that builds up the case
D. A quote by someone the audience knows and views as credible
E. A humorous anecdote
Which of the following statements is true about business communication within an
A. An organization's communication patterns are independent of the industry in which
it operates.
B. Organizations in a stable environment tend to depend on established types of formal
C. Simpler organizations typically require more communication than complex
D. The geographic dispersion of an organization tends to have an adverse impact on its
external communication.
E. The communication of a homogeneous organization requires more adaptation to
participants' values than that of a multicultural organization.