Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COM CM 99740

July 4, 2017
Attachment styles are:
a. ways we satisfy our needs for belonging.
b. where an individual stops and the rest of the world begins.
c. social standpoints such as race, class, and gender.
d. parenting patterns that teach us who we are and how to approach relationships.
e. communication styles we use in our relationships with others.
During this stage, friends tend to rely on general scripts and stereotypes, because they
don't have enough personal knowledge of each other to engage in dual perspective
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
This involves listening only for content and ignoring the relationship level of meaning.
a. defensive listening.
b. pseudolistening.
c. selective listening.
d. ambushing.
e. literal listening.
According to the book, all of the following are guidelines for interpersonal
communication competence EXCEPT:
a. develop a range of skills
b. adapt communication appropriately
c. engage in dual perspective
d. imagination
e. commitment
The ____ area contains information that others know about us but we don't know about
a. open
b. blind
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
One indication that a friendship is in the nascent stage is that participants:
a have less quality and quantity of communication
b attempt to seek common ground during conflict
c involve others in activities and conversations
d rely more on general stereotypes and scripts
e work out private rules for interacting
____ information is what we know about ourselves but choose not to reveal to most
a. open
b. blind
c. hidden
d. known
e. unknown
An example of physiological noise is
a. puppies
b. being preoccupied with a problem
c. cigarettes
d. fatigue
e. poor sound
Miguel tries to concentrate during a class lecture, but he can't get his mind off a
personal problem. His preoccupation with his personal problem is an example of ____
a. psychological
b. physical
c. semantic
d. syntactic
e. behavioral
According to the cognitive labeling view of emotions, what occurs first?
a. external event
b. physiological response
c. label for response
d. interpreted emotion
e. perception of event
This communicates openness to other points of view. We suggest that our minds aren't
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d problem orientation
e equality
An example of these rules is when we understand that we can wear jeans and T-shirts to
class, but that different clothes are generally appropriate in our workplaces.
a. intuitive
b. constitutive
c. comparative
d. regulative
e. constructive
All of the following are supportive communication EXCEPT:
a description
b provisionalism
c spontaneity
d strategy
e equality
"You are a very smart girl," Tammy tells her daughter. Tammy's statement is an
example of a(n):
a. reflected appraisal.
b. direct definition.
c. identity script.
d. self-fulfilling prophecy.
e. social comparison.
The most interpersonally constructivepassiveresponse to relational conflict is:
a exit
b voice
c loyalty
d neglect
e ambush
In a study of both different and same sex couples, researchers found that couples in
which both partners had __ attachment styles had the most mutually constructive
a. anxious/ambivalent
b. fearful
c. secure
d. none of these
e. all of these
These are personal objects we use to announce our identities and heritage and to
personalize our environments.
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
Christy just moved into her new dorm room and spent the first day hanging pictures,
putting out souvenirs of important times, and putting favorite objects on the
bookshelves. Christy has relied on what form of nonverbal communication to
personalize the new apartment?
a. paralanguage
b. artifacts
c. kinesics
d. proxemics
e. physical appearance
The pragmatic style of loving (pragma) is too cold and practical to involve real love or
In some military academies, such as West Point, this is a recognized method of
stripping a cadet of personhood if he or she is perceived as having broken the academy
a. artifacts.
b. chronemics.
c. proxemics.
d. paralanguage.
e. silence.
When you meet a new person, you might classify the person as a possible friend, date,
or enemy. You also might focus on physical qualities. This is based on your ____
a age
b culture
c social role
d cognitive ability
e cognitive schemata
The three secondary styles of love are
a infatuation, lust, and expressive
b like, lust, and vibrance
c pragma, mania, and agape
d eros, storge, and ludos
e eros, agape, and amor
This type of attachment are individuals tend to feel less hope, disclose less, and
experience less satisfaction with relationships than people with other attachment styles.
a. fearful
b. anxious/ambivalent
c. secure
d. dismissive
e. unknown
Tasha thinks that it is her fault that her son is acting up in school. She feels guilty for
not being a good mother. She constantly does her son's homework for him to make it up
to him. Tasha is suffering from which fallacy?
a. perfection
b. overgeneralization
c. helplessness
d. taking responsibility for others
e. Fear of catastrophic expectations
____ language tends to be accusatory and abstract.
a. I
b. You
c. We
d. They
e. Me
The opposite or unproductive communication of sensitive listening is:
a poor listening
b cross-complaining
c excessive metacommunication
d validation of each other
e kitchen-sinking
When communicating with a person with a disability, all of the following are generally
accepted guidelines EXCEPT:
a speak directly to the person
b try to position yourself at eye level if a person uses a wheelchair or crutches
c provide assistance without asking
d do not lean on a person's wheelchair as this may be an invasion of personal space
e don't use childish language with people who have no mental disability
____ language is more descriptive than you language.
a. I
b. You
c. We
d. They
e. Me
An example of this phase is: A businessperson may joke or engage in small talk to see
whether an associate wants to move beyond the acquaintance level of relating
a nascent friendship
b role-limited interaction
c moving toward friendship
d stabilized friendship
e friendly relations
Zach believes that in conflict situations the goal is to find a solution that all those
involved can accept. Zach's orientation to conflict is best described as:
a hit-miss
b win-win
c win-lose
d tie-tie
e lose-lose
The five symbolic abilities described in your textbook are.
a. I, Me, We, She, and He
b. clarification, understanding, restructuring, continuity, and closure
c. definition, punctuation, interpretation, subjectivity, and self-concept
d. definition, evaluation, organization, hypothetical thought, self-reflection
e. circular, rectangular, oval, triangular, and octagonal
Raul came to the United States from Mexico three months ago and he is still having
trouble understanding Americans' tendency to rush all the time. He is also surprised
when his teachers are irritated if he joins class a while after class has started. Raul's
confusion about American pace of life is based on which aspect of nonverbal behavior?
a. chronemics
b. proxemics
c. kinesics
d. artifacts
e. silence
All of the following are distinct ways North Americans respond to relational distress
a exit
b voice
c cognitive complexity
d neglect
e loyalty
"You're a wonderful person" and "I feel we should work as a team" are examples of:
a. emotional investments.
b. irrational beliefs.
c. social values.
d. concretely identifying emotions.
e. counterfeit emotional language.
Ning believes that she will never be able to take public speaking, because she does not
have a natural talent. However, the book states that
a. communication is unintentional
b. communication is irreversible
c. communication is transactional
d. communication is unrepeatable
e. communication effectiveness can be learned
A study showed that children 31/2 to 7 years old have strong preferences for playing
with other children of the different sex.
Geographic distance is the reason the majority of high school friendships dissolve when
students begin college
Where did the concept of "white people" come from?
Over 4 million children live with at least one stepparent
Male abusers are far more likely than female abusers to inflict physical injuries,
sometimes severe ones
Building on the research of Buber and Laing, communication scholars have identified
three levels of communication that (dis)confirm others. Distinguish among the three
levels by providing a definition and an example of a disconfirming and confirming
statement for each level. For extra credit, explain why Buber felt confirmation is so
important to our interpersonal lives
Explain the ladder of abstraction and use an example
Use the ladder of abstraction to explain how you perceived and acted in a particular
situation. Make sure that you include and label each level of the abstraction ladder in
your example
Discuss some of the guidelines for confirming communication with people with
Nearly 40% of births in America are to unmarried parents
Two million new cases of STDs are diagnosed each year
Recently, scholars' tracking of adolescent girls' bullying shows that many young girls
engage in social aggression toward other boys, and they do so using distinctly feminine
rules for expressing aggression.
When talking with people with disabilities, you may offer assistance, but don't provide
it unless your offer is accepted
Many lesbians place priority on physical characteristics
A common instance of conflicting punctuation is the demand-withdraw pattern.
Discuss the nature of friendship and give examples of each element