Book Title
M: Business Communication 3rd Edition

COM CM 50314

December 8, 2016
Internal-operational messages are those emails and hard-copy messages written by the
employees of a company to suppliers and service organizations outside the company.
Which of the following will most likely enhance the readability of your message?
A. Using complex sentence structures
B. Using see-saw sentences
C. Using cluttering phrases
D. Using mixed constructions
E. Using short sentences
In the process of communication, once the primary sender of a message develops a
well-informed sense of the situation, the next logical step is to _____.
A. analyze the potential audiences
B. interpret the message
C. choose an appropriate time to send the message
D. draft and then revise the message carefully
E. extract information from the message
Secondary research produces information primarily through the use of _____.
A. experiments
B. surveys
C. websites
D. interviews
E. observations
Which of the following is true of reports?
A. All reports have a consistent format and an equal number of components.
B. As the need for formality decreases, the number of components in a report increases.
C. When the situation is informal and the report is short, prefatory pages are included.
D. A business writer should decide the makeup of a report on the basis of its topic and
E. Less complex problems and less formal situations will require less elaborate reports.
Which of the following is true of routine operational reports?
A. Routine operational reports constitute the majority of the reports written within
B. Routine operational reports are generally longer than problem-solving reports.
C. Routine operational reports are more difficult to prepare than nonroutine reports.
D. Routine operational reports are not influenced by organizational culture.
E. Routine operational reports cannot be created using standardized forms or template
Which of the following divisions is best suited for creating an outline of a report
regarding the progress of a new manufacturing plant under construction?
A. Place
B. Quantity
C. Place-Quantity
D. Time
E. Quality
If you are an interviewer, which of the following questions does the law permit you to
A. What religion do you practice?
B. How old are you?
C. Are you married?
D. Do you plan to have children?
E. How much are you expecting to get paid?
The advent of new media has _____.
A. increased the need for employees who have social intelligence
B. eliminated the need for traditional modes of communication such as face-to-face
C. limited the demand for digital networking and virtual collaboration
D. increased the hierarchical nature of organizational setups
E. reduced the decision-making power of front-line employees
Which of the following falls under the "interpret the information" step of collaborative
writing projects?
A. The group should determine the factors of the problem.
B. The group should conduct research.
C. Group participants must think through the facts, apply the facts to the problem,
derive logical meaning from the facts, and see them from the readers' points of view.
D. The group needs to develop a coherent, shared sense of the report's intended readers
and their needs.
E. Group participants must base the report's structure on the time, place, quantity,
factor, or other relationships in the data.
List the appearance and physical factors to be considered when delivering a speech.
Which of the following exemplifies a good way to present bad news to a customer?
A. The phone was damaged because you used it improperly, so we cannot offer a
B. I cannot help you in any way as the fault is entirely yours for not reading the
product documentation.
C. You were informed of the rules prior to purchase. Hence, we cannot accept your
D. You made the mistake of misusing your product, so I cannot help you in any way.
E. In the interest of fairness, we cannot offer customized discounts to selective
Carol Elling, a newly recruited sales analyst at Luiz Martines, Wyoming, has been
given the responsibility of creating a weekly sales report. Like the previous analyst,
Carol has to send the finished report to the sales manager at Luiz. In this scenario, Carol
should _____.
A. create multiple sections in her report and bridge each section with transitional
B. place an elaborate introduction at the beginning of her report
C. write her report in the indirect order
D. draft her report using a structured coherence plan
E. use the direct order to present the information in her report
Which of the following is true of effective voice mail techniques?
A. A voice mail does not allow you to leave a more detailed message than you might
leave with an assistant.
B. You must begin a voice mail with an overview of the message and then continue
with the details.
C. If you want the listener to take action, you must call for it in the beginning of the
D. You need not directly ask the listener to return your call because by leaving a voice
message, you are implying that the listener should call you back.
E. You must speak quickly to ensure that the entire message is recorded.
Examine the following sentence taken from a report. Which relationship is established
by the transitional phrase "for example" with its preceding content?
"The Mills Company, for example, has conducted such a program for the past eleven
A. Contrast
B. Cause-result
C. Likeness
D. Explanation or elaboration
E. Listing or enumeration of subjects
Select the most appropriate sentence or phrase to end an indirect claim message
concerning a defective product.
A. Thank you in advance.
B. Please grant this claim.
C. You have no choice but to repair the product.
D. Please send us a replacement before Monday.
E. You are responsible for the damages, so you must repair the defective product.
Which of the following is true about meeting minutes?
A. Minutes include only subjective data.
B. Minutes are primarily verbatim transcripts.
C. Minutes include only descriptive data.
D. Minutes vary in format across organizations.
E. Minutes do not have any legal significance.
If the information you have collected has some relation to geographic location, you
should typically use a _____ division.
A. place
B. time
C. quantity
D. progress
E. quality
Which of the following sentences is an example of a mixed construction?
A. Gary and Joan were both asked to attend 'sensitivity" training.
B. Alex was down with fever, so he asked his manager if he could be excused from
C. Laura is busy preparing for tomorrow's big presentation.
D. The manager graded the employment test, and the candidates were given the test
E. She was asked to reduce the planned operating expenses in order for her budget to
be approved.
Which of the following differentiates short reports from long reports?
A. Short reports often need more elaborate introductory material.
B. Short reports are less likely to use a personal style of writing.
C. Short reports are more likely to be written in the direct order.
D. Short reports, unlike long reports, typically concern complex, nonroutine problems.
E. Short reports, unlike long reports, usually present supporting information before the
main conclusion.
What is the advantage of closing a message with a tailored ending?
A. It allows you to emphasize on the I-viewpoint.
B. It puts the writer at the central position.
C. It helps in building more goodwill.
D. It allows you to use clichés without distracting the reader from the main message.
E. It allows you to create a message that is open to various interpretations.
Demographic information includes details such as _____.
A. social, political, and personal preferences
B. legal and sociocultural implications
C. per capita income and gross national income
D. current market trends and foreign exchange rates
E. age, gender, income, and geographic location
Which of the following is the best opening for an invited or solicited message?
A. My specialized training in social media marketing strategies and experience in the
advertising industry qualify me for the social media marketing manager position listed
on your company's website.
B. I have attached a résumé along with this letter that extensively covers my education
and work experience, and I am sure they will make me eligible for one of the positions
in the firm.
C. I would like to apply for an internship at your firm. I have strong academic
credentials and references that support my request for an internship. I would like to
point out that I am very keen to work for your company to the extent that I am willing
to do an unpaid internship in an area of my interest.
D. I have attached a résumé for a possible job offer from your company.
E. I can assure you that I am well suited to work for your company because of my
experience, education, and personal qualities.
After completing her internship, Alyssa decides to search for a job. She decides to begin
her search by sending physical copies of her résumé to prospective employers. When
describing in her résumé the duties she performed as an intern last summer, she should
use _____.
A. action-oriented, present tense verbs
B. action-oriented, past tense verbs
C. verbs in progressive future tense
D. verbs in present continuous tense
E. action-oriented, future tense verbs
As the need for formality decreases, which of the following is usually the last
component to be omitted from the prefatory pages of a formal report?
A. The title fly
B. The title page
C. The table of contents
D. The letter of transmittal
E. The executive summary
Which of the following sentences has a dangling/misplaced modifier?
A. I was asked to report to work just after two weeks of returning home from the
B. Noticing Mark was on leave, Cody was asked not to assign the new task to him.
C. I was intimated about the unavailability of the auditorium a little too late.
D. He has the reputation of being a master of multitasking.
E. He has little patience for people who in his opinion are 'slowpokes."
Which section of a general cover letter matches a person's qualifications to the reader's
A. The introduction
B. The conclusion
C. The references
D. The body
E. The salutation
When determining the time viewpoint you should use in your report, you _____.
A. should report the results of a recent survey in the present tense
B. can violate parallelism of construction for the headings
C. should use present-time viewpoint when describing the research you conducted
D. should use the past-time viewpoint for current concepts
E. should use the present-time viewpoint when saying what the findings mean
Consider the following statement: "Our latest cell phone model comes preloaded with
the latest version of the operating software in addition to all the functionality of
high-end cell phones in the current market." This statement primarily focuses on
A. scenario painting
B. the common-ground persuasion technique
C. character-based appeals
D. reader benefits
E. product features
The various techniques that are needed to tie the information together in a paragraph are
known as _____ devices.
A. roundabout
B. transitional
C. stringy
D. see-saw
E. surplus Various techniques are needed to tie the information together in a paragraph.
A report written in the indirect order _____.
A. first states its main point and then supplies the supporting information
B. is especially beneficial for readers who are in a hurry to receive the most important
information first
C. is more likely to use personal pronouns than a report written in the direct order
D. presents the main findings, recommendations, and conclusion in the executive
E. begins with whatever introductory material is needed to prepare the reader for the
A _____ is a Web-based get-together, usually for a small group of people who have
chosen to conduct their interactions online rather than in a conference room.
A. webinar
B. webcast
C. Web meeting
D. conference call
E. podcast
Which of the following is the last step to be taken when drafting your claim message?
A. Recap the major facts to permit a decision.
B. End positively friendly but firm.
C. Seek corrective action.
D. Directly present the claim.
E. Present an overview of the problem.
Which of the following sentences avoids the use of excess words?
A. The customer returned the phone back to the seller.
B. We should plan in advance for the future.
C. At the present time, we are conducting two surveys.
D. I am interested in learning more about this procedure.
E. This chapter discusses the basic fundamentals of clear writing.
Which of the following should you do when responding favorably to questions in a
routine inquiry message?
A. Answer each question in a separate message to ensure clarity.
B. Conclude the message with the answer to the reader's question.
C. Answer all the questions in a single paragraph.
D. Answer the most important question first.
E. Request the sender to limit the number of questions.
Sheeba has to write a message seeking information about a possible venue for her
company's annual employee-recognition banquet. Which of the following will be the
most effective opening in her message?
A. We would like to know about your banquet facilities.
B. It would be nice if you could tell us about your banquet facilities.
C. Will you please answer the following questions about your banquet facilities?
D. As we are preparing for our annual employee banquet, we need information
regarding your banquet facilities.
E. Your banquet facilities appear to be just what we need.