Book Title
Interpersonal Communication: Everyday Encounters 7th Edition

COM CM 41394

July 4, 2017
Ineffective communication can hurt individuals, damage relationships, and undermine
the possibility of resolving problems
Ambushers listen intently to gather ammunition they can use to attack a speaker.
Historian Stephanie Coontz (2005a, 2005b), who studies the history of marriage, thinks
the mushrooming variety of family forms makes it possible for more people to have
fulfilling family lives
The presence of conflict does not indicate that a relationship is unhealthy or in trouble,
and how partners manage conflict doesn't influence relational health
More than 30% of men in dual-worker families make more money than their female
Some people are generally defensive, expecting criticism from all quarters.
Situational obstacles include message overload, message complexity, and noise.
Beginning in the late 1700s or early 1800s, most people in the United States picked
mates based on love and companionship
Friendships that survive distance involve frequent e-mail contact, phone calls, letters,
and visits
The happiest dating and married partners feel that they do not invest equally in their
relationship compared to their partner
Most psychologists believe that the basic identify scripts for our lives are formed before
we even learn to talk.
Romantic relationships do not follow a developmental course
The likelihood of meeting the needs Maslow discussed depends on our ability to
participate effectively in a very diverse social world.
Nonverbal behaviors are generally more influential than verbal communication in
establishing the relational level of meaning.
A 2010 national survey of employers reported that 89% of employers consider that
college students should focus on learning to communicate effectively, orally, and in
writing, in order to be successful professionally.