Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CMCS 78965

July 31, 2017
When creating a comment in a program, a space is required to separate the apostrophe
from the comment itself.
You can use the ControlChars.NextLine constant to advance the insertion point to the
next line in a control, file, or printout.
The Do"Loop statement can be used to code a pretest loop as well as a posttest loop.
A Sub procedure's header includes the As dataType section.
As is true with a Sub procedure, a function can receive information either by value or
by reference.
When an exception occurs in the Catch block's code, the computer processes the code
contained in the Try block.
When only one decision needs to be made, it does not require a nested selection
Each memory location inside a computer can hold only one item of data at a time.
In the pretest syntax, the condition is evaluated after the loop instructions are processed.
Although the ReDim statement allows you to make an array either larger or smaller, in
most cases you will use it to decrease the size of the array.
Each character on the computer keyboard is stored in the computer's internal memory
using a different Unicode value.
Nested loops occurs when one loop is placed immediately after another loop.
Coding the algorithm is the second step in the problem-solving process.
At times, you will encounter situations where some of the variables in an application
are related to each other.
In most cases, an application will need to read each line of text contained in a sequential
access file, one line at a time.
In the posttest syntax, the only purpose of the Do clause is to mark the beginning of the
When processing the Insert method, the computer makes a temporary copy of the string
in memory, and then inserts the characters in the copy only.
You can use the To or Is keywords to specify a range of values in a Select Case
The redo structure is also referred to as a loop or as iteration.

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