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Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CMCS 70422

August 6, 2017
Which of the following is NOT true about Ethernet technology?
a. CSMA/CD protocol detects collisions and resets the network.
c. Ethernets are difficult to implement and maintain.
b. Ethernets are the standard for wired networks.
d. Most Ethernet hubs serve as routers.
Optical storage uses magnetized particles and lasers to store data.
____-generation languages eliminate many punctuation and grammar-rules.
a. Second c. Fourth
b. Third d. Fifth
File systems keep track of which clusters are empty and which ones hold data.
Which of the following is NOT one of the three technologies used by display devices?
a. HD
b. CRT
c. LCD
d. plasma
Which is NOT a basic function of a computer?
a. Copy text
b. Accept input
c. Process data
d. Store data
The ALU uses ____ to hold data that is being processed
a. cache c. registers
b. RAM d. accumulators
Which of the following is an example of a utility?
a. file compression software c. CuteFTP
b. antivirus software d. All of the above
Which of the following is NOT true about podcasting?
a. Podcasting can be used to view newscasts and TV shows.
b. Podcasts are downloadable in audio mp3 files.
c. Podcasts use technology that supports RSS feeds.
d. Podcasting only broadcasts shows within a certain geographic area.
Which of the following can be used to connect a PC to the Internet?
a. Cable TV line
b. Phone line
c. Wireless phone
d. All of the above
In the figure above, the top node is the ____ node.
a. parent c. root
b. child d. top
In the above figure, the item numbered ____ is a label.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
SWF graphics are created using ____.
a. Adobe Photoshop c. Macromedia Dreamweaver
b. Macromedia Flash d. AutoCAD
____ is an example of an IT service company.
a. LinkSys c. Cisco
b. AMD d. AOL
A ____ directly manipulates data and analyzes data from external sources in order to
help people make decisions.
a. MIS c. OLTP
b. DSS d. POS
Letters, symbols, and numerals are examples of ____ data.
a. numeric c. character
b. binary d. digital
Networks that use different topologies and technologies can be connected using a(n)
a. bridge c. gateway
b. node d. driver
A mouse uses either mechanical or ____ technology or track its position.
a. wireless
b. magnetic
c. optical
d. pointing
A network where workstations store network data and every computer is equal is called
a ____ network.
a. local area c. peer-to-peer
b. star d. narrowband
A(n) ____ is the range of service for a public Wi-Fi.
a. LAN c. WAN
b. hotspot d. WiMAX
The method currently used to measure modem speed is called ____.
a. baud rate c. frequency
b. bits per second d. DSL
Finder and Spotlight are examples of ____.
a. file management utilities c. data files
b. dialog boxes d. application software
Which of the following is true about cookies?
a. Most companies ask before installing a cookie on your computer.
b. Cookies can be used to execute a virus or worm.
c. Cookies can look through your hard disk to find passwords.
d. Cookies cannot be accessed by Web sites other than the one which created it.
In the above figure, the item numbered ____ represents magnetized particles.
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4
When storing your backup files on a LAN, consider each of the following EXCEPT:
a. The size of your backup files. c.
That the server is backed up regularly.
b. Password-protected folders to prevent unauthorized access. d.
You should consider all of the above.
Arial and Comic Sans MS are examples of ____ styles.
a. layout
b. font
c. formatting
d. header
An image that has a flat, cartoon-like quality is most likely a(n) ____ graphic.
a. vector c. rasterized
b. bitmap d. monochrome
A storage ____________________ is the disk, hard drive, tape, memory card, CD,
DVD, that holds data.
____ is technology that syndicates news content via subscription.
a. P2P
b. RSS
c. E-commerce
d. Blog
Memory management and file access are services provided by the operating system's
a. bootstrap
b. kernel
c. resource
d. source code
The Analytical Engine used ____ to store data for calculations.
a. punch cards c. rods
b. color patterns d. beads
Which of the following is true about dual core processors?
a. A computer's operating system and software should be optimized to use them.
b. They use RISC technology.
c. They are much slower.
d. They perform tasks one at a time.
A+ Certification measures the level of proficiency in database administration.
An assembly language allows programmers to use abbreviated command words.
An RFQ is a document that describes the IS problem and system requirements for its
The procedural paradigm focus on the algorithm that describes the solution, and the
declarative paradigm focuses on describing the problem.
Before finalizing an algorithm, you should perform a ____________________ to verify
that it works.
Most IS departments are supervised by a(n) ______________________________.
The primary source of information about an IS is the help desk.
Describe the types of databases that might work well for the following situations: an
end-user who wants to store names and addresses, and a business where many users
will be making updates at the same time.
Most digital cameras provide a(n) ____________________ port to transfer images to a
Most PCs include built-in ports for mice, keyboards, and monitors.
Pixar and DreamWorks are examples of studios that use 3-D animation techniques.
The U.S. government restricts exporting hardware and software that contains certain
strong encryption algorithms.
____________________ keys are designed for computer-specific tasks, such as
opening the Help window.
Describe the event-driven paradigm and why it is effective.
The science of data coding is called ____________________.

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