Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CMCS 69731

August 6, 2017
A denial-of-service attack disables your antivirus software on your computer.
A digital camera is a type of peripheral device.
A disadvantage of using a job search agent is that you have to be online while it works.
What do the initials ESRB stand for, and what is its purpose?
An incremental backup makes a backup of only the files that were added or changed
since your last full backup session.
Web sites that contain games are common sources of viruses.
A site license allows software to be used on all computers at a specific location.
A repeater is a network device that demodulates signals.
Servers and workstations can both be considered to be nodes on a network.
A cookie is something that you purchase from an e-commerce Web site.
Java, BASIC, and COBOL are all examples of programming ____________________.
____________________ Web publishing converts database reports into HTML
A(n) ____________________ modem changes a computer's signals in order to transfer
them over TV links.
In Windows Explorer, the files and folders stored in the currently selected device or
folder are shown in the ____________________ pane.
P2P file sharing allows access to files stored on another user's hard drive.

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