Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CMCS 37373

August 6, 2017
A(n) ____-length field expands to fit the data entered, up to a maximum number of
a. fixed c. maximum
b. variable d. flexible
Windows Media Player uses ____ to customize screensavers.
a. skins c. the Control Panel
b. system utilities d. FTP
The type of IS planning where end users and system analysts work together is called
a. Outsourcing c. SDLC
b. CIO d. JAD
A(n) ____ contains step-by-step instructions for accomplishing specific tasks using a
new system.
a. procedure handbook c. help desk
b. system documentation d. RFP
Which new format was developed to enable recording, rewriting, and playback of HD
a. Blu-ray
b. DVD+R
The Web page in the figure above could be used for all of the following EXCEPT:
a. e-commerce orders c. opinion polls
b. site registrations d. image mapping
____ documentation includes the problem statement and algorithm.
a. Internal c. Program
b. External d. User
Resolution of 24-bit color depth is called ____.
a. maximum dot pitch
b. bit depth
c. 800 x 600
d. True Color
In the figure above, users see a Web page that reflects their preferences, indicating that
it was created using ____ Web publishing.
a. dynamic c. client
b. static d. personal
A ____ is one term for someone who uses computers to gain unauthorized access, steal
information, or crash a computer system.
a. cracker c. worm
b. Trojan horse d. bot
The A+ Certification is sponsored by ____.
a. CompTIA c. Oracle
b. Microsoft d. ICCP
Database ____________________ software allows remote computers or network
workstations to access database data.
Which of the following is NOT one of the four criteria for evaluating storage
a. versatility
b. durability
c. capacity
d. resolution
The ____ phase often accounts for 70% of an information system's total cost.
a. planning c. maintenance
b. implementation d. design
A(n) ____ database is stored on different computers or networks.
a. relational c. server
b. hierarchical d. distributed
A ____ is a program that seems to perform one function, while actually doing
something else.
a. malicious c. macro
b. worm d. Trojan horse
A(n) ____ control is a compiled computer program that can be referenced from an
HTML document, downloaded and installed on your computer, and executed from
within the browser.
a. JavaScript c. ActiveX
b. VBScript d. XML
The ____ is the coding scheme and arrangement of data in a file.
a. data representation c. configuration
b. filename d. file format
The network shown in the figure above is an example of a(n) ____ network.
a. star c. tree
b. bus d. mesh
A(n) ____ contains the smallest unit of meaningful information in a database.
a. field c. variable
b. record d. table
XML is most often used for structured data.
____ is an example of a program editor.
a. Notepad c. Jext
b. Wordpad d. VDE
In the above figure, the item labeled ____ is the system unit.
a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4
A(n) ____ shares hardware and software among authorized users.
a. network c. hyperlink
b. Internet d. transmitter
Which of the following is true about hard disk drives?
a. They can be internal or external.
b. Hard disk platters are made of Mylar.
c. Hard disk speed is measured in milliseconds
d. They contain a circuit board, called a cylinder.
The ESRB rating "RP" means that the software:
a. can be used with Real Player devices.
b. has been submitted, but a rating has not been assigned.
c. is designed for role-playing.
d. None of the above
A program such as a spell checker is considered ____ software.
a. application
b. system
c. support
d. program
____________________ measures the capacity of a network for carrying data.
A(n) ____ backup makes a backup of the files that changed since the last backup, no
matter what type of backup it was.
a. incremental c. partial
b. differential d. restoration
Which of the following is true about application software?
a. There is usually only one application software installed on a PC.
b. Windows software is designed to be run on a Macintosh.
c. They can be used to carry out a variety of tasks, including video editing and word
d. Application software and system software are the same thing.
When many network users are making updates simultaneously, database ____ software
should be used.
a. distribution c. server
b. client d. workstation
____________________ is a software utility that sends a signal to an Internet address
and waits for a reply.
A(n) ____________________ is what a virus may deliver to your computer.
List some of the actions you can take to ensure the integrity of the data in your
Blu-ray is a short-range wireless network technology that connects devices such as
mice, keyboards, and printers.
Coaxial cables are bundles of thin tubes of glass that convert data into light pulses using
A video or graphics card generates the signals for displaying an image on the screen.
A resource refers to any computer component that is required to perform work.
A(n) ____________________ exam is an objective test that verifies your knowledge
level about a particular technology or subject.
A(n) ____________________ is used to connect both the cable modem and a TV to a
single CATV cable.
Vector graphics are three-dimensional.
A(n) ____________________ file gives the computer instructions to complete a task.
A decision ____________________ is a numerical representation of a realistic
A(n) ____________________ threat is a term where more than one type of malicious
program is used to disrupt a computer system.
In Windows Explorer, the folders and files contained in the currently selected device or
driver are shown in the right pane.
____________________ editing software allows you to create a movie, then transfer it
to DVD.
The Mark 8 was the first commercially successful minicomputer.
A ____________________ search tool is a utility that helps you find information in
files and folders.
In a network database, data is stored in a single collection of related tables, and all of
the records in a table are of the same data type.
An input mask specifies the format in which a field's data should be entered.

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