Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CMCS 36899

August 6, 2017
A hard disk ____________________ is a flat disk made of aluminum or glass and
coated with magnetic iron oxide particles.
During the ____________________ phase of a system, day-to-day operations of the
system are evaluated and corrections and upgrades are made as necessary.
Software is a computer program that tells the computer how to perform tasks.
A(n) ____________________ converts all of the instructions for a program as a single
When you retrieve a file, the operating system uses the index file to find the file's
location on the disk.
If the purpose of code is not clear, a program section should include program
NotePad is an example of a(n) ____________________ editor.
Antivirus software is an example of a security utility.
A(n) ____________________ can be used to search the Web to assemble data for
search engines or monitor chat groups for offensive language.
Each field has a unique field ____________________ that describes its contents.
A computer will not function without the ROM chip and the
___________________________________ instructions.
A blog is an electronic bulletin board that allows users to respond to a variety of topics.
____________________ information is collected and stored in an information system
using sources generated by the organization.
What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to using vector graphics?
Solid-state storage, such as used for digital cameras, can hold data without using power.
The system requirements of an IS are the criteria needed to solve any problems in the
CMOS contains the instructions that tell the computer how to load the operating
___________________________________ is a markup language that allows field tags,
data, and table to be incorporated into a Web document.
Voice over IP and Internet telephony are the same thing.

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