Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CMCS 35777

July 31, 2017
You can use a text box's Focus method to send the focus to the text box during run time.
Actions such as clicking and double-clicking are called commands.
Like expressions containing comparison operators, expressions containing logical
operators always evaluate to a Boolean value.
Analyzing real-world problems is generally as easy as analyzing the problems found in
a textbook.
Parent and child tables in a database are referred to as owner and detail tables,
You reserve a memory location using a Visual Basic instruction that assigns both a
name and data type to the memory location.
Before you create a StreamWriter object, you first declare a variable to store the object
in the computer's internal memory.
Programmers can use a special dialog box, called a dialog box, to display messages to
the user.
When an invalid character is encountered in a text argument in a Val function, the Val
function notes an error and continues the process.
If the property contains the Boolean value True, the radio button is not selected.
You should assign an access key to each control in the interface that can accept user
To include an image file within a project itself, the Project resource file radio button
must be selected in the Select Resource dialog box.
A dataset is stored in the computer's internal memory while the application is running.
Comparison operators in Visual Basic do not have an order of precedence.
When you pass a structure variable to a procedure, all of its members are passed

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