Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CICS 99891

August 6, 2017
To fulfill several types of requests, including HTTP and FTP, a Web server will use
dedicated sockets for each type of request.
A network administrator often maintains a company's Web site.
An abacus is an example of a ____________________ calculator.
The process of covering a wireframe with surface color in a 3-D image, as shown in the
above figure, is called ____________________.
In the above figure, the browser and the Web server are exchanging
____________________ messages.
In the above figure, the item numbered 4 indicates the folder name.
______________________________ is the memory type that holds portions of the
operating system and application programs that are waiting to be stored, processed, or
Ethernet is the leading technology for wireless networks.
The figure above represents the procession of instructions in a program.
____________________ technology degree programs focus on how computer
equipment and software are used by businesses and organizations.
The Security+ exam covers cryptography, authentication, and protection from viruses
and worms.
Power strips offer similar protection to surge strips.
In the ____________________ phase of a project, strategies for fulfilling the system
requirements are proposed.
A(n) ____________________ topology connects all devices in a circle.
BASIC is an example of a low-level language.
____________________ sequencing software can be used for creating sound effects.
Character data is composed of letters, symbols, and numerals that will be used in
arithmetic operations.
The main directory of a disk is referred to as the ____________________ directory.
Loop and iteration are other words for a ____________________ control structure.

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