Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CICS 94150

July 31, 2017
You use the ____ section of the function's header to specify the data type of the value
returned by the function.
____ is the universal coding scheme for characters.
A variable that has ____ scope can be used only within the statement block in which it
is declared.
Fewer unintentional errors occur in applications when the variables are declared using
the ____ scope needed.
a. broadest c. minimum
b. most open d. maximum
The ____ property specifies the name of the file containing the image to display.
The BindingSource object stores the position of the record pointer in the object's ____
A(n) ____ Web page contains controls with which the user can interact.
When the computer processes the expression 12 > 0 AndAlso 12 < 10 * 2, it evaluates
the ____ operator first.
Programmers use the pseudocode as a guide when coding the algorithm, which is the
____ step in the problem-solving process.
To access a member of a structure variable in an array, you use the syntax ____.
a. memberVariableName.arrayName(subscript)
b. arrayName(subscript).memberVariableName
c. arrayName.memberVariableName(subscript)
d. memberVariableName(subscript).arrayName
In a loop that begins with a priming read, the ____ provides the way to end a loop.
In the Clock application, you have a(n) ____ loop display the number of seconds.
The ____ stores objects that do not appear in the user interface while an application is
You can use the ____ method to redraw the form.
An algorithm should state both what is to be calculated and ____ to calculate it.
A ____ is a predefined procedure that performs a specific task and then returns a value
after completing the task.
What the user wants to see printed on paper, displayed on the screen, or stored in a file
is typically stated as ____ and adjectives in the problem specification.
The ____ object refers to your computer.
When two or more procedures in an application may need to use the same variable or
array, you can declare the memory locations in the form's ____ section.
a. Memory
b. Storage
c. Declarations
d. Statements
When an algorithm becomes more complex, the program's logic may be easier to see in
The ____ step is the most difficult of the problem-solving steps, and it requires a lot of
time, patience, and effort.
The link button control's ____ property specifies the Web page to display when the
control is clicked.
In the posttest syntax for a Do"Loop, the {While | Until} condition section is part of the
____ clause.
____ loops should be used only when their instructions must be processed at least once.
The ____ data type can store alphanumeric text, which is text that may contain letters,
numbers, or special characters.
Every object used in an object-oriented program is created from a ____, which is a
pattern that the computer uses to create the object.
For most of the elements in an interface created for an application running under
Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, you will use the ____-point size of the font.
In a two-dimensional array, the variable's row and column subscripts are separated by a
____ data is data that the algorithm is not expecting the user to enter.
If the function returns a Double number, you enter ____ at the end of the header.
A helpful way to identify the ____ is to search the problem specification for what the
user wants to see printed on paper, displayed on the screen, or stored in a file.
When a control has the ____, it can accept user input.
When using radio buttons, a group box is necessary only if you want to include more
than one group on a form.
A label control's Display property specifies the text displayed inside the control.
A programmer determines whether a problem's solution requires a nested loop by
studying the
The programmer uses an object's location to refer to the object in code.
In Visual Basic, the uppercase version of a letter is the same as its lowercase
For the array to be accessible by each button's Click event procedure, it will need to be
declared as a class-level array.
You can determine the highest subscript in a one-dimensional array by subtracting 2
from the number of array elements.
The formatString argument in the ToString method must take the form "xAA", where
AA is the format specifier and x is the precision specifier.
Using the Insert method to insert a value beginning with the fifth character in a string,
you use a starting index of 5.
Most large and complex applications are beta tested by paid engineers before being sold
in the marketplace.
A pretest counter loop can only be coded using the Do"Loop statement.
The priming read is used to prepare or set up a loop.
Elements located in the first column in a two-dimensional array are assigned a column
subscript of 1.
The For"Next statement's counter variable must be numeric.
A dynamic Web page contains code that tells the controls how to respond to the user's
A procedure-level variable has the same lifetime as the procedure in which it is
An independent Sub procedure can contain one or more parameters in its procedure
In most interfaces, output items appear in label controls, because users should not be
able to edit the value of an output item while an application is running.
The ability to pass a structure variable and its members as one unit is the not an
advantage of using a structure.