Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CICS 88227

August 6, 2017
Which of the following is NOT an example of a repetition command?
b. DO d. GOTO
The ability to run different parts of a program simultaneously is called ____.
a. GUI
b. multithreading
c. bootstrapping
d. compiling
The figure above shows a computer connecting to the Internet through: ____.
a. a cable modem c. circuit switching
b. POTS d. the Internet backbone
The printer language preferred by publishing professionals is ____.
a. PCL
b. PostScript
c. Publisher
d. Cobol
A power ____ can be caused by a malfunction in the power distribution network.
a. failure c. voltage
b. surge d. error
C++ and Java are both examples of what type of language?
a. Internet
b. high-level
c. machine
d. compiler
The process of using patterns of two or more colors to produce the illusion of additional
colors and shading is called ____.
a. rasterization c. vectoring
b. dithering d. rendering
A(n) ____ is an object in a Web page that contains fields used to collect information.
a. tag c. attribute
b. table d. form
Pixel ____ is a method of increasing the resolution of a bitmap graphic.
a. interpolation c. rasterization
b. extrapolation d. dithering
The program shown in the figure above is coded using a(n) ____.
a. text editor c. VDE
b. program editor d. event-driven language
The Windows Control Panel is a utility that can be used to customize the user interface,
such as changing the screen display.
A(n) ____________________ video stores the video as a continuous track of magnetic
Multithreading allows multiple parts of a program to run simultaneously.
E-commerce is another term for Internet telephony.
The Web and the Internet are the same thing.
A(n) ____________________ converts instructions one at a time while a program is
The information you enter into an HTML form is sent to the designated HTTP server as
you type it in.
A VAR assembles or modifies products into complete hardware and software solutions
targeted towards specific businesses.
____________________ refers to passing certain characteristics from one class to
another class in object-oriented programming.
A ____________________ is a copy of your files made for safekeeping.
OLAP systems can be used to look for relationships among multiple data dimensions.
In the above figure, the item numbered 5 is the ____________________ cell.
Data representation is the form in which information is conceived, manipulated, and
MIDI is a great way to store vocal sounds.

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