Book Title
Business Driven Information Systems 5th Edition

CICS 74214

July 20, 2017
An upcycle reuses or refurbishes ewaste and creates a new product.
It is important to understand that SOA is not a concrete architecture; it is thought that
leads to a concrete architecture. It might be described as a style, paradigm, concept,
perspective, philosophy, or representation. That is, SOA is an approach, a way of
thinking, a value system that leads to decisions that design a concrete architecture
allowing enterprises to plug in new services or upgrade existing services in a granular
Virtualization offers backup services that use cloud resources to protect applications
and data from disruption caused by disaster.
Disruptive technology tends to provide us with better, faster, and cheaper products.
Operational business processes are static, routine, daily business processes such as
stocking inventory, checking out customers, or daily opening and closing processes.
Random access memory (RAM) is the computer's primary working memory, in which
program instructions and data are stored so that they can be accessed directly by the
CPU via the processor's high-speed external data bus.
Online training runs over the Internet or on a CD or DVD, and employees complete the
training on their own time at their own pace.
Productivity is the rate at which goods and services are produced based upon total
output given total inputs.
In a SWOT analysis, potential internal strengths are helpful when they identify all key
strengths associated with the competitive advantage including cost advantages, new
and/or innovative services, special expertise and/or experience, proven market leader,
improved marketing campaigns, and so on.
Crash-proof software helps save information if a computer crashes.
Sign-off is the users' actual signatures indicating they approve all of the business
A drone is an unmanned aircraft that can fly autonomously, or without a human.
Amazon.com is piloting drone aircraft for package deliveries.
Organizational information has three characteristics including levels, formats, and
List generators compile customer information from a variety of sources and segment it
for different marketing campaigns.
A pharming attack uses of a zombie farm, often by an organized crime association, to
launch a massive phishing attack.
User acceptance testing tests individual units or pieces of code for a system.
A swim lane layout arranges the steps of a business process into a set of rows depicting
the various elements.
Offshore outsourcing uses organizations from developing countries to write code and
develop systems.
War driving allows mobile voice calls to be made over broadband networks,
creatingunder the right network conditionsclearer audio and fewer dropped calls.
Dot-com was the original term for a company operating on the Internet.
Business-facing processes or back-office processes are invisible to the external
customer but essential to the effective management and operation of the business.
Corrective maintenance makes system changes to reduce the chance of future system
Attenuation represents the loss of a network signal strength measured in decibels (dB)
and occurs because the transmissions gradually dissipate in strength over longer
distances or because of radio interference or physical obstructions such as walls.
Distributed computing focuses on forecasting future trends and producing insights
using sophisticated quantitative methods, including statistics, descriptive and predictive
data mining, simulation, and optimization.
An Internet service provider (ISP) is a company that provides access to the Internet for
a monthly fee.
Business requirements are the specific business requests the system must meet to be
successful, so the analysis phase is critical because business requirements drive the
entire systems development effort.
The process of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) buildslayer by layer in an additive
processa three-dimensional solid object from a digital model.
Inventory cycle time is the agreed upon time between the purchase of a product and the
delivery of the product.
Within the data warehouse model, the internal databases could include marketing, sales,
inventory, and billing.
Ewaste is discarded electronics and is growing with the growth of innovation; for
example, a personal computer has a life expectancy of only three to five years and a cell
phone is less than two years.
Software consists of the physical devices associated with a computer system, where
hardware is the set of instructions the hardware executes to carry out specific tasks.
A global positioning system (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system providing
extremely accurate position, time, and speed information.
Procurement can help a company answer the following questionwhat quantity of raw
materials should we purchase to minimize spoilage?
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is an organization that
researches and institutes electrical standards for communication and other technologies.
Known officially as IEEE 802.11n (or wireless-N) is the newest standard for wireless
networking. Compared with earlier standards like 802.11b, wireless-N offers faster
speeds, more flexibility and greater range.
Cross-selling is increasing the value of the sale.
Predictive dialing automatically dials outbound calls and forwards answered calls to an
available agent.
A grilled cheese sandwich is considered the final output of a making-a-sandwich
What distributes digital video content using IP across the Internet and private IP
A. Internet broadband policy network
B.Internet protocol TV (IPTV)
C. Internet television interactivity (ITVI)
D. Internet television personalization
Why do relational databases use primary keys and foreign keys?
A. to create an entity
B. to create physical relationships
C.to create logical relationships
D. to create an attribute
What is a special class of adware that collects data about the user and transmits it over
the Internet without the user's knowledge or permission?
A. sniffer
B. spyware
C. spoofware
D. splog
What is the amount of energy used by business processes and systems?
A. ewaste
B.energy consumption
C. carbon emissions
D. sustainable MIS
What do software engineers use as tools to provide automated support for the
development of the system?
A. software
Which of the following is the example of consumer-to-government (C2G) highlighted
in the figure extended ebusiness models?
A. eGov.com
B. conisint.com
C. Google.org
D. export.gov
If you were thinking about a home theater system, which of the following represents the
A. the DVD player, DVD movie, speakers, TV, and electricity
B. playing the movie including the audio through the speakers and the video on the TV
C.a message stating that the disk is dirty and cannot be played
D. spinning the disk to play, pause, rewind, or fast forward
What is a statistical process for estimating the relationships among variables?
A. prediction
B. optimization
C. forecasting
D. regression
What type of metrics measure throughput, transaction speed, and system availability?
A. efficiency MIS metrics
B. effectiveness MIS metrics
D. benchmarks
What is social media analytics?
A.analyzes text flowing across the Internet, including unstructured text from blogs and
B. the process of analyzing recorded calls to gather information; brings structure to
customer interactions and exposes information buried in customer contact center
interactions with an enterprise
C. analyzes unstructured data to find trends and patterns in words and sentences
D. analyzes unstructured data associated with websites to identify consumer behavior
and website navigation
What accesses organizational databases that track similar issues or questions and
automatically generates the details to the CSR who can then relay them to the
A. contact center
B. web-based self-service
C. call scripting
D. website personalization
The sustainable infrastructure pressure of increased energy consumption poses new and
growing pressure. The energy consumed by a computer is estimated to produce as much
as 10% of the amount of carbon dioxide produced by a ________.
A. house
B. school
D. cell phone
Which of the following is an example of dynamic processes?
A. employee layoffs
B. order level changes based on currency rates
C. canceling business travel due to extreme weather
D. All of these are correct.
What is dynamic scaling?
A. the ability for the system to cut back on expenses when needed
B. the infrastructure that is fixed and there are no surprises
C.the MIS infrastructure can be automatically scaled up or down based on needed
D. the flexibility to charge more or less depending on the market
Anne Marie Cole runs the sales division for a local auto insurance firm. One of her key
duties is to calculate her company's market share. When evaluating the prior year
numbers, she found that her firm achieved total sales of $3 million and the entire
industry had $30 million in sales. What is Anne Marie's current market share?
A. 1%
B. 10%
C. 18%
D. 20%
Which of the following is not one of the five characteristics common to high-quality
A. accuracy
B. completeness
D. consistency
What is a packet header?
A. a single unit of binary data routed through a network
B.lists the destination (for example, in IP packets the destination is the IP address) along
with the length of the message data
C. represents the end of the packet or transmission end
D. a utility application that monitors the network path of packet data sent to a remote
Machine-generated data is created by a machine without human intervention.
Machine-generated structured data includes sensor data, point-of-sale data, and web log
(blog) data.
What is technical feasibility?
A. measures the cost-effectiveness of a project
B. measures how well a solution meets the identified system requirements to solve the
problems and take advantage of opportunities
C. measures the project time frame to ensure that it can be completed on time
D.measures the practicality of a technical solution and the availability of technical
resources and expertise
Which of the following is not included as a common stipulation an organization would
follow when creating an employee monitoring policy?
A. be as specific as possible stating when and what will be monitored
B. do not state the consequences of violating the policy
C. always enforce the policy the same for everyone
D. expressly communicate that the company reserves the right to monitor all employees
Which gate is transition?
A. gate one
B. gate two
C.gate three
D. gate four
Why do students need to study information technology?
A. Information technology is everywhere in business.
B. Information technology is frequently discussed in business.
C. Information technology is frequently used in organizations.
D. All of these are correct.
What is big data?
A.a collection of large, complex data sets, including structured and unstructured data,
which cannot be analyzed using traditional database methods and tools
B. processes and manages algorithms across many machines in a computing
C. focuses on forecasting future trends and producing insights using sophisticated
quantitative methods, including statistics, descriptive and predictive data mining,
simulation, and optimization
D. extracts knowledge from data by performing statistical analysis, data mining, and
advanced analytics on big data to identify trends, market changes, and other relevant
Corporate social responsibility is a company's acknowledged responsibility to
A. shareholders
B. employees
D. governments
What is Wi-Fi infrastructure?
A. a metropolitan area network that uses radio signals to transmit and receive data
B. a communications technology aimed at providing high-speed wireless data over
metropolitan area networks
C. a means by which portable devices can connect wirelessly to a local area network,
using access points that send and receive data via radio waves
D.includes the inner workings of a Wi-Fi service or utility, including the signal
transmitters, towers, or poles and additional equipment required to send out a Wi-Fi
What is a supply chain execution system?
A. views all areas up and down the supply chain in real time
B. uses advanced mathematical algorithms to improve the flow and efficiency of the
supply chain while reducing inventory
C. ensures supply chain cohesion by automating the different activities of the supply
D. occurs when distorted product-demand information ripples from one partner to the
next throughout the supply chain
What is the most common form of collective intelligence found inside the organization?
A. crowdsourcing
B. tacit management
C. knowledge management
D. tagging
What is a packet footer?
A. a single unit of binary data routed through a network
B. lists the destination (for example, in IP packets the destination is the IP address)
along with the length of the message data
C.represents the end of the packet or transmission end
D. a utility application that monitors the network path of packet data sent to a remote
What provides additional functionality to the operating system?
A. system software
B. operating system software
C. utility software
D. multitasking
Which of the following is a type of efficiency MIS metric?
A. customer satisfaction
B. conversion rates
C. financial transactions
D. web traffic
Which policy details the extent to which email messages may be read by others?
A. acceptable use policy
B. email privacy policy
C. internet use policy
D. All of these are correct.