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Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CICS 21177

August 6, 2017
In the above figure, which item indicates the body of the message?
a. 1 c. 3
b. 2 d. 4
A company's percentage of the total market pie is called its ____.
a. market share c. MSRP
b. VAR d. life cycle
____ is a technique that expert systems use to work with imprecise data.
a. Exceptions c. Strategy
b. MIS d. Fuzzy logic
In the figure above, all of the relationships are classified as: ____.
a. one-to-one c. one-to-many
b. one-to-all d. many-to-many
This type of printer technology is used primarily in business settings.
a. solid ink
b. dot matrix
c. laser
d. ink jet
A(n) ____ methodology focuses on the data an IS collects before working out ways to
process that data.
a. JAD c. object-oriented
b. structured d. information engineering
A(n) ____ utility rearranges files so that they are stored in adjacent clusters.
a. defragmentation c. accessibility
b. file management d. formatting
The albums in the figure above are sorted by: ____.
a. Album Name c. Artist Name
b. Discount Price d. Qty in Stock
Tools used to customize the computer environment are called ____.
a. GUIs
b. kernels
c. utilities
d. resources
____-generation computers started with the invention of the microprocessor.
a. First c. Third
b. Second d. Fourth
Hotmail is an example of ____ e-mail.
a. Web-based
b. P2P
c. POP
____ is the list of instructions created by programmers.
a. High-level language
b. Source code
c. Compilations
d. Machine language
Which of the following is true about using search engines?
a. Most search engines return the same information if you use the same keywords.
b. Some search engines rank links by frequently-accessed pages.
c. Keywords cannot contain spaces.
d. All engines provide a separate area for paid advertisers' links.
In the 1960s, a Harvard student named Ted Nelson first described the term ____.
a. World Wide Web
b. Internet
c. hypertext
iTunes and Sound Recorder are examples of ____ software.
a. MIDI c. notation
b. CD ripper d. audio editing
During the maintenance phase, all of the following might occur EXCEPT:
a. replacing hardware c. revising the interface
b. upgrading software d. unit testing
To carry out a task such as editing photographs, you would use ____ software.
a. system
b. support
c. executable
d. application
Which of the following is NOT a filename extension for vector graphics?
a. .pict c. .dxt
b. .wmf d. .tiff
By the late 1980s, the computer industry used two main platforms: Apple Macintosh,
and the ____ IBM-compatible.
a. minicomputer c. graphical user interface
b. third-generation d. MS-DOS-based
Which of the following is NOT true about software?
a. Operating systems are a type of application software.
b. Software can be distributed on CDs or downloadable from the Web.
c. Software consists of an executable file, plus support programs and data files.
d. Most software provides a task-related environment.
A(n) ____ report is a customized report generated to supply information on demand.
a. ad hoc c. summary
b. exception d. None of the above
The Five Forces model includes all of the following EXCEPT:
a. Threat of new entrants c. Becoming better at what a
company does
b. Bargaining power of buyers d. Threat of substitute products or
Which of the following is NOT an action that can ensure data integrity?
a. Input masks c. Key fields
b. Lookup routines d. Data cubes
Which of the following is a method of transferring images without using cables?
a. Wi-Fi c. FireWire
b. USB d. Docking station
Sound effects can be created using ____ software.
a. ear training c. MIDI sequencing
b. notation d. MP3
Numbers that you can use in arithmetic calculations are called numeric data.
The U.S. Defense Department defines a small computer program as one with fewer
with ____ lines of code.
a. 1,000,000 c. 10,000
b. 100,000 d. 100
All processors have two main parts: the control unit and the ____.
a. cache c. ALU
b. instruction set d. CISC
The classifications PAN, LAN, WAN, NAN, and MAN indicate the ____ of a network.
a. geographical scope c. physical topology
b. bandwidth d. communications protocol
Filename extensions indicate the ____ file format.
a. original c. native
b. digital d. conventional
When you change a computer's configuration, you must also update the CMOS data.
Files you delete from your hard disk are sent to the Windows ____.
a. Trashcan
b. Transfer Station
c. Recycle Bin
d. None of the above; they are permanently deleted from the hard drive
A(n) ____ on a satellite receives, amplifies, and resubmits signals to the ground station.
a. transceiver c. transponder
b. hub d. repeater
Speech ____ is the process by which machines produce sounds that resemble spoken
a. recognition c. synthesis
b. notation d. composition
A(n) ____ bitmap displays 16.7 million colors, and can also define special effects.
a. True Color c. 32-bit
b. 24-bit d. 3-D
In a graphical file manager, a folder represents a ____________________.
Bitmap graphics take a lot of storage space.
Groupware is software designed to assist several people collaborating on a single
Simple data analysis can be used to predict future trends.
During ____________________ conversion, entries must be made into both the old and
new systems.
Progammers disagree on what defines the fourth-generation languages.
"Cutover" is another term for system conversion.
Presentation software uses a series of electronic slides to display information.
A MIDI-capable sound card contains a set of prerecorded musical instrument sounds.
A(n) ____________________ device is used to modify or expand a computer system.
Microsoft ____________________ is an example of presentation software.
MTBF measures the security risks of a computer system.
In the e-commerce category B2C, consumers sell products to each other.
Using HTML format for your e-mails increases your risks of receiving a virus.
The ____________________ cycle of a printer is the number of pages a printer can
produce in a month.
A barebones boot disc simply loads the operating system ____________________.
In a bitmap graphic, each ____________________ is assigned a color, which is stored
as a binary number.
Once you purchase software, you can install and use it any way that you wish.
Creating tables with a text editor is an easy way to organize your Web site.

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