Chapter 5 What Error Did Intel Discover Its Pentium

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Business Ethics, 8e Jennings
True/False Questions
not due to any lack of disclosure on your part, is ethical.
conduct and accommodations.
a negligence claim.
major flaw in the company's new paper-thin solar calculator. The calculator adds when
the subtract button is pressed if there are more than three figures to the right of the
decimal point. Since it is not your area, you should do and say nothing.
problem or refund money for those who already own the new calculator.
well as misrepresentation.
condition is unethical and misrepresentation.
legitimacy of its claims.
research did not come directly from the tobacco companies.
Multiple Choice Questions
1. What error did Intel discover in its Pentium chip in July 1994?
Business Ethics, 8e Jennings
2. How much money had Intel spent developing the Pentium chip?
3. What did Intel discover when it ran tests on the Pentium chip?
4. Who made the Intel error problem public?
5. What was Intel’s original proposal on the flawed chips?
6. What company changed Intel’s reaction to the flawed chips?
7. What was the total cost if Intel replaced all chips?
8. Intel’s biggest obstacle in its Pentium chip flaw was:
9. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich:
10. The crux of Mr. Blagojevich’s defense was:
11. Facebook’s IPO was:
12. The shift of consumers from the use of computers to smart phones and its impact on Facebook:
13. How long after the Facebook IPO was issued was litigation filed?
14. Who paid fines in relation to the Facebook IPO?
15. “Wiggle room” in minority-owned businesses means:
16. What was the basis for suits against Subway for their 12-inch claims about sandwiches that were
only 11 inches long?
a. Fraud
Business Ethics, 8e Jennings
17. What is a condition to most pay-day loans?
18. What is Chase’s policy on pay-day loans?
19. What was a reason for the city of Detroit’s bankruptcy?
20. Who provides the data for investment requirements for pension funds?
21. What relationships are now being regulated as a result of underfunded pension plans?
22. Which category of ethical dilemma did the conduct of the Yale University researchers breach in
their submission of time allocation?
23. Which of the following have received tax incentives for locating plants or companies in certain
24. Which of the following have removed plants, companies, or offices from states or local areas after
having received benefits for locating there?
25. In the Kelo case, what happened after the court ruled against the homeowners?
26. The MERS system:
27. Into what ethical category did “robo-signing” fit?
Short Answer/Essay Questions
1. Develop a policy for universities for disclosure by researchers of funding sources.

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