Chapter 30a Sustainability—economic development that meets the needs of the present

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The Legal Environment of Business: Text and Cases: Ethical-- Regulatory-- Global-- and Corporate Issues 8th Edition
Frank B. Cross, Roger LeRoy Miller
1. Sustainabilityeconomic development that meets the needs of
the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet
their needsis directly addressed by
a. no U.S. statute or other nation’s law.
b. U.S. federal environmental laws.
c. other nations’ laws but no U.S. statute.
d. international law only.
1. In a brief filed in Lea’s suit against Mica in a state court, Neil, Lea’s
attorney, cites, Ole! Cafe v. Pan Foods Corp., an unpublished opinion.
With respect to the persuasiveness of unpublished opinions, most states
a. allow their courts to consider such opinions.
b. do not allow their courts to consider such opinions.
c. impose certain hierarchical rankings.
d. require their courts to consider such opinions.
1. Capital Credit Company files a suit against Downtown Developers, Inc.,
and seeks, as part of discovery, certain electronic documents in
Downtown’s possession. Downtown did not preserve the requested
datae-mail messages among employees. The court is not likely to
sanction Downtown if
a. the data was not saved because there was no reasonable
anticipation of litigation.
b. Downtown can provide the e-mail but without attachments.
c. Downtown inadvertently failed to suspend its e-mail deletion
d. Downtown can provide e-mail the employees sent but not e-mail
they received.
1. Doug signs a contract to buy a cell phone and minutes from
EquiTel Corporation. The contract provides that any dispute between the
parties is subject to arbitration. When a dispute arises, Fabian agrees to
serve as the arbitrator. Because Fabian would also like to resolve subsequent
disputes, it is possible that he may be reluctant to rule against
a. Doug.
b. EquiTel.
c. either party.
d. the common law.
1. In the pursuit of profits, Global Enterprises Corporation engages in what
some observers consider to be bad corporate behavior. The worldwide
explosion of information technology has led to a transparent global
economy that makes socially responsible behavior
a. more important.
b. less important.
c. neither more nor less important.
d. both more and less important.
1. Ethical behavior on the part of Plastics Products Company may
be inhibited by
a. clear ethical standards.
b. collective decision making.
c. legislative determinations of what represents society’s best
d. managers’ dissent to unethical decisions.
1. Mike casts unwarranted doubts on Nina, a co-worker, to gain a job
promotion. This is unethical
a. only if Mike is caught.
b. only if Mike gets the promotion.
c. under any circumstances.
d. under no circumstances.

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