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Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

CGS SS 98513

July 16, 2017
Is America's brand of democracy easily exported? Why or why not?
What are the two main ideologies competing in the United States? How does ideology
affect the choices voters make?
Advocates of judicial restraint generally agree that judges should be strict __________;
that is, they should interpret the Constitution as the Framers wrote and originally
intended it.
House members each represent approximately __________ per district.
Evaluate the development of party polarization, using specific examples. Consider both
polarization within political parties and in the electorate. Does polarization create
apathy or activism? What evidence supports your position?
After a president nominates an individual to be a Cabinet secretary, that appointment
must be confirmed by __________.
What activities do candidates concentrate on during the nomination campaign?
One consequence of ambiguity in the laws passed by Congress is that government
agencies exercise __________ in the implementation of those laws.
What is the role of volunteers in a political campaign?
In the 1970s, the Supreme Court ended __________ because it was being imposed
arbitrarily, but it was later reinstated.
Describe the history of government regulation in the United States, noting key aspects
of its evolution.
Jim Crow laws required __________ of African Americans and whites.
According to the Constitution, __________ should be reserved for serious criminal
offenses, not political conflicts.
What situation was the Twenty-Fifth Amendment enacted to address? Discuss whether
or not you think there are any concerns with this amendment.
Why is the national party/nomination convention important for democracy in the United
What is the main difference between direct democracy and indirect democracy? Which
concept represents American government, and why?
The __________ of powers is a key feature of the government established by the

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