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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
A) permits food and oxygen to reach the organism.
B) provides the fetus a cushion against jolts caused by the mother's movements.
C) helps regulate the fetus's body temperature.
D) is a white, downy hair that covers the fetus's entire body.
In the United States, 1 out of _____ sexually active teenagers contracts a sexually
transmitted disease each year.
A) 2
B) 5
C) 10
D) 100
The sperm and the ovum are sex cells, or
A) autosomes.
B) gametes.
C) zygotes.
D) phenotypes.
Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) prompts the thyroid gland in the neck to release
__________, which is necessary for brain development and for growth hormone (GH)
to have its full impact on body size.
A) protein
B) estrogen
C) thyroxine
D) oxytocin
As people discover that they are no longer as good as they once were at certain tasks,
they accommodate, shifting to activities that depend more on
A) accumulated knowledge.
B) verbal IQ.
C) cognitive efficiency.
D) perceptual speed.
In industrialized countries,
A) most people die in the presence of loved ones rather than surrounded by doctors and
B) people usually die at home where family members attend their last moments.
C) opportunities to witness the physical aspects of death are less available today than in
previous generations.
D) most people do not want to know how we die or grasp what is happening to a dying
loved one.
When classmates are asked to rate each other's likeability, __________ children get
many positive votes, whereas __________ children are seldom mentioned.
A) popular; neglected
B) neglected; rejected
C) popular; rejected
D) controversial; neglected
__________ skills are strongly correlated with older adults' tactile performance.
A) Fluid
B) Crystallized
C) Verbal
D) Auditory
High school seniors Geoff and Joy have been dating steadily for eight months. This is
the first romance for each of them. How many relationships like theirs survive high
school graduation?
A) about 10 percent
B) 25 percent
C) about 50 percent
D) 75 percent
Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon's intelligence test was originally constructed to
A) measure individual differences in IQ.
B) document age-related improvements in children's intellectual functioning.
C) identify children with learning problems who needed to be placed in special classes.
D) compare the scores of people who varied in gender, ethnicity, and birth order.
Which of the following statements about age-related losses in language production is
A) Language comprehension changes significantly in late life.
B) Planning what to say and how to say it is harder in late adulthood.
C) Older adults have few compensatory techniques for language production difficulties.
D) Older adults tend to use fewer pronouns and more detailed references than younger
Regular physical activity is linked to
A) repetitive injuries, particularly in the joints.
B) slight declines in T-cell production.
C) reduced incidence of cancer.
D) reduced energy, but improved mood.
Gilles, age 50, tells his brother, "I"d like to maintain my physical health and work on
getting emotionally stronger. I want to be a good friend and a role model to my
nephews and nieces. I don"t want to be that guy who never comes to family
get-togethers because he is too busy working. I want to be successful in my career, but
not at the expense of my family. Of course, I want to find my own special partner, but if
I don"t, I know I"ll always have you and the kids." Gilles is discussing his
A) future model.
B) internal map.
C) possible selves.
D) generalized goals.
Older adults who sustain high levels of functioning
A) become less selective in their activities.
B) tend to show gains in fluid intelligence only.
C) show losses in crystallized intelligence only.
D) engage in selective optimization with compensation.
Which of the following statements about volunteer activities of aging adults is true?
A) Only about 10 percent of older adults in industrialized nations report volunteering.
B) Of those older adults who volunteer, over half give 200 or more hours per year.
C) Men volunteer more often than women.
D) Time spent volunteering usually begins to decline by age 60.
Which of the following children is the most likely to get his or her permanent teeth
A) Brooke, an obese girl
B) Malik, an undernourished boy
C) Jack, a well-nourished boy of average weight
D) Sasha, an undernourished girl
Theorists who point to early experiences as establishing a lifelong pattern of behavior
A) stages.
B) discontinuity.
C) stability.
D) continuity.
Which of the following statements about parenting young children is true?
A) Most parents advocate strict discipline for misbehavior.
B) Rearing young children is a powerful source of adult development.
C) Parents often disagree about appropriate discipline for preschool-age children.
D) Mothers use more consistent discipline with preschoolers than fathers.
One reason Piagetian problems do not always elicit responses reflecting preschoolers'
true cognitive abilities is that they contain
A) too many familiar elements.
B) unfamiliar elements or too many pieces of information.
C) an insufficient amount of information for the young child to process.
D) too many real-world examples.
The development of expertise reaches its height in
A) adolescence.
B) early adulthood.
C) middle adulthood.
D) late adulthood.
One reason that public policies safeguarding children are slow to emerge in the United
States is because
A) such government policies have failed in other Western countries.
B) social programs are rarely cost-effective.
C) children cannot vote or speak out to protect their own interests.
D) the United States already ranks at the top on key measures of children's health and
By the school years, low-SES U.S. children are, on average, __________ than their
economically advantaged counterparts.
A) to 1 inch shorter
B) 1 to 2 inches taller
C) 5 to 10 pounds heavier
D) taller and heavier
Sigmund Freud constructed his psychosexual theory
A) on the basis of his adult patients' memories of painful childhood events.
B) by conducting studies of animal behavior.
C) on the basis of interviews with institutionalized children and adolescents.
D) by carefully observing his own children.
Twin studies of schizophrenia
A) fail to demonstrate a strong genetic link.
B) yield unreliable heritabilities, ranging from .20 to .75.
C) consistently yield high heritabilities, around .80.
D) consistently yield low heritabilities, around .30.
Minimal drug experimenters are
A) seriously troubled youth who express their unhappiness through antisocial acts.
B) usually impulsive and disruptive in early childhood.
C) usually psychologically healthy, sociable, curious young people.
D) typically emotionally or socially immature in middle childhood.
Which of the following is an accurate statement about performance in pressured and
self-paced conditions?
A) Middle-aged students will refuse to perform under pressured conditions.
B) Middle-aged students will outperform younger students in both self-paced and
pressured conditions.
C) Middle-aged students will show performance declines under pressured conditions.
D) Middle-aged students will show performance declines only in self-paced conditions.
By the __________ week of pregnancy, Monica will be able to learn the sex of her
A) second
B) fourth
C) eighth
D) twelfth
Research shows that many adolescents do not use contraception during sexual activity
because they
A) fail to apply their reasoning skills to everyday situations.
B) enjoy the thrill of risky behavior.
C) receive inaccurate information on pregnancy and STDs.
D) are unable to determine the consequences of their actions.
Untreated HIV-infected expectant mothers pass the deadly virus to the developing
organism __________ percent of the time.
A) 10 to 20
B) 20 to 30
C) 40 to 50
D) 80 to 90
During middle childhood,
A) fathers engage in as much caregiving as mothers.
B) fathers spend more time than mothers with school-age children.
C) fathers are more knowledgeable than mothers about children's everyday activities.
D) each parent tends to devote more time to children of their own sex.

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