Book Title
Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

CGS SS 91063

July 16, 2017
In a __________, the national government derives its powers from the states.
Explain what George Gallop meant when he said that public opinion polls 'speed up the
process of democracy."
Discuss the policy response by the federal government to the recent financial crisis.
A ___________ program distributes benefits on the basis of demonstrated need.
Review the key phases of political party development in the United States,
demonstrating knowledge of realignments, where appropriate, and addressing how the
Framers envisioned electoral participation in government.
What is reapportionment, and how does it affect presidential politics? Be sure to give
specific examples.
Discuss the advantages of contributing to a political action committee (PAC) over
making an individual contribution to a political candidate.
What is the function of the House Committee on Rules? Why is it so important? Be sure
to give examples of the rules the committee may use.
Define political socialization and explain the role of family, peers, and schools as
agents of political socialization.
The USA PATRIOT Act provides the government with methods for circumventing
restrictions on __________.
Discuss the evolution of the federal bureaucracy from the spoils system through the
creation of the civil service system.
Compare and contrast judicial restraint and judicial activism by analyzing how a
proponent of each would have decided Brown v.Board of Education.

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