Book Title
Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

CGS SS 87463

July 16, 2017
Senior citizens are likely to be concerned about potential cuts to the medical program
known as ___________.
Describe the media's traditional watchdog role, and examine a story as it develops on an
online news site. How does the coverage fit a traditional concept of watchdog
journalism? How does it differ?
Describe the Virginia Plan.
How has the Supreme Court applied the exclusionary rule?
What circumstances led to the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 and what did it
Define discretion as it applies to federal bureaucracy. Why might Congress grant
bureaucratic agencies broad discretion in the implementation of federal laws?
What are the features of the income security measures/programs in the United States?
Why was this structure created, and what are the benefits? Specifically, what are the
problems with Social Security, and what solutions are available to government to solve
What do presidents look for in selecting a Supreme Court justice?
How is the federal government involved in health care? Why is this the case?
In July of 2012, CNN conducted an online poll asking visitors to the site to offer their
opinions about the appropriate punishment for a well-known celebrity who had violated
the terms of her probation. Like the 1936 Literary Digest straw poll, this poll violated a
well-known cardinal rule of survey sampling, a problem researchers call __________.
What is yellow journalism? How did it change the way the media covered news stories?
How is yellow journalism similar to, and different from, modern infotainment?
Recent decisions of the Supreme Court have taken a __________ view of the scope of
congressional power to regulate interstate commerce.
What are some of the duties of a campaign manager?
Explain the significance of Gibbons v.Ogden.

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