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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Ivan Pavlov discovered
A) observational learning.
B) classical conditioning.
C) the ego's positive contributions to development.
D) the clinical method.
Stranger anxiety is
A) uncommon in well-adjusted toddlers.
B) less likely if the unfamiliar adult picks up the wary infant.
C) less common in cultures where babies are frequently passed from one adult to
D) more common in cultures where babies are frequently passed from one adult to
Dr. Rudy wants to compare the characteristics of family members. What kind of
research method would you recommend that Dr. Rudy use?
A) a kinship study
B) a case study
C) a structured observation
D) a passive correlation
Yolanda has achieved ego integrity. Which of the following statements is most likely
A) Yolanda does not accept help from others even when it is needed.
B) Yolanda feels that she has made many wrong decisions, yet time is too short to
correct them.
C) Yolanda fears death and is overwhelmed with hopelessness.
D) Yolanda has a close relationship with her adult children.
Although 8-year-old Claire can easily arrange sticks of differing lengths from shortest
to tallest, she cannot solve the following problem: "Jack is taller than Sam, and Sam is
taller than Max. Who is the tallest?" This is because Claire's concrete mental operations
work poorly with
A) abstract ideas.
B) logical constructs.
C) everyday decision making.
D) organized thoughts.
A recent study of same-sex couples found that same-sex civil unions were __________
heterosexual marriages.
A) as stable as
B) less likely to dissolve than
C) more likely to dissolve than
D) not as committed as
In Piaget's theory, each time the back-and-forth movement between equilibrium and
disequilibrium occurs,
A) children temporarily regress to a previous stage of cognitive development.
B) less effective schemes are produced.
C) children adapt more than they organize.
D) more effective schemes are produced.
Which of the following women is the most likely to reach menopause the earliest?
A) Maryann, who has borne three children
B) Yessica, who has borne one child
C) Mei Wu, who has borne five children
D) Lisa, who has not borne children
Frequency of __________ is strongly associated with healthy eating in adolescents.
A) exercise
B) sleep
C) dieting
D) family meals
__________ is a powerful predictor of movement to Kohlberg's Stage 4 or higher.
A) Age
B) Years of schooling
C) Religious affiliation
D) Ethnic identity
When John succeeds, his father says, "You"re so smart!" However, when he fails, his
father says, "You can"t do that, can you? It's OK if you quit." John's father's messages
could play a key role in John's adoption of a
A) fixed view of ability.
B) mastery-oriented style.
C) high academic self-esteem.
D) healthy self-image.
In longitudinal research, __________ became more independent by their early forties.
A) stay-at-home mothers
B) college-educated women in the labor force
C) homemakers with no children
D) working women with no college education
Which of the following statements about gender differences in same-sex adult
friendships is true?
A) Men have more intimate same-sex friendships than women.
B) Female friends often say they prefer to "just talk" when they get together.
C) Women prefer to "do something" when they get together with same-sex friends.
D) Women are more reluctant than men to divulge information about themselves.
Which of the following is an example of primary aging?
A) blurred vision from macular degeneration
B) lung cancer from smoking cigarettes
C) weight gain from a sedentary lifestyle
D) high blood pressure from prolonged stress
In adolescence, the speed of thinking and processing capacity increase. As a result,
A) adolescents no longer need to experiment with memory strategies.
B) more information can be held at once in working memory and combined into
increasingly complex, efficient representations.
C) long-term memory compensates for the limitations of working memory.
D) attention becomes less selective and better adapted to the demands of tasks.
According to Vygotksy, learning takes place
A) within the zone of proximal development.
B) through trial and error.
C) through discovery learning.
D) through independent activity.
According to the cross-linkage theory of aging, bonds between protein fibers in
connective tissue can lead to
A) tightening of the skin and strengthening of the bones.
B) loss of flexibility in the skin and clogging of arteries.
C) increased flexibility and athletic stamina.
D) reduced production of many hormones, especially estrogen.
A zygote that separates into two clusters of cells instead of just one produces
A) identical twins.
B) dizygotic twins.
C) fraternal twins.
D) triple X syndrome.
Middle-ear infections become __________ frequent in middle childhood because the
Eustachian tube becomes __________.
A) less; longer, narrower, and more slanted
B) less; shorter and wider
C) more; wider and less slanted
D) more; shorter and less slanted
In the United States, one in every _____ individuals is likely to contract a sexually
transmitted disease at some point in life.
A) two
B) four
C) six
D) eight
Ethology, evolutionary developmental psychology, sociocultural theory, and the
lifespan perspective all view development as
A) primarily influenced by nature.
B) primarily influenced by nurture.
C) both continuous and discontinuous.
D) one course with universal stages.
George does not know very many people who have died and has a relative lack of
interest in death-related issues; therefore, he brushes aside thoughts of death. He is most
A) a child.
B) in early adulthood.
C) a middle-aged adult.
D) an older adult.
__________ amplifies pain, impairs the immune response, interferes with the patient's
capacity for pleasure, meaning, and connection, and is associated with poorer survival.
A) Profound depression
B) Denial
C) Anger
D) Bargaining
Research conducted on adolescents in the Jimi Valley of Papua New Guinea indicates
A) nonrepresentational scribbles and shapes seem to be a universal beginning stage in
B) even adolescents with no indigenous pictorial art draw figures that look human.
C) the first drawings of the human figure produced by nonschooled Jimi children
emphasize the head and face over the hands and feet.
D) schooling has little impact on children's first representational shapes and forms.
As people approach the end of middle adulthood, they focus on __________ goals.
A) shorter-term, more abstract
B) shorter-term, less complex
C) longer-term, more personal
D) longer-term, less personal
Mr. Dugan belongs to a senior lunch club. The other members of the club, while not
intimates, are Mr. Dugan's __________ friends.
A) primary
B) group
C) joint
D) secondary
Ethel is having difficulty recalling everyday experiences. Ethel is experiencing
__________ memory loss.
A) remote
B) episodic
C) implicit
D) associative
Michael, age 50, has noticed a hearing loss, especially at high frequencies. He feels that
his hearing is not as sharp as it once was. Michael probably has a condition called
A) presbyopia.
B) senescence.
C) presbycusis.
D) sensorineural hearing loss.
Research shows that children can connect new words with their underlying concepts
after only a brief encounter, a process called
A) emergent literacy.
B) fast-mapping.
C) mutual exclusivity.
D) metacognition.
Which of the following provides evidence that the brain hemispheres have already
begun to specialize at birth?
A) Most newborns show greater ERP brain-wave activity in the left hemisphere when
reacting to stimuli that evoke negative emotion.
B) Most newborns use the right eye more than the left eye when viewing objects using
peripheral vision.
C) Most newborns show greater ERP brain-wave activity in the right hemisphere while
listening to nonspeech sounds.
D) Most newborns favor the left side of the body in their head position and reflexive
During a conservation-of-water experiment, Emme can focus on several aspects of the
problem and relate them, rather than centering on just one aspect. Therefore, Emme is
capable of
A) seriation.
B) class inclusion.
C) reversibility.
D) decentration.
Fernando recently got married. What will probably happen to his same-sex friendships?
A) Those friendships will become more intimate.
B) He will cut ties with many of his current friends.
C) He will depend on them more as confidants and less as pals.
D) He will share less personal information with his friends.
Mr. Tenney has difficulty breathing caused by an extreme loss of elasticity in lung
tissue. This is known as
A) stroke.
B) emphysema.
C) pneumonia.
D) diabetes.
Ethnographic research is directed toward understanding a culture through __________
A) naturalistic
B) participant
C) systematic
D) structured
A) babies breastfeed three times longer than infants who sleep alone.
B) reduces mothers' total sleep time.
C) promotes excessive dependency.
D) works best when mattresses are soft and blankets are heavy.

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