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Archaeology: Theories-- Methods-- and Practice 6th Edition
Colin Renfrew
Within an interaction sphere there is a tendency for the symbolic systems to converge.
Where the form of a religion has much in common from center to center, as reflected in
iconography, this would be an example of
a) transmission of innovation
b) competitive emulation
c) symbolic entrainment
d) flow of commodities
e) evangelization
The archaeological research conducted at Upper Mangrove Creek made it clear that the
bands living there would have been
a) relatively small and highly mobile
b) relatively large and highly mobile
c) relatively small and sedentary
d) relatively large and sedentary
e) of moderate size and sedentary for only part of the year
_________, or conjoining, is the attempt to put stone tools, flakes, and cores back
together again, providing information on the stages in producing the tools and
reconstructing the process of the knapper's craft
a) Refitting
b) Annealing
c) Filigree
d) Microwear analysis
e) Alloying
Rather than emphasize chronological sequences, the proponents of "New Archaeology"
suggested that archaeologists should
a) think in terms of culture process
b) seek generalized explanations for change rather than historical explanations
c) aim to answer specific research questions rather than simply create more information
d) all of the above
e) none of the above
There are an estimated 13,500 ________ in Europe, 7000 in North America, 2800 in
Asia and Australia, and around 2000 in the rest of the world
a) archaeological sites
b) ceramic pots
c) museums
d) CRM firms
e) archaeologists
____________ is a mode of exchange in which transactions take place between
individuals of relatively equal status
a) Bartering
b) Kula networking
c) Redistribution
d) Market exchange
e) Reciprocity
At a bison kill site in New Mexico dated to the 15th century AD, John Speth found
more male skulls than female, but more female limbs than male. He deduced that this
was because
a) lactating and calving cows were probably taboo, so only male limbs were taken
b) lactating and calving cows were under nutritional stress, so the male limbs had the
most meat and body fat, and these were therefore taken away
c) meat from female skulls were more desirable, so there were fewer left behind
d) lactating and calving cows usually stay at the back of the heard and thus are not
usually killed at bison-kill sites
e) All of the above
Objects used, modified or made by people are known as ___________ to
a) artifacts
b) geofacts
c) ecofacts
d) doodads
e) none of the above

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