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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
Which student is most at risk for dropping out of college?
A) a sophomore at a large state university
B) a freshman at a highly selective school
C) a sophomore who moves off-campus
D) a freshman at a school with open enrollment
Follow-ups reveal that __________-maturing __________, especially, are prone to
lasting difficulties.
A) early; boys
B) late; girls
C) late; boys
D) early; girls
Animal species with __________life expectancies tend to display __________
free-radical damage to DNA.
A) longer; slower rates of
B) shorter; slower rates of
C) longer; faster rates of
D) shorter; little to no
Children's active efforts to construct literacy knowledge through informal experiences
are called
A) emergent literacy.
B) phonological speech.
C) private speech.
D) interactive literacy.
One surprising finding of infant face perception is that infants will look longer at
A) attractive faces than unattractive ones.
B) unattractive faces than attractive ones.
C) upside-down faces than upright ones.
D) faces with eyes closed rather than open.
Harry lives in a complex that provides a variety of support services, including meals in
a common dining room, along with watchful oversight of residents with physical and
mental disabilities. Harry lives in
A) congregate housing.
B) a retirement village.
C) a federally subsidized apartment.
D) a life-care community.
Adults can avoid promoting self-defeating reactions in children by
A) adjusting their expectations to children's capacities.
B) only pointing out large mistakes.
C) always giving them positive feedback, regardless of actual performance.
D) only presenting them with easy tasks.
__________ refers to shared endeavors between more expert and less expert
participants, without specifying the precise features of communication.
A) The zone of proximal development
B) Guided participation
C) Discovery learning
D) Scaffolding
In Bowlby's theory, babies in the preattachment phase
A) are wary of strangers.
B) display separation anxiety when the familiar caregiver leaves.
C) do not recognize their own mother's smell or voice.
D) do not mind being left with an unfamiliar adult.
Critics worry that fetal monitoring
A) should not be used because it is a risky procedure.
B) is not helpful in detecting hidden problems with the baby.
C) identifies babies as in danger who, in fact, are not.
D) increases the likelihood of infant brain damage.
Which of the following statements about the obesity epidemic is true?
A) Obesity-related medical coverage in government-sponsored health insurance
programs for low-income families could help combat the obesity epidemic.
B) In the United States, obesity is responsible for around $150 million in health
expenditures per year.
C) The United States mandates prominent posting of the calorie, sugar, and fat content
of all foods sold in restaurants, movie theaters, and convenience stores.
D) Obesity is responsible for around 30,000 premature deaths per year in the United
States alone.
Which of the following statements about enhancing adolescents' understanding of death
is true?
A) Teenagers with permissive parents are more likely to turn to adults for guidance
about death.
B) Most teenagers believe that their parents are genuinely interested in discussing death
with them.
C) The majority of parents of teenagers feel inadequately prepared to discuss death with
their children.
D) Parents should impose their viewpoints and correct their teens' conflicting beliefs.
In the violation-of-expectation method, __________ suggests that the infant is surprised
by a deviation from physical reality.
A) heightened attention to an unexpected event
B) habituation to an expected event
C) habituation to an unexpected event
D) heightened attention to an expected event
Walter and Dianne work hard to maintain their vitality and are able to limit their
age-related declines in physical, cognitive, and social functioning. Walter and Dianne fit
contemporary experts' view of
A) gerotranscendence.
B) generativity.
C) ego integrity.
D) optimal aging.
Christine treats her aging mother like a child, calls her names, and often threatens to
move her into a nursing home. Christine is engaged in which of the following types of
elder abuse?
A) physical neglect
B) physical abuse
C) emotional abuse
D) financial abuse
Professor Rellinger believes that babies are born with a set of innate knowledge
systems. Professor Rellinger's beliefs are consistent with the __________ perspective.
A) sociocultural
B) core knowledge
C) information-processing
D) sensorimotor
Research shows that divorce mediation
A) increases involvement of both parents in child rearing.
B) increases family conflict over child rearing.
C) decreases children's feelings of well-being.
D) decreases parents' feelings of well-being.
Bullous lives in a shantytown. His parents can decrease the risks of persistent diarrhea
A) limiting his diet to organic fruits and vegetables.
B) delaying his childhood immunizations, which routinely weaken the immune system.
C) administering oral rehydration therapy (ORT) when he is sick and giving him a
regular zinc supplement.
D) limiting the amount of protein he eats and giving him a daily multivitamin.
Which of the following statements about REM sleep is true?
A) REM sleep is vital for growth of the central nervous system.
B) During REM sleep, the body is almost motionless.
C) REM sleep accounts for 20 percent of a newborn baby's sleep time.
D) During REM sleep, the heart rate, breathing, and brain-wave activity are slow and
Which of the following statements about adolescent suicide is true?
A) Gay, lesbian, and bisexual youths are at a high risk for suicide.
B) Few suicidal adolescents have a family history of emotional problems.
C) Boys make more unsuccessful suicide attempts than girls.
D) The suicide rate for adolescents is much lower than the rate for adults.
Which of the following young adults is more likely to live on her own?
A) Mae Ling, a first-generation Asian American
B) Rikki, an African-American college student
C) Julia, an economically well-off Caucasian American
D) Marisa, an unmarried Latina
Many experts believe that schools should not only offer more physical education
classes but should put less emphasis on __________ and more emphasis on
__________ in their physical education programs.
A) individual effort; grades
B) individual exercise; diet and nutritional information
C) competitive sports; informal games and individual exercise
D) informal games and individual exercise; competitive sports
Agata suffered from persistent diarrhea in early childhood. As a result, during her
school years, Agata is probably __________ than her agemates who were not stricken
with persistent diarrhea.
A) heavier in weight
B) shorter in height
C) better nourished
D) more attentive
Despite the concerns of middle childhood, child rearing becomes easier for those
parents who established a(n) __________ style in the early years.
A) authoritarian
B) authoritative
C) permissive
D) uninvolved
Which of the following individuals is the most likely to experience a psychological
crisis during the age-30 transition?
A) Eddie, who has no romantic relationships and a dissatisfying job
B) Roberta, a successful office manager with a good marriage
C) Carlos, a divorced man who runs an expanding chain of stores
D) Grace, a happily married stay-at-home mom with three children
To work well, vocational education must
A) focus heavily on job-related instruction.
B) carefully integrate academic and job-related instruction.
C) offer paid employment as a component of the program.
D) focus heavily on basic skills.
In Michaela's preschool classroom, the girls spend more time in the housekeeping and
art centers, while the boys play with blocks and Legos. This is an example of
A) gender typing.
B) gender selection.
C) role modeling.
D) role playing.
Girls with a history of family conflict tend to reach puberty __________, whereas those
with warm, stable family ties tend to reach puberty __________.
A) relatively late; early
B) on target; late
C) around the same age as their mothers; earlier than their mothers
D) early; relatively late
Adults often provide indirect feedback about grammar by using __________, which
restructures inaccurate speech into correct form.
A) fast-mapping
B) an expansion
C) overregularization
D) a recast
Which of the following statements about the newborn baby's appearance is true?
A) Girls tend to be slightly longer and heavier than boys.
B) Their round faces, chubby cheeks, and big eyes make adults feel like picking them
C) The trunk is large in comparison to the head, and the legs are long and straight.
D) On average, they are 18 inches long and 5 pounds in weight.
Although hearing loss has less impact on self-care than vision loss, it greatly affects
A) enjoyment of life.
B) activities of daily living.
C) instrumental activities of daily living.
D) employment.
Research on environmental influences on gender typing suggests that parents
A) actively reinforce dependence in boys.
B) have different expectations of sons than of daughters.
C) have similar expectations of sons and daughters.
D) give their sons toys that emphasize cooperation.
Kim devoted her early adulthood to raising her daughter. When Kim turned 45, she
became active in community theater, which had been a passion in adolescence. She also
volunteered in the community. According to Levinson, Kim is engaged in which of the
following developmental tasks?
A) young"old
B) destruction"creation
C) masculinity"femininity
D) engagement"separateness
On average, people in their twenties experience __________ job changes.
A) one or two
B) three or four
C) five or six
D) seven or eight
Research shows that school-age children
A) rate "masculine" occupations as having higher status than "feminine" occupations.
B) rate "feminine" occupations as having higher status than "masculine" occupations.
C) often feel gender-atypical but are afraid to talk about it.
D) will usually reject and ridicule a tomboyish girl.

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