Book Title
Essentials of American Government: Roots and Reform 2012 Election Edition 11th Edition

CGS SS 50187

July 16, 2017
Why are there regional and sectional differences within American political culture?
Explain how these differences arose.
Describe the status of American Indian governments within the context of the U.S.
political system. How does this status affect the ability of American Indian tribes to
make public policy on tribal lands?
Prior restraint is a constitutional doctrine that prevents the government from prohibiting
speech or publication __________ the fact.
Congress passed the __________ in 1777.
One function of __________ is to provide public services that the private sector is
unwilling or unable to do.
The __________ was enacted in 1990 and is designed to protect the civil rights of
disabled Americans.
Assess the utility of the party platform in drawing party support and to what extent
politicians are held accountable to it.
Political parties have a significant impact on the functioning of Congress. How does
being in the majority benefit a party? How has party voting changed over the last
several decades? Is this change a good thing? Why or why not?
Discuss the two major economic worries faced by American politicians, unemployment
and inflation, and the options available to address them.
Discuss the evolution of abortion rights.
What factors contribute to president's public approval? Historically, what is the trend?
What can impact approval ratings?
How is strategic trade policy different from a free trade system? What are the
advantages of each? Give an example of U.S. participation in strategic trade policy and
an example of U.S. participation in a free trade system. In your opinion, should U.S.
foreign policy focus more on strategic trade policy or on promoting a free trade system?
What are the president's foreign policy powers? What are Congress's foreign policy
powers? Who has more foreign policy powers and why? Is the existing balance of
power between Congress and the president appropriate, or would the United States be
better off if one branch's powers were to increase and the other branch's powers
decrease? Provide a justification for your answer.

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