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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
For most children, the left cerebral hemisphere
A) is especially active between 3 and 6 years and then levels off.
B) shows slow activity throughout early and middle childhood.
C) shows a slight growth spurt between ages 8 and 10.
D) peaks between 1 and 3 years and decreases slowly throughout middle childhood and
Joanne has been teaching middle school for 22 years. As the new school year
approaches, she feels mentally exhausted and unsure if she is making any impact in her
students' lives. Joanne is experiencing
A) burnout.
B) a midlife crisis.
C) a life regret.
D) vocational depression.
College students of Asian heritage are more likely than those of American or European
descent to endorse a view of love strongly based on
A) companionship.
B) physical attraction.
C) passion.
D) deep emotion.
Which of the following statements about becoming a student in midlife is true?
A) Students over age 25 in U.S. colleges make up about 25 percent of total enrollment.
B) Life transitions often trigger a return to college.
C) During the past 25 years, the sharpest rise in adult enrollment was among 25- to
D) Most of adult learners are middle-aged men.
__________ children are at the highest risk for poor school performance, substance
abuse, and antisocial behavior in adolescence and delinquency with criminality in early
A) Neglected
B) Controversial
C) Rejected
D) Popular
Perhaps the most complex self-help skill of early childhood is
A) self-dressing.
B) shoe tying.
C) self-feeding.
D) tooth brushing.
In recent national polls, nearly __________ of Americans reported actively practicing
A) one-quarter
B) one-third
C) half
D) two-thirds
Which of the following statements about gender stereotypes in vocational choice is
A) Women write more books than men, but men produce more works of art than
B) More mathematically talented college women choose engineering over health
C) One explanation for women's attraction to male-dominated careers is a change in
gender-role attitudes.
D) Women's progress in entering and excelling in male-dominated careers has been
Today, about _____ percent of U.S. births are to single mothers.
A) 10
B) 20
C) 30
D) 40
By __________, infants are able to regulate emotion more effectively by approaching
or retreating from various situations.
A) birth
B) 2 to 4 months
C) 4 to 6 months
D) the end of the first year
Mike and Carol are married. Mike is the head of the household. He works outside the
home as an architect. Carol devotes herself to caring for Mike and their children and
creating a comfortable home. They have a(n) __________ marriage.
A) egalitarian
B) arranged
C) matriarchal
D) traditional
__________ is associated with a decreased risk of Alzheimer's and cerebrovascular
A) Taking ginko biloba
B) Having Down syndrome
C) Taking folic acid
D) Exercising regularly in midlife
After cardiovascular disease and cancer, the most common killer among the aged is/are
A) strokes.
B) respiratory diseases.
C) Alzheimer's disease.
D) osteoporosis.
The life pursuits and subjective judgments of many contemporary young people have
spawned the __________ transitional period, extending from the late teens to the mid-
to late-twenties.
A) latent teenage
B) formal operational
C) emerging adulthood
D) pre-adulthood
Cliff and Claire are married and have four children. Cliff works as a doctor, and Claire
works as a lawyer. They both try to balance the time and energy they devote to their
occupations, their children, and their relationship. They have a(n) __________
A) traditional
B) patriarchal
C) matriarchal
D) egalitarian
An observational study carried out in low-SES African-American homes in a
southeastern U.S. city revealed that black parents rarely asked their children
A) "real" questions that they themselves cannot answer.
B) knowledge-training questions.
C) analogy questions.
D) story-starter questions.
Older adults
A) generate a smaller number of strategies compared to young and middle-aged adults.
B) seek advice of spouses, adult children, friends, and neighbors less often than in the
C) have a difficult time adapting strategies to fit problem conditions.
D) tend to adopt a "wait and see" approach in favor of gathering more facts when it
comes to health issues.
Emma, an intellectually curious child, is a familiar patron at her local library. This is an
example of
A) passive gene"environment correlation.
B) niche-picking.
C) evocative gene"environment correlation.
D) canalization.
Scientists have found that __________ best explains the complexities of biological
A) the "genetic programming" theory
B) a combination of theories
C) the "random events" theory
D) the "wear-and-tear" theory
Which group of women is most likely to experience a positive attitude toward
A) Caucasian-American women
B) Mexican-American women
C) women with little or no college education
D) women born between 1925 and 1945
Which of the following statements about most basic sex education programs is true?
A) They last many sessions and teach skills for handling sexual situations.
B) They last only a few sessions and promote the value of abstinence to teenagers who
are not yet sexually active.
C) They last only a few sessions and provide basic facts about anatomy and
reproduction to teenagers who are already sexually active.
D) They last many sessions and provide information about and easy access to
Research reveals that inductive discipline
A) fails to provide children with information about how to behave in future situations.
B) helps children notice others' feelings and points out the effects of children's
misbehavior on others.
C) discourages the development of empathy and sympathy.
D) encourages children to comply with rules in order to avoid the loss of parental love.
As the years pass,
A) the heart muscle becomes less rigid.
B) the walls of the left ventricle thin.
C) some of the cells in the heart muscle die while others enlarge.
D) artery walls get thinner and softer.
Vital capacity is reduced by half between ages 25 and 80 because
A) lung tissue gradually loses its elasticity.
B) the lungs shrink as their cells die.
C) the blood absorbs more oxygen and gives off less carbon dioxide.
D) the rib cage can no longer expand as much.
Neil and Mark cannot wait to spoil their granddaughter. They love the idea of having
fun with her all day and then sending her home with their son when she gets tired and
cranky. Which of the following grandparent gratifications is probably most important to
A) valued elder
B) immortality through descendants
C) reinvolvement with personal past
D) indulgence
Compared to preschoolers, school-age children are more likely to explain emotion by
referring to __________ rather than to __________.
A) observable characteristics; personality traits
B) personality traits; psychological qualities
C) external events; internal states
D) internal states; external events
__________ are a major means through which caregivers imbue the young child's
self-concept with cultural values.
A) Concrete rewards
B) Formal lessons
C) Self-evaluative narratives
D) Tall tales
Uninvolved parenting
A) involves psychological control.
B) is warm and accepting but inattentive.
C) is, at its extreme, a form of child maltreatment called neglect.
D) promotes maturity and adjustment in children of diverse temperaments.
Studies show that most adolescents are aware of basic facts about AIDS but
A) believe that AIDS happens to "other people" and that they are somehow immune to
catching it.
B) believe that birth control pills provide some protection from STDs.
C) are better informed about other STDs.
D) are poorly informed about how to protect themselves against other STDs.
The imaginary audience is adolescents' belief that they are
A) the focus of everyone else's attention and concern.
B) special and unique.
C) boring and ordinary.
D) idealistic and overly critical.
Mary and Ashley are identical twins. Abbie and Chandra are fraternal twins. Which of
the following is likely to be true about the timing of puberty?
A) Mary and Ashley will reach menarche about 12 months apart.
B) Abbie and Chandra will reach menarche within a month or two of each other.
C) Mary and Ashley will reach menarche within a month or two of each other.
D) Abbie and Chandra will reach menarche before Mary and Ashley.
For never-married low-SES women, child support enforcement
A) decreases father involvement.
B) reduces financial stress.
C) has little impact on financial well-being.
D) is more successful than for divorced women.

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