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Development Through The Lifespan 6th Edition
Laura E. Berk
An important motivator of prosocial behavior is
A) sympathy.
B) empathy.
C) emotional self-regulation.
D) fear of punishment.
Although Freud's ideas are no longer accepted as satisfactory explanations of
conscience development, Erikson's image of __________ captures the diverse changes
in young children's emotional and social lives.
A) the superego
B) mistrust
C) initiative
D) psychosexual stages
The video deficit effect
A) increases around age 3.
B) is strongest when toddlers view interactive videos.
C) declines around age 2.
D) is strongest when videos are rich in social cues.
In adopted children with longer institutional stays,
A) the volume of the amygdala is atypically large.
B) rates of attachment security are atypically high.
C) the weight of the amygdala is atypically small.
D) the likelihood of attachment difficulties is slight.
The high school dropout rate in the United States is about _____ percent.
A) 4
B) 8
C) 12
D) 16
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
A) typically goes away by adulthood.
B) is usually a lifelong disorder.
C) cannot be effectively treated with medication.
D) is more difficult to treat in girls than boys.
Bulimia is usually treated by
A) therapy that focuses on making new friends.
B) in-patient hospitalization.
C) training in changing eating habits.
D) hypnotherapy.
Some investigators have concluded that the forms of logic required by Piagetian tasks
do not emerge spontaneously but, rather, are
A) heavily influenced by training, context, and cultural conditions.
B) primarily developed through interaction with more expert peers.
C) part of a slow but steady stagewise transition to logical thought.
D) influenced by biological age and are mastered all at once.
Involvement in both organized and informal religious activities is especially high
among __________ older people.
A) high-SES Caucasian
B) low-SES ethnic minority
C) British
D) Dutch
Four-month-old Kaitlyn reaches for a toy. She grabs it by closing her fingers against her
palm. Kaitlyn is using
A) the pincer grasp.
B) the grasp reflex.
C) the ulnar grasp.
D) prereaching.
Teachers who are __________ and emphasize __________ tend to have
mastery-oriented students.
A) strict; getting good grades
B) indulgent; having fun
C) helpful; learning over getting good grades
D) caring; getting good grades
African-American children's narratives are usually longer and more complex than those
of white children because African-American children
A) tend to use a topic-focused narrative style.
B) rarely use a classic form narrative style.
C) tend to use a topic-associating narrative style.
D) are more advanced in language and literacy development.
Older adults fare best when they
A) retain social status and opportunities for community participation, even after they
become frail.
B) retire from community participation around the same time that they retire from their
C) are treated with respect, but are relieved from positions of authority within the
D) are encouraged to sit back and let younger community members serve them.
Merrill has a buildup of plaque in his coronary arteries that encircle his heart and
provide its muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Merrill has
A) arrhythmia.
B) angina pectoris.
C) arterial thrombosis.
D) atherosclerosis.
Which of the following statements about the double standard of gender and aging is
A) Negative stereotypes of aging are more likely to be applied to men than to women.
B) People often rate middle-aged men as less attractive than middle-aged women.
C) People often rate middle-aged women as having more negative personality
characteristics than middle-aged men.
D) Women tend to judge aging females more harshly than men do.
In Western nations, _____ percent of the population is right-handed.
A) 60
B) 70
C) 80
D) 90
History-graded influences explain why __________ tend to be alike in ways that set
them apart from people born at other times.
A) cohorts
B) ancestors
C) siblings
D) descendants
Fetal monitors
A) measure the baby's blood oxygen levels during labor.
B) track the baby's heart rate during labor.
C) are linked to a decreased rate of cesarean deliveries.
D) reduce the rate of infant brain damage and death in healthy pregnancies.
In Bowlby's "clear-cut" attachment phase, babies display
A) stranger anxiety.
B) separation anxiety.
C) social referencing.
D) goodness of fit.
Which of the following statements about the role of physical attractiveness and the
timing of puberty in Western society is true?
A) The ideal female image is a girlish shape that favors the early developer.
B) The ideal male image is a muscular shape that favors the late developer.
C) The ideal male image is a muscular shape that favors the early developer.
D) Both the ideal male and female image favor early-maturing teens.
Which dimension of temperament was identified by Mary Rothbart?
A) rhythmicity
B) intensity of reaction
C) irritable distress
D) threshold of responsiveness
Interactional synchrony is
A) a method of evaluating attachment security in toddlers.
B) moderately related to attachment security in diverse cultures.
C) a special form of communication that separates the experiences of secure from
insecure babies.
D) related to temperamental characteristics but not to attachment security.
Alan likes well-structured tasks and values material possessions. Alecia prefers working
with people. According to Holland's six personality types, Alan is __________ and
Alecia is __________.
A) social; realistic
B) investigative; conventional
C) conventional; social
D) enterprising; artistic
In the days or hours before death,
A) body temperature rises.
B) skin becomes a brighter, reddish hue.
C) the hands and feet feel cool.
D) blood pressure rises.
Mental abilities that decline at an earlier age typically depend on __________
intelligence, while those that are sustained longer in life depend on __________
A) crystallized; fluid
B) fluid; crystallized
C) cognitive; emotional
D) emotional; cognitive
Marlena is enrolled in an intervention program that encourages learned-helpless
children to believe that they can overcome failure by exerting more effort. This
approach is known as
A) achievement motivation.
B) identity achievement.
C) attribution retraining.
D) vicarious learning.
Which of the following statements about hormone therapy is true?
A) It lessens the risk of breast cancer if taken for at least four years.
B) It is used by approximately 75 percent of postmenopausal women.
C) It is highly successful at counteracting hot flashes.
D) It has little effect on improving vaginal dryness.
Most adopted children
A) have trouble developing feelings of trust and affection toward their adoptive parents.
B) become well-adjusted adults.
C) fare better if they are adopted after infancy.
D) begin to search for their birth parents during early adolescence.
Karen considers two theories she studied in her college philosophy course. She
determines that neither theory is entirely accurate, and she tries to formulate a more
satisfying perspective that synthesizes contradictions. Karen is engaged in
A) pragmatic thought.
B) dualistic thinking.
C) relativistic thinking.
D) commitment within relativistic thinking.
Little is known about long-term adjustment following divorce among middle-aged men,
perhaps because
A) so few men divorce in middle adulthood.
B) they often die within 5"10 years after divorce.
C) how well they adjust depends on the reasons for the divorce.
D) most enter new relationships and remarry within a short time.
Adoption studies reveal that
A) adopted children show a significant decline in IQ across middle childhood and
adolescence, regardless of rearing conditions.
B) children of low-IQ biological mothers do as well as children with high-IQ biological
mothers when placed in similar adoptive homes.
C) genetic factors play a much greater role in IQ than environmental factors.
D) when children of low-IQ mothers are adopted at birth by parents who are well above
average in income and education, they score above average in IQ during the school
Macy spreads a rumor about Tya after Tya is cast as the lead in the school play, the role
Macy desired. This is an example of __________ aggression.
A) physical
B) proactive
C) reactive
D) verbal
Among older adults living alone and in urban areas, fear of crime
A) helps them take appropriate safety precautions.
B) undermines morale and restricts activities.
C) is usually lower than worries about health.
D) is less of a concern than isolation and loneliness.
Which of the following statements about individuals with bulimia nervosa is true?
A) They usually lose between 25 and 50 percent of their body weight.
B) They typically deny or minimize the seriousness of their disorder.
C) They usually feel depressed and guilty about their abnormal eating habits and
desperately want help.
D) They are usually excellent students who are responsible and well-behaved.

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