Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

CE 94181

February 5, 2017
The marketing of services differs from product marketing because services are all of
these except
A. intangible.
B. inseparable.
C. heterogeneous.
D. renewable.
E. perishable.
__________ is when vendors ship merchandise prepackaged in the quantity required for
each store to the distribution center.
A. Quick response
B. Checking
C. Combination warehousing
D. Cross-docking
E. Horizontal merchandising
The Gaps Model is designed to highlight those areas where
A. service providers provide the best possible service.
B. manufacturers are cutting corners on product quality.
C. customers believe they are getting less or poorer service than they should.
D. service providers know more than their customers.
E. delivered service exceeds expected service.
A(n) __________ occurs when the purchasing agent orders additional units of products
that have previously been purchased.
A. new buy
B. modified rebuy
C. straight rebuy
D. adapted buy
E. generic buy
In a focus group, researchers usually videotape the session in order to
A. evaluate the potential for in-depth interviews.
B. assess both verbal and nonverbal responses.
C. post the videos on the corporate website.
D. avoid asking repetitive questions.
E. create survey instruments to send to the participants.
The best way for sales managers to instill ethical behavior in the sales force is to
A. provide extensive ethical training.
B. use only straight salary and no commissions.
C. employ a sales ethics forecaster.
D. never use telemarketing.
E. lead by example.
The key to a successful emotional advertising appeal is to use the emotion to
A. make consumers cry.
B. create a bond between the consumer and the brand.
C. get consumers to think about the benefits of the product.
D. balance social marketing with product-focused advertising.
E. deliver a logical message.
When firms set prices similar to those of competitors, they are following a strategy of
A. me-too pricing.
B. copycat pricing.
C. competitive parity.
D. market-broadening pricing.
E. industry-standard pricing.
Yvonne estimates the average cost of her floral arrangements is $14 regardless of
whether she is making 5 or 20 arrangements that day. She adds a standard markup to the
$14 estimate to determine her price. Yvonne is using a(n) _______ pricing method.
A. improvement value
B. value-based
C. cost-based
E. reference-based
Generally, when advertising to consumers, the objective of an advertising campaign is
A. a pull strategyto get the product into stores by having consumers demand it.
B. a push strategyto stimulate interest among members of the supply chain.
C. to win advertising awards.
D. to offset sales promotion costs.
E. to maximize media planning.
Marketers often use focus groups to learn how consumers interpret their IMC messages.
Experience has shown that
A. effective branding requires marketers to encode messages identically for each
B. each receiver decodes IMC messages in his or her own way.
C. action is taken before desire and interest are determined.
D. marketers can almost always use the same message for all audiences.
E. messages are decoded in the manner intended by the encoder.
Which of the following is not a public relations tool?
A. donating a portion of profits to a charitable cause
B. coupons and rebates
C. event sponsorships
D. news releases
E. websites
If a firm in a purely competitive market can differentiate its product or service, it
becomes part of a(n) _______ market.
A. pure competition
B. oligopolistic competition
C. monopolistic competition
D. monopoly
E. duopoly
Whether targeting consumers or resellers, marketers need to focus on
A. creating value for their customers.
B. buying center synergy.
C. private exchange efficiency.
D. corporate profit sharing.
E. reducing derived demand.
Which of the following is not a common business-to-business pricing tactic?
A. seasonal discounts
B. slotting allowances
C. quantity discounts
D. loss leader pricing
E. advertising allowances
Gary is the marketing manager for an automobile dealership. His boss tells him the
firm's primary goal is to increase its local market share from 15 to 30 percent. His firm
is using a ________ orientation.
A. profit
B. sales
C. competitive
D. customer satisfaction
E. product development
A weakness associated with cost-based pricing methods is that they
A. are too difficult to calculate.
B. do not consider profit when calculating.
C. do not recognize the role consumers or competitors' prices play in the marketplace.
D. do not consider fixed or variable costs.
E. are structurally inflexible and ignore vertical price-fixing alternatives.
Personal selling is particularly important for retailers selling
A. online services.
B. discount items.
C. products that are complicated or expensive.
D. low-cost services.
E. trend or fashion items.
Though he has never owned a Jaguar, Jerry thinks they are poorly made and have many
mechanical problems. For Jaguar to sell Jerry a car, the company would need to change
the __________ component of Jerry's attitude.
A. social
B. affective
C. functional
D. cognitive
E. physiological
Marketers are more likely to find higher concentrations of foreign-born Americans and
recent immigrants in
A. rural areas.
B. smaller states.
C. New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
D. coastal resort areas.
E. Great Lakes agricultural areas.
Which of the following is the best example of puffery?
A. "Take two and call us in the morning."
B. "Happy hour every Friday."
C. "You have tried the rest, now try the best."
D. "All natural ingredients."
E. "Northwestern, the quiet company."
Most beverage distributors have their delivery people act as the firm's sales
representatives. The delivery people primarily function as
A. order getters.
B. order takers.
C. sales support personnel.
D. manufacturer's reps.
E. telemarketers.
How does a retail distribution center supporting a store channel most obviously differ
from one supporting an Internet channel?
A. in use of SKU identification
B. in quantity of items shipped
C. in speed of order fulfillment
D. in quality of tracking mechanisms
E. in use of CRM technology
Baby Boomers represent a huge demographic segment for travel marketers. Baby
Boomers are also heavily motivated by self-fulfillment, which creates the possibility of
__________ segmentation.
A. geographic
B. self-concept
C. psychographic
D. benefit
E. behavioral
During the ___________ stage of the product life cycle, firms either position
themselves for a niche market of loyal consumers or they exit the market.
A. introduction
B. leveling
C. maturity
D. growth
E. decline
Effective promotion enhances a product or service's
A. supply chain management system.
B. wholesaling capabilities.
C. perceived value.
D. design features.
E. trialability.
The pricing method that considers what consumers may be willing to pay for a
particular product based on the value received over the product's entire lifetime is the
_______ pricing method.
A. cost-based
B. cost of ownership
C. reference-based
D. improvement value
E. market-based
A university that has separate graduate and undergraduate admission offices recognizes
that these are distinct
A. brand associations.
B. product lines.
C. product mixes.
D. brands.
E. augmented services.
Christopher bought Timberland boots because he felt they were perfect for his outdoor
activities. Patrick bought the same kind of boots because he felt they were stylish,
especially with the logo clearly visible. The psychological factor driving Patrick's
behavior is
A. a functional need.
B. lifestyle.
C. his universal set.
D. learned behavior.
E. his evoked set.
A buying center that makes its decisions by majority vote is a(n) __________ buying
A. autocratic
B. democratic
C. consultative
D. consensus
E. bureaucratic
Fred sells health insurance packages for small businesses. He has been given the names
of 10 new businesses in his town. During the qualifying leads stage of the selling
process, Fred will likely try to assess which of the 10 businesses
A. would respond best to a sales contest.
B. are closest to his office.
C. need health insurance packages and can afford them.
D. have order getters and order takers.
E. are willing to meet with him.