Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

CE 889 Quiz 1

October 29, 2015
While making purchase decisions, which of the following products is most likely to
elicit the greatest reference group influence?
A. A car
B. A medicine
C. An award-winning novel
D. A toothbrush
Alison receives a phone call from an Easy-Wash customer service representative who
wants information on Alison's experience with the washer dryer combination that she
had recently purchased and overall the purchase and installation experience. Alison
claims that she is extremely satisfied with the purchase and the company's
responsiveness. This customer service practice by Easy-Wash is undertaken to _____.
A. offer the customer a substantial assessment of available alternatives by providing a
marketing source of information
B. help the customer in the process of alternative evaluation
C. reduce the perceived psychosocial risks associated with the decision to purchase the
D. reduce the possibility of postpurchase dissonance in Alison's mind
Most convenience goods require a(n) _____ form of distribution.
A. focused
B. intensive
C. exclusive
D. selective
Which of the following serves as a unique identifier and is perhaps the single most
important element on the package of a product?
A. The seal
B. The brand name
C. The price
D. The trade dress
On earnings associated with new products of a firm, it is critical that the:
A. firm's management body has the pressure of steady improvement in earnings per
B. firm does not become solely preoccupied with a short-term focus.
C. firm does not focus on the ultimate economic contribution.
D. firm realizes that profitability will not be supported by the stock market in terms of
higher share prices over the long term.
Which of the following is true of group sources of information for purchase decisions?
A. They are obtained from a consumer's past experiences based on consumer
groupthink and recall.
B. They are conveyed through promotional activities by marketing managers
advertising groups.
C. They involve face-to-face conversations and the social media.
D. They involve handling, examining, and using a product as a group.
Harry took a series of classes to learn how to play the clarinet and the saxophone from a
music school that teaches the art at different levels to interested individuals. When he
completed the course, he was given a certificate of completion to:
A. emphasize a relationship-marketing strategy.
B. serve as a tangible reminder of the course and to overcome the inseparability aspect
of services.
C. make the course seem more homogenous with other learning experiences.
D. ensure that the supply chain was vertically integrated.
Herald Inc. is a leading producer of software technology and cloud computing devices.
In an attempt to further its goal of innovation, Herald introduces a technologically
advanced one-of-a-kind user interface at a relatively high price. By doing so, Herald
seeks temporary monopoly until competitors move in. This is a typical example of a(n)
_____ policy.
A. penetration
B. odd-even
C. skimming
D. going-rate
In odd-even pricing, _____.
A. prices are set a few dollars or a few cents below a round number to encourage the
customers to think of the products as less expensive
B. prices are set exclusively on the cost of the product and historical prices
C. several products are sold together at a single price to connote value and convenience
for customers
D. a high price is charged to create a signal that the product is exceptionally fine
Identify the persuasion objective of the sales force in personal selling.
A. To clearly distinguish attributes of a firm's products or services from those of
B. To ensure immediate follow-up calls and visits to address unresolved or new
C. To reassure consumers of product or service superiority through demonstrable
D. To enable prompt delivery of the product or service that exceeds customer
Products that take a firm into a product type new to it but that are not new to the world
are known as _____.
A. new-to-the-world products
B. new-to-the-firm products
C. additions to existing product lines
D. product improvements
In personal selling, which of the following falls under the persuasion objective of the
sales force?
A. Deliver or install a product or service that meets customer expectations
B. Follow up promptly with calls and visits to address unresolved concerns
C. Guarantee product or service superiority through demonstrable actions
D. Maximize the number of sales as a percent of presentations
Which of the following is a guideline for implementing the marketing concept?
A. Define quality for the customers.
B. Manage for sales volume, not profit.
C. Target customers precisely.
D. Make advertising the guiding star.
Charles and Steve are business partners who want to start a publishing house. Both
partners thoroughly research the market before proceeding with the planning. They
believe that the research results guarantee that the new business will be successful.
Which of the following will help Charles and Steve interpret their research results
A. Considering the results of the research as a final answer to all doubts about setting
up the new business
B. Using the research results as a substitute for decision-making
C. Knowing that even the most carefully executed research can be filled with errors
D. Understanding that marketing research studies all the factors that contribute to the
success of a business
Which of the following is a reason for family life cycle to be considered a useful way of
classifying and segmenting certain markets?
A. It combines trends in earning power with demands placed on income.
B. It provides the dimension of social class as a significant predictor of patterns.
C. It combines prepurchase expectations with postpurchase satisfaction levels.
D. It predicts situational influences according to every family's needs and wants.
Owing to recent failed campaigns, an established advertising agency is at the risk of
reaching bankruptcy. The agency's top-management does not want to release such bad
news just as yet as it hopes to recover losses soon. It therefore plans to orchestrate news
events to present a false appearance of widespread support for the company's position.
This is an example of a legal concern directly related to _____.
A. advertising
B. public relations
C. sales promotion
D. personal selling
Which of the following best describes external information for marketing decision
support systems?
A. Inventory data that can indicate how rapidly products are selling
B. Expenses incurred by a company in personal selling
C. Costs incurred by a company for advertising its products and services
D. Information on technological advances in the field
Danko Inc. has manufactured a new line of wristwatches that can withstand extreme
conditions such as below freezing temperatures. The watches are also waterproof and
heat-resistant. The company is marketing these watches specifically to adventurers and
extreme sports enthusiasts, such as mountain climbers and scuba divers. Danko
positioned its line of wristwatches:
A. in terms of particular types of product users.
B. in terms of consumer attitudes and preferences.
C. relative to a particular product class.
D. directly against a particular competitor.
The full set of products offered for sale by an organization is called a firm's ____.
A. product family
B. product mix
C. product line
D. product category
Which of the following is an example of a goods-service continuum?
A. Golf clubs
B. Air flight
C. Taxi rides
D. Suits with alterations