Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

CE 77467

February 5, 2017
If you had a small business and needed a sales force but did not wish to hire anyone,
you could use the services of an independent agent.
Warren is conducting a marketing research project. He is not sure what questions to ask
or what types of consumers he should talk to. Therefore, Warren should begin by
conducting quantitative research.
A blog is an example of a thought-sharing site.
Geraldo manages the electrical turbine engine division of General Electric Corporation.
He makes most decisions independently, without consulting headquarters. Geraldo
manages a strategic business unit.
Keyword analysis refers to the study of people's queries on search engines.
According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, safety needs are the needs that people first
seek to meet.
When consumers see their friends using an innovation, it often persuades them to try it
The only consumer advantages to shopping in a brick-and-mortar store are browsing
and the ability to touch and feel the products.
To achieve their objectives, marketers rely on three types of social media: social
networking sites, media-sharing sites, and thought-sharing sites.
A noncumulative quantity discount usually involves several transactions.
Russia lags behind most European countries in use of the Internet.
Choosing the right retailing partners and knowing where target customers expect to find
products are key to a manufacturer's success.
Unlike large corporations, small entrepreneurs are unable to understand and control
their marketing mixes.
Using intermediaries in global distribution networks generally lowers costs and prices
for products.
As it relates to positioning, a self-values map displays the position of products or brands
in the consumer's mind.
Price should be based on the value that the customer perceives.
Integrated marketing communications (IMC) represents the product element of the four
BlendMate, a firm that manufactures high-end blenders, donates $10 per blender sold to
a local food bank. This is a form of corporate social responsibility.
The knowledge gap is where "the rubber meets the road," where the customer directly
interacts with the service provider.
Because consumers are generally more sensitive to price increases than to price
decreases, it is easier to lose current customers with a price increase than it is to gain
new customers with a price decrease.
Public service announcements (PSAs) typically focus on social marketing objectives.
As the owner of a small business with 60 employees that makes custom floor mats, Paul
makes all of the buying decisions. Paul is most likely the user.
Ethical and legal issues are likely to arise between the sales force and corporate policy
when the salespeople become conflicted between doing what they believe is ethical and
what their company asks them to do in order to make a sale.
In the four Ps of marketing, place refers to all the activities required to get the right
products to the right customer when that customer wants it.
When purchasing a mobile phone, the product you are buying is more than just the
The vertical marketing system that exhibits the most formalization and control is the
corporate vertical marketing system.
When manufacturers such as Pampered Chef sell directly to consumers, they perform
both production and retailing activities.
The computer-to-computer exchange of business documents from a retailer to a vendor
and back is referred to as vendor-managed inventory (VMI).
Price is the cash expenditure plus taxes that consumers have to pay for a good or
The cost of communicating directly with a potential customer is low compared with
other forms of promotion.
Almost everyone is engaged in some form of selling.
It would be logical for bathing suit marketers to use geographic segmentation.
A demand curve shows the relationship between income and demand.
Applying age as a basis to identify customers is unethical, as it involves stereotyping.
One of the social trends discussed in the text that is shaping consumer values in the
United States and around the world is a concern about the vast disparity in income.
In the marketing of services, empowerment means allowing employees to make
decisions about how service is provided to customers.
Quick response (QR) systems allow retailers to maximize their inventory holdings.
Category specialists are also known as category killers.
Jeanne, who lives in Boston, refers to Pepsi as "tonic," while Paul, who lives in
Chicago, calls it "pop." This is an example of a regional culture difference.
__________ price fixing occurs when competitors collude to control prices, and
__________ price fixing occurs within a marketing channel to control prices passed on
to consumers.
A. Industry; supply chain
B. General; specific
C. Widespread; integrated
D. Strategic; tactical
E. Horizontal; vertical
During the __________ stage of the product life cycle, sales peak and profits begin to
decline as competition becomes intense.
A. introduction
B. leveling
C. maturity
D. growth
E. decline
After a firm has identified the various stakeholders and their issues and gathered
available data related to an ethical decision-making situation, all parties relevant to the
decision should
A. engage in legal discourse.
B. vote, with the majority deciding the best course of action.
C. reidentify the issues.
D. choose a course of action.
E. brainstorm for alternatives.
The old restaurant saying "You are only as good as the last meal served" reflects the
fact that services are
A. intangible.
B. perishable.
C. heterogeneous.
D. portable.
E. viable.
Sales of electric components manufactured by Rick's company depend on sales of new
cars. Rick's company faces __________ demand.
A. synthetic
B. situational
C. monopolistic
D. contrived
E. derived
In the IMC communication process, the __________ is the medium that carries the
A. feedback loop
B. sender
C. transmitter
D. communication channel
E. receiver
Miles worked selling products to industrial users, and spent most of his time working
on customers' new buy and modified new buy situations. Miles was primarily a(n)
A. new business specialist.
B. prospector.
C. order getter.
D. order taker.
E. sales support rep.
Many states create licensing requirements for a variety of professionals (such as
lawyers and accountants) designed to restrict entry into their market by professionals
from other states. This strategy limits ____________ growth strategies.
A. product proliferation
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product development
The _______ is the ratio of the percentage change in quantity demanded to the
percentage change in price.
A. cross-price elasticity of demand
B. price elasticity of demand
C. income elasticity of demand
D. break-even point
E. demand curve
Which of the following markets is most likely to be characterized by oligopolistic
competition in the United States?
A. soybeans
B. pens and pencils
C. smartphone service providers
D. men's clothing
E. electrical service to the home
Wholesalers sell to all of the following except
A. businesses.
B. manufacturers.
C. retailers.
D. consumers.
E. industrial users.
Jackson manages an upscale French restaurant in the Washington, DC, area. His
restaurant offers a few specials each evening in addition to its regular menu. Jackson
has trained his servers to report comments and requests for items that have previously
been offered only as specials. Jackson uses this information to reduce the __________
gap in services marketing.
A. seniority
B. knowledge
C. standards
D. delivery
E. communication
If all three grocery stores in town decide to charge the same price for a gallon of milk,
what type of pricing tactic is being used?
A. horizontal price fixing
B. vertical price fixing
C. horizontal price discrimination
D. vertical price discrimination
E. loss leader pricing
Which of the following would not be used in calculating the profitability of a segment?
A. segment perceptions
B. segment size
C. segment adoption percentage
D. profit margin percentage
E. fixed costs
Marketers who design and offer new products and services to their existing customers
are pursuing a ____________________ growth strategy.
A. product proliferation
B. market development
C. market penetration
D. diversification
E. product development
The __________ stage of the advertising campaign planning process can be described
by the question, "Whom are we trying to talk to?"
A. identifying target audience
B. setting advertising objectives
C. conveying the message
D. assessing the impact
E. determining the advertising budget
Many states have laws regulating the prices businesses charge during emergencies like
hurricanes. These laws are designed to protect consumers whose __________ state may
impair their ability to make sound purchase decisions.
A. shopping
B. social
C. theoretical
D. temporal
E. physical
Variable costs change with
A. changes in fixed costs.
B. changes in cross-price elasticity.
C. changes in target return pricing.
D. changes in the quantity being produced.
E. competitive parity.
Culture affects
A. how consumers decide to make their purchases.
B. what consumers decide to purchase.
C. when consumers decide to make their purchases.
D. where consumers decide to make their purchases.
E. every aspect of consumers' purchase decisions.
Paula is trying to determine whether the segments she is considering for her day care
center will be profitable. Which of the following will not specifically help her in this
A. the number of children needing day care in the immediate area
B. the fixed costs of operating the center
C. the percentage of parents in the area who can both afford to send their child or
children to day care and who are willing to do so
D. the average number of school-age children in families sending a child to the day care
E. the price she would charge minus the variable cost of providing service to each child
"Black Friday," as the day after Thanksgiving has come to be known in the United
States, is a day marked by many special deals in most retail stores, including
deep-discounted products available in limited quantities, called "doorbusters," and
designed to get shoppers into the store. But one danger of running out of the doorbuster
deals is that a shopper may become angry or discouraged at failing to get the special
item, and decide not to do any more shopping. This is an example of the impact of
__________ on the consumer decision process.
A. the purchase situation
B. lifestyle
C. setting high expectations
D. perception
E. learning
__________ appeals help consumers make purchase decisions by offering facts in
advertising messages and strong arguments built around relevant issues, explaining key
benefits of the firm's products and services.
A. Emotional
B. Niche marketing
C. Informational
D. Institutional
E. Reminder
__________ factors, such as the purchase situation, often override or influence
psychological and social issues influencing consumers' purchase decisions.
A. Situational
B. Extended habitual
C. Postpurchase dissonance
D. Interpersonal
E. Economic
Some retailers require their suppliers to ship merchandise ___________, thus
eliminating the time and expense associated with ticketing and marking.
A. floor-ready
B. flattened
C. lead time synchronized
D. aggregated
E. synthesized
Some websites allow consumers to shop while getting opinions from online friends.
Which of the influences on the consumer buying process does this represent?
A. psychological
B. social
C. situational
D. motives
E. perception
The process of value __________, in which customers collaborate in product design,
often provides additional value to the firm's customers.
A. cocreation
B. positioning
C. delivery
D. chain management
E. -based marketing
Personal selling can take place in all of the following situations except
A. face-to-face.
B. over the Internet.
C. by telephone.
D. through newspaper ads.
E. video teleconferencing.
Typically, manufacturers and retailers exchange business documents through a(n)
__________ system, the computer-to-computer exchange of business documents from a
retailer to a vendor and back.
A. cross-docking exchange
B. electronic data interchange
C. vendor-managed inventory
D. vertical conflict reduction
E. radio frequency identification
Which of the following is the best example of a family brand?
A. Cadillac, GMC, and Chevrolet
B. Tostitos Multigrain Scoops and Tostitos Chunky Salsa
C. Kellogg's Special K and Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies
D. Lifesavers Soda, Coca-Cola, and Diet Coke
E. KFC/Taco Bell fast foods
Dawn flies regularly between Atlanta and Los Angeles. She almost always uses Delta
Airlines and has lots of Delta Sky Miles credit (Delta's frequent-flyer program). Still,
she uses an online fare comparison website each time to see if a competitor has a better
price or a more convenient schedule. Dawn uses __________ to decide which airline to
A. a compensatory decision rule
B. a noncompensatory decision rule
C. habitual decision making
D. social factors
E. temporal factors
Identify how a company might evaluate whether or not to support the United Way, a
program that collects donations and distributes them to a wide range of charities.
You are the owner of a new deli that encourages customers to "build their own
sandwiches." What social and mobile media tools could you use to enhance your
What ethical concerns are associated with direct marketing?
What is the goal of newspaper, magazine, and television advertising for
brick-and-mortar retailers?
Priscilla opened a new financial services office about two years ago. Now she is
established and known in her local market. How will her advertising message change?
Warren has just finished his sales presentation. He knows that half the battle is asking
questions. What is the other half?
What is the difference between an innovator and an early adopter?
Although customers expect across-the-board pricing consistency, why might a retailer
use a variety of pricing strategies?
Almost everyone in advertising agencies wants to be part of the creative team, coming
up with potential award-winning ads. What admonition needs to be considered when
creating advertisements and why?
Where does the value for the consumer lie in the supply chain?
How would you distinguish a firm that practices corporate social responsibility from
one that behaves ethically?
Francesca is a textbook company salesperson about to call on the Philadelphia School
District. She would like to know in advance whether the school district's buying center
is autocratic or democratic. What types of behavior might she observe that would help
her to tell which of these two types of buying centers it is? How should she change her
sales approach depending on which type it is?
Using the diffusion of innovation theory, what factors contributed to the rapid adoption
and success of Amazon.com?
A good friend of yours wonders why you always seem to have the latest technology,
long before anyone else. He then says, "I always want to wait until the bugs have been
worked out. It saves me money and aggravation." Use diffusion of innovation theory to
explain how you differ as consumers, and what this means to marketers.
At a convenience store, Brian bought a bag of chips he had never tried before. Driving
down the road, Brian opened the bag, took a bite, and realized he had purchased pork
rinds by mistake. Being a vegetarian, Brian threw away the chips. Brian felt very little
buyer's remorse and soon forgot about the experience. Why?
Paulo, owner of a local plumbing repair company, wants to improve his company's
reputation for corporate social responsibility. What could Paulo do?
Thomas has just conducted a focus group for Apple Computer Company, asking
participants their opinions regarding new features Apple is considering for its iPod
players. Apple's marketing manager wants to use the results of this focus group to
justify immediate product changes and new promotional strategies. As the marketing
researcher, how would you respond?
Why is tracking the impact of an advertising campaign challenging?