Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

CE 625 Quiz 2

October 29, 2015
Which of the following methods of determining the advertising budget views
advertising as a function of sales, rather than sales as a function of advertising?
A. The per-unit expenditure approach
B. The research approach
C. The competitive parity approach
D. The task approach
Identify the stage of new product development process where emphasis is given to
following up on elements that include bugs in design, production costs, quality control,
and inventory requirements.
A. Commercialization
B. Test marketing
C. Personal selling
D. Direct marketing
Spending significant amounts of money to familiarize customers with new brands is a
disadvantage primarily associated with _____.
A. franchise extension
B. multibranding
C. dual branding
D. line extension
Processing research data includes:
A. preparing observational forms for data collection.
B. obtaining and recording the maximal amount of useful information.
C. collecting data by means of a questionnaire, either by mail or phone.
D. editing, structuring, and coding data for statistical analysis.
Which of the following statements is true of a global strategy?
A. The integration of markets is forcing companies that wish to remain successful to
apply a domestic strategy.
B. At present, companies have the option of remaining domestic or going multinational
due to the separation of markets.
C. Integration of markets is forcing companies that wish to remain successful not only
to become multinationals but also to take a global perspective.
D. A multidomestic strategy, as a competitive strategy, is inherently more vulnerable to
risk than a domestic strategy or a global strategy.
Which of the following distribution costs is categorized as an inventory carrying cost?
A. Cost of lost business
B. Insurance
C. Packaging
D. Materials handling
Which of the following will most likely result in a well-designed new product that is
also economical?
A. Allowing top management to create the design for the new product
B. Using a cross-functional team in the development process
C. Using a skunkworks toward the end of the development process
D. Assigning the task of designing the product solely to marketers
_____ is a variation of cost-oriented pricing and is closely related to markup pricing.
A. Cost-plus pricing
B. Odd-even pricing
C. Prestige pricing
D. Bundle pricing
In which of the following steps of the research process does a researcher locate data or
prepare observational forms or questionnaires, if the research involves collecting
primary data?
A. Performance of the research
B. Processing of the research
C. Planning of the research
D. Preparation of the research report
Using existing contacts and knowledge to generate new prospects is known as _____.
A. random lead generation
B. selected-lead generation
C. promotional lead generation
D. canvassing
Altron Herbals is trying to market a new sunscreen lotion. In order to identify their
target market segment, they have prepared a questionnaire that asks potential consumers
about their lifestyles, especially their activities, interests, and opinions. Based on their
answers, the consumers will be grouped into separate categories. Which of the
following market segmentation approaches has Altron used in this scenario?
A. A priori segmentation
B. Psychographic segmentation
C. Social segmentation
D. Geographic segmentation
Identify the category of organizational buyers that includes hospitals, museums,
universities, nursing homes, and churches.
A. Producers
B. Government agencies
C. Resellers
D. Institutions
Which of the following is true about import quotas and tariffs?
A. They promote global business across different continents.
B. They can be a huge roadblock for a multinational firm.
C. They help companies in nations with political uncertainties to go overseas.
D. They do not promote self-sufficiency.
Since consumers receive so much information from marketers and screen out a good
deal of it, it is important for marketers to devise communications that:
A. manipulate consumer perceptions in order to make them buy the products.
B. offer diverse messages about their products.
C. minimize the amount of information they circulate about their products or brands.
D. utilize appropriate media through which the consumers in the target market are
Since consumers receive so much information from marketers and screen out a good
deal of it, it is important for marketers to devise communications that are placed in
media that consumers in the target market are likely to use.
Judgment and insight are needed to draw appropriate inferences and conclusions from
research results because marketing research studies:
A. imply significant relationships among variables.
B. do not use econometric or statistical techniques.
C. seldom obtain findings that are unambiguous.
D. always use extremely large secondary data sets.
Which of the following is true of global marketing?
A. A marketing manager has different controllable decision variables in domestic and
nondomestic markets.
B. Marketing globally is not similar to marketing at home.
C. Environmental differences do not affect the development of marketing programs in
both domestic and nondomestic markets.
D. Firms invest in foreign countries for the same basic reasons they invest in their own
Why do nonprofit organizations purchase products and services?
A. To resell products and services at a profit
B. To maintain their operations and serve their clientele
C. To use them to produce goods and services for sale through retail chains
D. To primarily maintain their market share and widen their customer base