Book Title
Marketing 5th Edition

CE 53624

February 5, 2017
Getting merchandise floor-ready entails
A. distributing and dispatching.
B. ticketing and marking.
C. vertical supply chain wholesaling.
D. intensive cross-docking.
E. selective checking.
Zara is a women's clothing retailer headquartered in Spain, with stores located in many
countries. Zara has developed a "quick response" system that allows store merchandise
to be adjusted rapidly to fit changing customer preferences. Every aspect of Zara's
operation is optimized for this system, making it difficult for competitors like The Gap
to duplicate. Zara has established
A. customer loyalty.
B. locational excellence.
C. a diversification growth strategy.
D. a sustainable competitive advantage.
E. a related diversification opportunity.
Mario is the first retailer in town to sell games for Sony's new PlayStation 4 machine.
Mario wants to quickly capture as much of the market for the new games as possible.
Mario will likely use a __________ pricing strategy.
A. market penetration
B. bundling
C. price fixing
D. reference
E. skimming
Victor's custom auctioneering service provides online auction selling assistance. Victor
plans to conduct marketing research to determine which auction site is best for his
customers. His next step is to
A. identify the type of data he needs.
B. determine the statistical software he will use.
C. outline the presentation format he will use.
D. collect data.
E. define his privacy policy.
In the IMC communication process, the __________ encodes the marketing
communication message.
A. instructor
B. sender
C. transmitter
D. communication channel
E. receiver
Once a marketing researcher is ready to move beyond preliminary insights to specific,
informed questions, the researcher is ready to conduct
A. quantitative research.
B. data warehousing.
C. syndicated marketing surveys.
D. qualitative research.
E. research design.
Judy knows it is important to approach business buyers at the right time, often during
the first stage of their buying process, which is
A. need recognition.
B. the RFP process.
C. proposal analysis.
D. vendor negotiation and selection.
E. product specification.
An Internet site whose purpose is to be a major starting point for users when they
connect to the web and is often used by smaller companies in the RFP process is
referred to as a(n)
A. podcast.
B. Internet channel.
C. web portal.
D. buying center.
E. search engine.
Customer retention programs are based on what concept?
A. Customer excellence is the easiest macro strategy to follow.
B. Customer relationships should be viewed from a lifetime value perspective.
C. It is important to maximize profits in the first few months of a customer relationship.
D. Segmentation, targeting, and positioning analysis should not be rushed.
E. Firms must spend large amounts of money to retain customers.
Airlines were among the first retailers to embrace loyalty segmentation when they
A. business-class seating.
B. 30-day advance pricing.
C. fuel surcharges.
D. in-flight movies.
E. frequent-flyer programs.
Even when large discount retailers enter a market, a few small, local retailers survive
and prosper. These small retailers have probably developed a(n) ________ that allows
them to survive.
A. advertising campaign
B. plan to evaluate results
C. sustainable competitive advantage
D. set of performance metrics
E. SWOT analysis
__________ are special incentives offering reduced prices for a limited time, offered to
retailers to get them to try a new product.
A. Loss leaders
B. Push prices
C. Market skimming incentives
D. Introductory price promotions
E. Distribution rebates
While on vacation, Martha had her camera stolen. Not wanting to waste vacation time
shopping for a new camera, Martha simply purchased another camera just like her old
one. For Martha, the __________ was low.
A. perceived benefit versus perceived cost of search
B. locus of control for this decision
C. determinant attribute for this decision
D. universal set of camera options
E. prepurchase dissonance factor
David's firm had grown steadily and the products and systems had become more and
more complicated. He had been a star representative and had personally serviced and
developed all his accounts. In the past year or so, David and his sales colleagues have
been changing their approach due to the sales growth and increasing product
complexity. Customer relationships are now being handled more and more by
__________whose primary duties are order getting, order taking, or sales supportwhich
is typical of firms experiencing this kind of growth.
A. manufacturer's representatives
B. brokers
C. sales administrators
D. junior sales reps
E. selling teams
In delivering value, marketing firms attempt to find the most desirable balance between
A. the need for value and the perception of value.
B. explicit versus implicit value.
C. the need to provide benefits to customers and keep down costs.
D. the desire to satisfy customers and the desire to satisfy employees.
E. the need for product improvement and the need for advertising.
With more frequent shipments associated with quick response (QR) systems, a retailer
A. likely to have lower shipping costs.
B. more likely to add extra floor-ready merchandise.
C. less likely to use radio frequency identification tags.
D. more likely to engage in predatory pricing behavior.
E. more likely to have what customers want.
The execution style of an advertising message must
A. match the medium and the objectives.
B. correspond with globally accepted norms.
C. include a minimum of puffery and maximum media buy.
D. selectively pull retailers into the marketing channel.
E. cover new creative ground to be effective.
A noncumulative B2B quantity discount is
A. used to encourage consumers to purchase larger quantities each time they buy.
B. based only on the amount purchased in a single order.
C. considered illegal under the Robinson-Patman Act.
D. used primarily to attract new retail customers.
E. offered only to one-time purchasers.
A distribution center is typically operated by
A. the marketing department.
B. vertically integrated consumer networks.
C. retailers, manufacturers, or distribution specialists.
D. wholesalers.
E. electronic data interchange services.
Being socially responsible is generally considered
A. a good thing to do only if a company is profitable.
B. inappropriate for most firms in today's challenging markets.
C. going above and beyond the norms of corporate ethical behavior.
D. a necessary part of every firm's strategy.
E. the responsibility of corporate-sponsored foundations that can effectively concentrate
a firm's good deeds.
Suppose that Burger King wanted to evaluate social media content to find out how well
its most recent advertising campaign was being received by consumers. This could be
done using
A. Google Analytics.
B. sentiment analysis.
C. click path analysis.
D. keyword analysis.
E. bounce rate.
The preapproach stage occurs __________ and extends the qualification of leads
A. after the sales presentation
B. prior to the sales presentation
C. before closing the sale but after follow-up
D. after closing the sale but before follow-up
E. at the beginning of the sales presentation
Jennifer has worked for many years reviewing and approving print ads for her firm. She
has memorized a checklist of key points to review. Which of the following would not be
on her checklist?
A. headline
B. body copy
C. brand elements
D. photo credits
E. subheads
For new product marketers, early adopters are important because they tend to be
A. few in number.
B. the first to adopt a new product.
C. opinion leaders.
D. fond of prototypes.
E. alpha testing enthusiasts.
Which element of the marketing mix is most relevant to the activity "creating value"?
A. promotion
B. purchasing
C. product
D. price
E. place
Ironically, while the leaders of Enron Corporation were manipulating the company's
finances for their personal benefit, the company was a major donor to Houston area
charities. Enron had unethical business practices, but was also
A. practicing marketing ethics.
B. falsifying the company's finances through charitable donations.
C. creating a local ethical business climate.
D. demonstrating corporate social responsibility.
E. manipulating the public sentiment for its own benefit.
A _______ refers to the use of the same brand in a different product line.
A. line extension
B. brand extension
C. product mix extension
D. co-brand
E. brand license
One of the benefits of offering a size discount to consumers is they will purchase more
of a marketer's product and
A. earn a cash discount.
B. capitalize on the experience curve effect.
C. will not fall prey to predatory pricing.
D. will be less likely to switch brands.
E. will be able to take advantage of zone pricing benefits.
Lamar is assessing the long-term effectiveness of his firm's IMC efforts. He will
probably analyze the firm's success in
A. expanding customer loyalty by closing the feedback loop.
B. increasing market share, sales, and customer loyalty.
C. increasing inquiries, awareness, and trial of her firm's services.
D. shifting customers to rule-of-thumb budgeting.
E. increasing the lagged effect.
Mary wants to sell her products in Europe, since they are doing well in the United
States. She does not have a lot of capital and is risk-averse, so she most likely would
choose to begin with
A. opening a franchise.
B. exporting her products.
C. forming a strategic alliance with another company.
D. entering a joint venture with a local firm.
E. making a direct investment in another country.
A toothpaste tube is an example of a ________ package.
A. primary
B. secondary
C. brand positioning
D. private-label
E. convenience
After assessing the market growth potential for his company's baby products in Mexico,
Harmon wanted to evaluate market competitiveness. To do this, Harmon would
A. mass marketing of distribution potential and logistical support.
B. the current size of the market and the expected growth rate.
C. ease of pricing control and number of promotional outlets.
D. the number of competitors, entry barriers, and product substitutes.
E. profitability and customer buying behavior.
Many Hollywood movie stars were among the first to buy electric and hybrid vehicles.
These stars often become __________, influencing other consumers' behavior.
A. reference groups
B. internal loci of control
C. cultural icons
D. cognitive parameters
E. evoked images
When looking at ethical issues associated with the strategic marketing planning process,
A. should be addressed only during the evaluation stage.
B. should never be asked; only managers should deliberate marketing ethical issues.
C. vary at each stage of the process.
D. are never asked during the implementation stage.
E. always follow a standard format.
Cory is working on a global marketing assessment team looking out well into the future
to help determine the most attractive market areas around the world. He is evaluating
market sizes and growth rates. Based on population growth rates in different regions, he
should consider that
A. countries with high purchasing power today may not continue to show the same
growth in the future.
B. the United States and Western Europe will have dramatic increases in population
growth leading to overcrowding.
C. the middle class in India will continue to shrink as the rich get richer and the poor
get poorer.
D. in places like India, urban population centers will become increasing unattractive
and the rural areas will experience major growth in population.
E. the global population is expected to grow at staggering rates indefinitely.
How is the retail landscape in India changing?
What are the risks associated with global franchising?
Briefly describe the four key elements of a country's infrastructure that would concern
Write a value proposition for your favorite restaurant.
How does sharing information help a firm be more value driven?
List, in order, the steps involved in developing a social media marketing campaign.
The buying center concept has parallels in business-to-consumer buying situations
when groups are making buying decisions. Describe a situation where a group of
consumers will make a purchasing decision and explain how consumer roles might
mirror those in a buying center.
Describe a hypothetical supply chainfrom manufacturer to customer.
What five components should be taken into consideration when a company is
developing its pricing objectives?
Explain the concept of 'showrooming" including what type of app it is associated with
and what primary motivation need it fulfills.
Briefly describe the four types of buying centers and give an example of each.
Explain the ethical and legal issues that may arise between a salesperson and the
How can services marketers use customer complaints to better understand customer
How do airlines and hotels overcome the perishability of their services?
What is a new buy, and what steps in the buying process does it typically go through?
Using automobiles as an example, explain the differences between universal, retrieval,
and evoked sets, and identify the one that is most important to marketers.
How does a loss leader strategy work? What is the danger of using this strategy?
George decided to open a health club. His girlfriend Lydia, a marketing manager at a
small company, tried to convince him to do some marketing research, but he said, "I
know what I don't like about health clubs; that's all the information I need. Besides, I
can't afford an expensive research project." He opened the club in a shopping center
about 15 miles from his home. Six months later, his club had very few members and he
was running out of cash. List some key types of primary and secondary data George
could have collected before opening his club that might have helped him be more
successful, keeping in mind his limited budget.
Why is it that the marketing profession ranks poorly in ratings of the most trusted
professions? Can this image be changed? Why or why not?