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A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition
J. Paul Peter, James Donnelly
Which of the following is true of sales promotion?
A. Sales promotion can be an effective means for reaching people living in rural
B. Sales promotion is not effective in areas where media support for advertising is
virtually nonexistent.
C. Sales promotion cannot be used as a strategy for bypassing restrictions on
advertising placed by foreign governments.
D. Sales promotions includes personal selling and broadcast advertising.
Which of the following best describes personal selling?
A. Personal selling is a paid form of communications about an organization, its
products, or its activities that is transmitted through a mass medium.
B. Personal selling is a nonpaid form of communication that seeks to influence the
attitudes, feelings, and opinions of stockholders, suppliers, employees, and political
bodies about the organization.
C. Personal selling is face-to-face communication with potential buyers to inform them
about and persuade them to buy an organization's product.
D. Personal selling is an activity that offers customers or resellers a direct inducement
for purchasing a product.
Which of the following segmentation bases of consumer markets includes income?
A. Geographic
B. Behavior
C. Psychographic
D. Demographic
In the _____ stage of the new product development process, procedures and
responsibility for evaluating the success of a new product by comparison with
projections are finalized.
A. commercialization
B. idea screening
C. idea generation
D. test marketing
Annette owns a bakery where she sells homemade cakes. When she first started out her
business, she used to buy flour herself from the nearest grocery store. As the business
grew, weekly trips to the grocery were no longer feasible and Annette needed a routine
delivery of flour to the bakery in a timely manner. Which of the following types of
purchases would be most suitable for Annette?
A. Modified rebuy
B. Buy-side auction
C. New task purchase
D. Straight rebuy
Robert, who needs a new car, has been looking at several automobile magazines and
websites to find a model that he can afford. He has also been asking his friends whether
they know of places that offer good deals on cars. Robert is currently in which stage of
the decision-making process?
A. Purchase decision
B. Postpurchase evaluation
C. Need recognition
D. Alternative search
In establishing sales quotas for individual territories, the management of a company
A. consider that all territories within a region have equal potential and, therefore,
compensation must be made equally.
B. realize that quotas can vary only by territory, but not by assigned tasks.
C. assign quotas only for dollar sales, but not for each selling function.
D. understand that the sales task in each territory varies across time periods.
Which of the following statements is true with regard to brand equity for organizational
A. Unlike consumer products, organizational products do not possess brand equity.
B. The success or failure of brand names for organizational products is local in nature
and does not affect its global reputation.
C. It is relatively easier to position new organizational products in a manner differing
from existing products.
D. Attempts to establish or change brand image must take into account distributor
channel members employed to distribute the product.
An advantage of conducting marketing research through personal interviews is that:
A. the transmission of biasing cues is altogether avoided.
B. the cost per contact is extremely low.
C. data collection time may be low.
D. a substantial number of ideas can be generated.
Which of the following scenarios shows a person purchasing convenience goods?
A. Joshua buys a loaf of bread while shopping for provisions in a grocery store.
B. After a lot of consideration, Jenna orders a solitaire ring from an exclusive jeweler.
C. Aliyah and her husband finally pick a car after examining many models.
D. Alice purchases four kilograms of white sand for her Zen garden.
The 2002 promotional campaign for a line of cruises by Celebration, a travel and
tourism company, emphasized the various activities, such as hang gliding,
mountaineering, hiking, and scuba diving that people taking any of the Celebration
cruises could participate in. The ads were trying to dispel the misconception that cruises
are boring and meant only for older and more conservative people. To which of the
following categories of consumers, according to the VALSâ„¢ framework, would
Celebration's advertisements appeal the most?
A. Survivors
B. Believers
C. Experiencers
D. Thinkers
The intensity of postdecision dissonance will be the greatest when:
A. the product is a specialty product with few alternative choices.
B. the product has low functional risk and low psychosocial risk.
C. the product is a convenience product with numerous mediocre alternatives.
D. the product has a number of available alternatives with many desired features.
As opposed to customers, clients:
A. are considered to be mere statistics.
B. are served by the first person available.
C. have no strong reason to feel loyalty to the service provider.
D. are served on an individual basis.
An automobile manufacturing firm consolidates all its suppliers to produce a new
automobile that is a minor variant from its older version in terms of design and
performance. The intention of the firm in doing so is to provide loyal customers
automobiles with similar performance but at a lower price. According to authors
Crawford and DiBenedetto, this new product falls into the category of _____.
A. cost reductions
B. price redemptions
C. repositionings
D. price exemptions
The _____ dimension of the VALSâ„¢ framework segments people based on the degree
to which they are innovative and have resources such as income, education,
intelligence, and energy.
A. horizontal
B. qualitative
C. vertical
D. quantitative
Bill works as a purchasing agent in a construction company. His assistant, Linda,
screens calls from potential vendors trying to sell their construction equipment to the
company. Her job involves allowing suitable vendors who meet the company's strict
product standards to contact Bill. Furthermore, she has to ensure that major purchasing
deals are kept confidential until contracts are signed. Which of the following best
describes Linda's role within the buying center?
A. Gatekeeper
B. Buyer
C. Decider
D. Initiator
Since it can cost five times as much to acquire a new customer than to service an
existing one, it is important for salespersons to:
A. exclusively focus on maximizing profits.
B. generate as many leads as possible through cold calling.
C. implement the endless chain approach.
D. build and maintain long-term relationships.
Which of the following is a sales forecasting approach that involves measuring the
interconnection between the dependent variables, sales, and one or more independent
variables that can explain increases or decreases in sales volume?
A. Jury of executive opinion method
B. Customer expectations method
C. Time-series analysis
D. Correlation analysis
Martha owns a chocolate factory where each chocolate treat is made by hand. Her
assistant, Daniel, feels that the rate of production can be dramatically increased if the
factory switched to an automated assembly line to manufacture the chocolates. When he
proposes this idea to Martha, she agrees and begins evaluating different vendors who
might provide the equipment to the factory. Which of the following roles did Daniel
perform in the purchasing process?
A. Decider
B. Initiator
C. Buyer
D. Gatekeeper
Fun Time Games Inc. develops and markets mobile entertainment software. The
company's application portfolio includes single and multiplayer games, ring tones, and
other entertainment content. Its most popular mobile game is the Lightz200. Recently, it
released a new, upgraded version compatible with all major mobile handsets called the
Lightz201 series. Which of the following product categories would best describe the
Lightz201 series?
A. New-to-the-world products
B. Additions to existing product lines
C. Product repositionings
D. Improvements and revisions of existing products

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