Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

CE 278 Quiz 3

October 29, 2015
Which of the following marketing research data collection methods allows respondents
to answer surveys at their convenience and facilitate the evaluation of visual stimuli?
A. Telephone surveys
B. Internet surveys
C. Face-to-face surveys
D. Mall intercepts
Joshua is an electrician who is known for solving complex electrical issues consistently
in households, automobiles, small commercial centers, and so on. He is punctual and
customers can always reach him anytime of the day. Based on these characteristics, we
can assume that Joshua's service quality is _____.
A. apathetic
B. tangible
C. reliable
D. palpable
An advertisement for a Fast Rationale Emergency Dialer states, "In a life-threatening
emergency, 73 percent of people misdial 911." In terms of Maslow's hierarchy, this
advertisement was designed to appeal to a consumer's _____.
A. social needs
B. esteem needs
C. safety needs
D. self-actualization needs
Qualitative research involves researchers:
A. observing how much time consumers spend browsing different sections of a store
and using their data to determine the market demand for products.
B. changing the price of a product to see its impact on the purchase of other similar
products and determining whether changes in price should be made.
C. taking traffic counts at various intersections to help determine the best locations for
retail stores and then deciding how many new retail stores to open.
D. interviewing a candidate about how a specific product has improved the quality of
his life and then deciding whether the product needs changes or not.
_____ constitute a group of organizational buyers who buy goods and services in order
to create other goods and services for sale.
A. Intermediaries
B. Producers
C. Government agencies
D. Other institutions
Offering a product at a discounted price for a limited period of time in an attempt to
induce customers to purchase the product is an example of _____.
A. advertising
B. sales promotion
C. personal selling
D. direct marketing
A new magazine, Valence, was introduced to the market as a raw and bold
"underground nightlife magazine." The magazine was not received well by the audience
and sales hit an all-time low. Since sales were low, the publisher of the magazine
relaunched it as a fashion and lifestyle magazine for 20-something males. In which of
the following new product categories would this product fall?
A. Cross-functional strategizing
B. Product modifications
C. Product improvements
D. Product repositionings
IGM Technologies sells a new calibrated filtering system used to virtually eliminate all
types of hazardous gas emissions in chemical plants. The filtering system involves
complex technology that customers may not understand easily. The company sends its
sales personnel for a two-day training course on the appropriate use and maintenance of
the filtering system so that they can educate prospective customers on its application.
Which of the following elements of the promotion mix would most likely be used to
sell this filtering system?
A. Advertising
B. Public relations
C. Mass marketing
D. Personal selling
Identify the form of publicity used for providing support for and associating an
organization's name with events, programs, or even people such as amateur athletes or
A. Sponsorship
B. Mentorship
C. Public service announcements
D. News conference
Southern Elegance, a catering company, is planning to advertise its services to
businesses in the area. It wants to use an advertising medium which is low in cost,
geographically flexible, widely used, and has audience selectivity. Which of the
following media is Southern Elegance most likely to use?
A. Direct mail
B. Outdoor
C. Television
D. Radio
In the context of government regulations, which of the following is the primary device
used to outlaw horizontal price fixing?
A. The Clayton Act
B. The Robinson-Patman Act
C. The Sherman Antitrust Act
D. The Taft-Hartley Act
Which of the following statements is true of government agencies as a group of
organizational buyers?
A. Governmental agencies operating at state and local levels are not authorized to make
any type of purchases except straight rebuys.
B. The federal government of the United States is considered to be the world's biggest
consumer as it spends vast amounts on machinery, equipment, facilities, supplies, and
C. Marketing to government agencies is relatively simple compared to the other types
of organizational buyers as purchasing policies and regulations are relaxed once a
supplier becomes familiar.
D. Governmental agencies typically do not go through all the four stages of the
organizational buying process.
Which of the following is a nonstore method of retailing?
A. Warehousing
B. Mass merchandising
C. Electronic exchanges
D. Category killers
Which of the following should be specified by the policy-making criteria on new
A. A maximum level of profits that can be expected
B. The exact market share of a new product
C. The exact level of expected profits
D. The availability and cost of capital to develop a new product
Among the various types of incentives, which of the following is most likely to result in
a reduction in customer turnover?
A. Profit sharing
B. Company-wide recognition
C. Stock options
D. Bonus
_____ occurs when a company produces the product outside the final destination and
ships it there for sale.
A. Licensing
B. Exporting
C. Importing
D. Franchising
Daffy Inc. is an international gaming corporation. Each of its overseas subsidiaries is
autonomous, and the manager in each unit is given the authority to make necessary
decisions and is held accountable for the results. From this information, we can
conclude that Daffy Inc. is a:
A. global corporation.
B. multidomestic corporation.
C. national corporation.
D. state-owned corporation.
Primary reference groups include:
A. college fraternity members.
B. members of one's professional association.
C. family and close friends.
D. public figures.
Which of the following conditions will render continual prospecting unnecessary?
A. The customer switches to other suppliers.
B. The customer moves out of the organization's market area.
C. The customer goes out of business because of bankruptcy.
D. The customer has a recurring need for the product.
Which of the following strategies refers to creating new products to replace existing
A. Market penetration
B. Product development
C. Market development
D. Product repositioning