Book Title
A Preface to Marketing Management 14th Edition

CE 206 Quiz 3

October 29, 2015
An organizational purchase that involves extensive research, large investments, and
happens occasionally is typically a _____.
A. modified rebuy
B. new task purchase
C. just-in-time purchase
D. straight rebuy
The CEO of Jaquar Consultancy Corp. informs Amy's supervisor that she has
performed extremely well in her last project. Amy's supervisor sends an e-mail to the
entire team about the good review received from the CEO. Jaquar is known for its
regular performance driven incentives that it awards to exceptionally performing
employees. This implies that Jaquar Consultancy Corp. operates by implementing:
A. internal marketing.
B. empathy marketing.
C. customer profiling.
D. benchmarking.
A bakery has to set the price of its sourdough bread. Which of the following is a
psychological factor relevant to the pricing decision of the baker?
A. How many loaves of bread will a potential buyer consume every month?
B. Are the orders coming from households or sandwich shops?
C. Will a low price indicate inferior quality to a potential buyer?
D. How many potential buyers for sourdough bread are out there?
Which of the following is a benefit of wholesalers for end users?
A. They reduce retail prices by the efficiency and effectiveness contributed to the
B. They reduce potential losses by assuming risks and offering expertise.
C. They provide the ability to reach diverse geographic markets cost effectively.
D. They provide potentially profitable products otherwise unavailable for resale in retail
The occurrence of postdecision anxiety is related to the concept of _____.
A. marketing myopia
B. cognitive dissonance
C. sole sourcing
D. need recognition
Which of the following is a valuable suggestion for service marketers?
A. They should ignore the aspect of making services widely available since it stifles
B. They should utilize all components of the marketing mix.
C. They should ensure that services are not treated as tangible products in terms of their
D. They should form an extended supply chain.
The Helen Mortimer Foundation is a non-profit organization that develops marketing
strategies to encourage people to stop smoking in an effort to reduce the incidence of
lung cancer. This best exemplifies marketing for a(n) _____.
A. organization
B. person
C. cause
D. service
Marking merchandise with an exceptionally high price and then claiming that the lower
selling price actually used represents a legitimate price reduction, is an example of
A. deceptive pricing
B. price fixing
C. predatory pricing
D. price discrimination
Which of the following statements is true of secondary data?
A. They are more expensive to gather than primary data.
B. They are data that have previously been collected for other purposes.
C. They are always available for strategy-specific research questions.
D. They are gathered from a limited number of sources.
Traditional service marketing differs from relationship service marketing in the sense
A. it approaches need satisfaction from the standpoint of the "part" rather than the
B. it assesses profitability based on the total relationship rather than on individual
C. its marketing activities focus on clients rather than merely attracting new customers.
D. its primary sales contact is through trained marketing professionals rather than
process driven providers.
Which of the following is true of pricing objectives?
A. Pricing objectives should not be derived from overall marketing objectives.
B. Pricing to achieve a target return on investment is a common pricing objective.
C. Pricing objectives are not devised to meet or prevent competition.
D. The basic pricing objective is solely concerned with short-run profits.
Which of the following structures for organizing the sales force can result in a
duplication of sales efforts because more than one salesperson can call on the same
A. Product structure
B. Geographical structure
C. Customer structure
D. Major account structure
Which of the following is true about cross-functional sales teams?
A. They are used in certain industries to focus solely on promotion of existing products
and introduction of new products.
B. They are used when a product is very expensive and is being sold to the whole
C. They provide training to the front-line staff of the buying organization.
D. They are especially useful when a product is to be used to solve certain technical
problems of the buyer.
Which of the following is a secondary data source for sales lead generation?
A. Seminars
B. Catalogs
C. Directories
D. Spotters
Which of the following is typically aimed at distributors and retailers of products who
make up the distribution channel?
A. Trade promotions
B. Rebates and refunds
C. Consumer promotions
D. Premiums