Book Title
Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

CE 14843

July 18, 2017
Which of the following deals with the role of MIS?
A) determine decision makers' information needs
B) acquire the needed information
C) distribute information to the decision makers in a form in which they can use it for
decision making
D) distribute information to the decision makers at a time when they can use it for
decision making
E) all of the above
Which of the following is a good description of causality?
A) understanding a phenomenon in terms of conditional statements of the form "If x,
then y."
B) a very casual understanding of a topic
C) understanding a phenomenon in terms of two phenomena occurring at the same time
D) understanding of two phenomena that never occur at the same time
E) none of the above
Which of the following survey modes is different from other survey methods in that
there is no agenthuman or computeradministering the interview?
A) person-administered survey
B) computer-administered survey
C) self-administered surveys
D) hybrid survey
E) mixed-media survey
In the sample size formula for a mean, the s stands for:
A) sample size
B) standard error
C) sample estimate
D) precision
E) variability
If the problem were defined as determining the level of customer satisfaction, a
________ could be to survey 400 users of product X and measure their level of
satisfaction on six different attributes as well as measuring their likelihood of
purchasing the product again.
A) research problem
B) counterbalancing problem
C) research description
D) research objective
E) starting point
________ are the results of marketing actions.
A) Assumptions
B) Consequences
C) Hypotheses
D) Assertions
E) Objectives
Which of the following is NOT one of the problems associated with traditional
telephone interviews?
A) mistakes in administering the questions
B) insufficient call back for not-at-homes
C) dishonest interviewers
D) quality control being limited
E) the expense of telephone interviewing
Which of the following is a disadvantage of person-administered surveys?
A) They are slower than other methods.
B) They are more expensive.
C) They are prone to errors.
D) High cost.
E) all of the above
Prior to analysis, the data from a survey is arranged into a(n) ________.
A) information graph
B) data graph
C) information matrix
D) data matrix
E) data table
The last step in the marketing research process is to:
A) prepare and present the final research report
B) be sure you have an adequate sample size
C) get approval to fund the research
D) define the problem
E) seek approval from the CIO
Which of the following marketing information subsystems gathers information about
events and happenings "outside" the firm?
A) marketing research
B) marketing intelligence
C) internal reports system
D) consumer information support system
E) external environment reporting system
When defining the problem the manager and the researcher make assertions that certain
conditions exist or that certain reactions will take place if the considered solutions are
implemented. These assertions are known as:
A) problem definition assertions
B) possible cause assertions
C) reasonable doubts/reasonable assurances
D) assumptions
E) researcher assumptions
Which of the following was NOT listed in the Guidelines for Categorical Data Tables?
A) Highlight the modal percent with bold and/or enlarged font to aid the reader.
B) Absolutely include the average(s).
C) Typically include the standard deviation.
D) Report the minimum and maximum unless the data are anchored by a scale such as a
5-point scale of agreement.
E) When reporting the average(s) of a scale, include a table footnote to describe the
scale (e.g., based on a scale where 1 = "poor" and 5 = "excellent").
Market research refers to________.
A) applying marketing research to a specific geographical marketing area
B) a process used by businesses to collect information used to make sound business
decisions and successfully manage the business
C) a process used by businesses to analyze and interpret information used to make
sound business decisions and successfully manage the business
D) the function that links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through
E) information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems
Over the years, the Top 50 firms have powered their growth largely by:
A) good contracts
B) commodities sharing
C) merger and acquisition
D) alliance sharing
E) excellent customer service
Which of the following is/are necessary for systematic sampling?
A) random-starting point and skip interval
B) random-digit dialing and skip interval
C) random-plus dialing, random selection and skip interval
D) just a skip interval
E) systematically partitioning data from the sample