Book Title
Basic Marketing Research: Using Microsoft Excel Data Analysis 3rd Edition

CE 12766

July 18, 2017
A variable description is a phrase or sentence that identifies the variable in more detail
and refers to the question on the questionnaire.
Syndicated sources of secondary data cover a variety of general topics of interest to the
public and are widely available in libraries.
The Marketing Research Association started a Certification program for marketing
researchers in 1960.
Interview evaluation is when the presence of another person creates apprehension
among respondents.
Multiple regression is used only for purposes of prediction.
In regression the statistical significance for the intercept and the slope are tested using
an F test.
One major disadvantage of focus groups is that they may not be directed at
understanding a wide variety of issues such as reactions to a new food product, brand
logo, or television ad.
In multiple regression, interpreting the regression results is complicated because the
different independent variables are scaled differently. The answer is to standardize the
beta coefficients.
The research report is very important, because it is often the client's only record of the
research project.
The proper command sequence to run ANOVA using your XL Data Analyst software is:
A consumer likes the restaurant "Red Lobster" and so answers "Very Satisfied" to a
survey about many dimensions of the restaurant without really paying attention to each
specific dimension such as price, product quality, atmosphere, and so on. This is an
example of what is known as the "halo effect."
Laddering is a technique used in in-depth interviews in an attempt to discover how
product attributes are associated with desired consumer values.
One method of conducting exploratory research is through secondary data analysis.
Questionnaires serve as enduring records of the research.
Research objectives are totally dependent on the problem.
A completed questionnaire is not left up to the judgment of the researcher; completed
means that all questions have been completed.
In the unaided open-ended format, there is a response probe in the form of a follow-up
question, instructing the interviewer to ask for additional information.
If you find the range to be very wide, it signals that the average may not be typical of
most respondents.
If our research objective is to summarize the data in the sample, we should use
percentages if the variable has a categorical scale.
A marketing researcher is always hoping for the null hypothesis to not be supported.
When a researcher specifies the procedure to measure a property of an object, the
procedure is referred to as a measurement level.
Managers have a "large sample size" bias that ethical marketing researchers do not use
for selfish advantage.
Standardized service firms provide unique data to clients through a standardized service
A DSS is defined as a set of procedures and sources used by managers to obtain
everyday information about pertinent developments in the environment.
A disadvantage of in-office interviews is that interviewers must be at a certain place at
an exact time.
The hypothesis is true (supported) if the sample result falls between + or " 1.96
standardized errors.
The warm-up questions immediately follow screening questions.
The one-group, before-after design is a quasi-experimental design.
The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of the growth of marketing research.
A pre-designed questionnaire is not necessary for a survey.
The marketing research report is a factual message that transmits research results, vital
recommendations, conclusions, and other important information to the client, who in
turn bases his or her decision making on the contents of the report.
The primary advantage is that the ACS will provide data every two years instead of
once every ten years.
Mail surveys suffer from low response rates.
Because it establishes the contractual relationship between the user and supplier firm,
the letter of authorization should always be included in the report, immediately
following the table of contents. It is NOT optional.
The four nonprobability sampling methods are simple random sampling, systematic
sampling, cluster sampling, and stratified sampling.
You should choose the kind of heading that fits your purposesingle word, phrase,
sentence, questionand consistently use that form throughout the report.
A scale's level of measurement may be:
A) open-ended, categorical, qualitative
B) whimsical, classical, scientific
C) open-ended, categorical, metric
D) metric, open-ended, scientific
E) element measurement
Which of the following is true about hypothesis testing?
A) The sample is the only source of current information about the population.
B) Sample results determine whether or not the hypothesis about the population
parameter has been accepted.
C) Hypothesis testing is a form of generalization.
D) Hypothesis testing is a statistical procedure.
E) all of the above are true
How can it be determined if an experiment is valid?
A) The observed change in the dependent variable is in fact due to the independent
B) The results of the experiment apply to the real world outside the experimental
C) The results do not account for the effects of extraneous variables.
D) Both A and B are correct.
E) A, B, and C are correct.
The first continuous and organized research is believed to have been conducted in 1911
for ________ to be used ________.
A) MRA; to sell its publications
B) MRA; to locate outdoor billboards in the best locations
C) Curtis Publishing Company; to better sell advertising space
D) Curtis Publishing Company; to determine the optimal mix of cable TV channels on
which to advertise
E) Charles Coolidge Parlin; to determine pay scales for employees
Differences between the current information state and the desired information state are
known as:
A) irreconcilable
B) conflicting
C) information gaps
D) hypothetical differences
E) stretches in assertions
A survey conducted at a busy pedestrian intersection is an example of:
A) convenience sampling
B) judgment sampling
C) referral sampling
D) quota sampling
E) hallway sampling
One disadvantage of mall-intercept interviewing is:
A) mall-intercepts, because they require the cooperation of all stores in a mall, are
difficult to implement
B) have high turnover rates
C) mall shoppers may not be representative of the target market population
D) interviewers in mall-intercept studies are often distracted by mall activities
E) shoppers may not be shown pictures or graphs
What is a technique that is NOT a variation of person-administered survey?
A) in-home interview
B) mall intercept interview
C) drop-off survey
D) telephone interview
E) in-office interview
When you want to measure frequency of use, which of the following scales is
A) One-way labeled
B) Semantic differential
C) Stapel
D) Symmetric labeled
E) Likert
If you wished to perform correlation analysis using your XL Data Analyst, which
command sequence would you use?
A) RelateCorrelate
B) CorrelateSummarize
C) CoefficientRelate
D) CorrelatePearsonBeta
E) none of the above; XL Data Analyst will not run correlation analysis
An annual publication that lists the top 25 marketing research firms in the WORLD is
known as:
A) World's Top 25
B) The Honomichl Global Top 25
C) Research World's 25
D) The J.C. Snead Top 25
E) none; there is no such report available
For managers to recognize an opportunity they must have a system for monitoring
opportunities sometimes referred to as:
A) monitoring access systems
B) opportunity identification
C) internal reporting analysis systems
D) environmental opportunity analysis
E) diagnosing opportunities
One of the advantages of using secondary data is that it may enhance primary data.
Unwanted email is:
A) called UWM and was used by some online survey research companies a few years
B) called SPAM and was never used by online survey research companies because it is
C) called SPAM and was used by some online survey research companies a few years
D) called UWM and was never used by online survey research companies because it is
E) may now be avoided by the "Do Not Call" legislation
The proper command sequence using your XL Data Analyst to generate a confidence
interval for an average is:
According to your text, in question development, questions should be:
A) understandable, unambiguous, and unbiased
B) easy, understandable, long, and appropriate
C) appropriate, unbiased, and short
D) understandable, attitudinal, loaded and unbiased
E) leading but leading not only to desired answers
Which of the following best represents the disadvantages of conducting test markets as
discussed by your authors?
A) cost, competitor intervention, and government regulations of test markets
B) fallibility of results, cost, exposure of product/service to competition and ethical
C) cost, delay in getting to the market first, competitive awareness of the
D) inability to test marketing mix variables
E) disadvantages were not discussed in your book
The primary disadvantage(s) of computer-administered surveys is/are:
A) real-time data capture provides error-prone data
B) since the data is entered directly into the computer, interview evaluation time is
C) they require technical skills and there are high set-up costs
D) they are slow
E) you may not use pictures, videos or graphics
Establishing the need for marketing research:
A) arises when managers must make decisions and they have inadequate information
B) is determined by a quantitative analysis of the appropriateness of marketing research
should be undertaken for every decision made in the firm
C) stems from the need to establish a monitoring system that alerts mid management to
either opportunities in the marketplace or problems
D) should not come from a monitoring system but rather from management intuition
E) should be determined only after the problem is clearly defined
The Marketing Research Association is an organization that ________.
A) supports the interests and development of customers needing research
B) oversees the Professional Researcher Certification
C) monitors the Internet for organizations that spam
D) audits research firms for the purpose of improving data collection procedures
E) is a lobbying organization representing multinational firms
Which of the following best illustrates one of the uses of marketing research,
monitoring marketing performance?
A) marketing research managers closely overseeing the work of subordinates in the
marketing research industry
B) tracking research that monitors how well products are performing in the marketplace
C) describing the return on investment of firms using/not using marketing research
D) providing closed circuit TV to monitor the actions of marketing researchers
practicing in the field
E) identifying opportunities and problems in the marketplace
When using XL Data Analyst to compare two groups averages, the sequence of
commands is:
What would a strategy "that allows a firm to truly meet the wants and needs of the
consumers within the market segment that is chosen" be called?
A) the "niche" strategy
B) the "incentivized" strategy
C) the information strategy
D) the "right" strategy
E) the recommended strategy
Which of the following refers to a set of procedures in which the sample size and
sample statistics are used to make estimates of population values or facts?
A) sample logic
B) deductive statistics
C) statistical deduction
D) generalization
E) deductive logic
When everyone saw the music industry facing a terrible decline due to pirating of songs
on the Internet, Apple saw an opportunity for iTunes. This example illustrates which use
of marketing research?
A) identify market opportunities and problems
B) generate, refine, and evaluate potential marketing actions
C) monitor marketing performance
D) improve marketing as a process
E) improve marketing research as a process
Who is the "Father of Marketing Research"?
A) Charles Coolidge Parlin
B) Robert Bartels
C) A.C. Nielsen
D) Alfred Politz
E) J.C. Snead
Wording a question so that it is either categorical or metric is important because:
A) it affects what analyses may be conducted on the question
B) it affects what may be said and not said about the property being measured
C) it affects how long it takes the respondent to answer the question
D) both a and b
E) none of the above; this is not an important issue when wording a question
External supplier firms are classified as either:
A) vertically or horizontally integrated firms
B) syndicated or internal supplier firms
C) PRC's or non-certified firms
D) full-service or limited-service firms
E) limited-service or limitless-service firms
The procedure of specifying the procedure to measure a property of an object is referred
to as:
A) procedural measurement
B) operational definition
C) measurement procedure
D) property measurement
E) attribute measurement
Which of the following was listed as an effective table guideline?
A) Use no or only one decimal place (12% or 12.2%) unless more are called for by
convention ($12.23).
B) Place items you want the reader to compare in the same column, not the same row.
C) If you have many rows, darken alternate entries or double-space after every five
entries to assist the reader to accurately line up items.
D) Total columns and rows when appropriate (100%).
E) Avoid totaling columns as this extra information can be confusing.
Which of the following describes a standard test market?
A) It is one in which the firm tests the product or marketing-mix variables through the
company's normal distribution channels.
B) It is conducted by outside research firms that guarantee distribution of the product
through prespecified types and numbers of distributors.
C) It includes a panel of consumers that has agreed to carry identification cards that
each consumer presents when buying goods and services.
D) A limited amount of data on consumer response to a new product is fed into a model
containing certain assumptions regarding planned marketing programs, which generates
likely product sales volume.
E) none of the above