Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CDA 96450

August 6, 2017
Waveform audio files are more compact than MIDI files.
A document that combines the problem statement and algorithm is called a program
Using technology to work from home or off-site is called ____________________.
An example of the Extended ASCII code is shown in the above figure.
A full backup makes copies of every file on your computer.
A(n) ____________________ error can be caused because of a missing word.
Compare and give examples of the three types of storage technologies: magnetic,
optical, and solid state.
Unusual network traffic might mean that the security of an IS has been breached.
High-level languages resemble human languages.
A(n) ____________________ is software that allows you to view Web pages.
A fixed-length field automatically adds blank spaces if the data you enter is shorter than
the allocated length.
A procedural programming language can autonomously run through every possible
instantiation, backtracking if necessary to deal with multiple variables.
A collision occurs when two signals travel over the network at the same time.
In a problem statement, a(n) ____________________ is something you accept as true
in order to proceed with the program design.
An HTML ____________________ scrolls independently of other parts of a Web page.
A star topology connects each network device to many other network devices.
An instruction set is the list of instructions a processor can perform.

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