Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CDA 78380

July 31, 2017
Desk-checking is also called pencil-tracing, because the programmer uses a pencil and
paper to follow each of the algorithm's instructions.
Users can edit the contents of a label control while the application is running.
You declare a class-level memory location using the Dim keyword.
The Windows standard is to use book title capitalization for the prompt, but sentence
capitalization for the title.
Like counter variables, accumulator variables are updated outside the loop.
If the audio file is not in the project's bin\Debug folder, you will need to include the
path to the file in the fileName argument.
A class itself is not an object; only an instance of a class is an object.
When an array is sorted in descending order, the first element in the array contains the
largest value and the last element contains the smallest value.
The elements in a numeric array are initialized to the number 1.
If you are having trouble analyzing a problem, try reading the problem specification
several times, as it is easy to miss information during the first reading.
You can determine the number of elements in a two-dimensional array by multiplying
the number of its rows by the number of its columns.
Each argument represents an item of information that is passed to the procedure when
the procedure is invoked.
With sentence capitalization, you capitalize the first letter in each word, except for
articles, conjunctions, and prepositions that do not occur at either the beginning or the
end of the caption.
Elements in the second row of a two-dimensional array are assigned a row subscript of
In Windows applications, check boxes provide one or more independent and
nonexclusive items from which the user can choose.
You can use the RemoveIt method to remove the dashes from a Social Security number,
the leading zeroes from a policy number, or the middle initial from a name.
In the clock application, the entire nested loop must be contained within the outer loop
in order to work properly.
You can only use the GetUpperBound method with two-dimensional arrays.
A procedure-level memory location has class scope, which means it can be used only
within the procedure in which it is declared.

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