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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CDA 64169

July 31, 2017
The TryParse method parses the text, which means it looks at each character in the text,
to determine whether the text can be converted to a number of the specified data type.
Program bugs typically are caused by either syntax errors or logic errors.
In most cases, you assign the string returned by the ReadLine method to a String
Button names begin with btn.
A text box can only display a limited amount of information.
At times, you may need to create a selection structure that can choose from several
Pretest loops should be used only when their instructions must be processed at least
For a text box to include scroll bars, its ScrollBars and Multiline properties must be set
When you are writing data to a file, in most cases you will use the Write method.
For applications created for the Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista
environment, Microsoft recommends that you use the Segoe UI font, because it offers
improved readability.
Between the Structure and End Structure clauses, you define the members included in
the structure.
An item of datasuch as the string "Taylor"is viewed similarly by a human being and a
Independent Sub procedures are not used extensively in large and complex programs,
which typically are written by a team of programmers.
Only one path in a selection structure can include other selection structures.
You use the selection structure to make a decision and then select the appropriate
patheither the true path or the false pathbased on the result.
A label control's Location property controls the location of the upper-right corner of the
control on the form.
The desk-check table for a program will contain two columns for each variable.
You can only use variable memory locations to control the data type of numbers used in

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