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Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CDA 59235

July 31, 2017
The pseudocode "if the hours worked are greater than or equal to 0 but less than or
equal to 40" is coded as ____ in Visual Basic.
a. If decHours > 0 AndAlso decHours < 40
b. If decHours => 0 AndAlso decHours =< 40
c. If decHours >= 0 AndAlso decHours <= 40
d. If decHours >= 40 AndAlso decHours <= 0
It is customary to enter identifying labels using ____, which means capitalizing only the
first letter in the first word and in any words that are customarily capitalized.
Most syntax errors are a result of ____ errors that occur when entering instructions.
A(n) ____ is a class method, a Sub procedure named New, that contains the instructions
for initializing the class's Private variables.
If a problem specification indicates that the program's user wants to see the amount of
her annual commission displayed on the screen, the ____ is the annual commission.
When GetUpperBound is used with a one-dimensional array, the dimension argument
will always be ____.
Files to which data is written are called ____ files.
When you group together related variables, the group is referred to as a(n) ____ of
The counter variable must be a(n) ____ variable.
You can prevent the user from editing the contents of a text box by setting the text box's
____ property to True.
When a multiple-alternative selection structure has many paths from which to choose, it
is often
simpler and clearer to code the selection structure using the ____ statement rather than
the If"Then"Else statement.
a. If
b. Select Case
c. If/ElseIf/Else
d. Select Option
The syntax to close a sequential access file associated with a StreamWriter object is
a. streamWriterVariableName.Close()
b. streamWriterVariableName.FileClose()
c. streamWriterVariableName.CloseFile()
d. Close.streamWriterVariableName(data)
To assign an access key to a text box control, you include the ____ in the Text property
of the control's identifying label.
When GetUpperBound is used with a two-dimensional array, the ____ in the dimension
argument represents the row dimension.
You can create a query in Visual Basic 2012 using a language feature called ____.
a. Integrated Language Query
b. Language Query
c. Structured Language
d. Language Integrated Query
The ____ structure makes a decision and then takes an appropriate action based on that
The ____ tool verifies that an entry passes the specified validation logic.
The oval symbol in a flowchart is called the ____ symbol.
When you start an application, the computer sends the focus to the control whose ____.
A ____ is an electronic file that contains an organized collection of related information.
A ____'s header includes the As dataType section.
After dividing the numbers, the ____ operator returns the remainder of the division.
In a(n) ____ loop, the evaluation occurs after the instructions within the loop are
You add the controls to the form using the tools contained in the ____ window.
A(n) ____ procedure returns a value after performing its assigned task.
a. Return
b. Sub
c. Function
d. Assignment
The three-character ID used when naming String variables (and String named
constants) is ____.
Most input and output files are referred to as ____ files.
Assigning initial values to an array is often referred to as ____ the array.
A ____ stores information in tables composed of columns and rows, similar to the
format used in a spreadsheet.
In the ____ loop, the condition appears in the last line.
With the negation operator, a positive number preceded by the negation operator
remains a positive number.
The BindingSource object provides the connection between the DataSet and the bound
controls on a form.
An identifying label should be from one to three words only, with the entire label
appearing on one line.
Each variable in an array has the same name and data type.
The Trim method removes characters from the original string.
Logical operators are always evaluated before any comparison operators in an
Like counter variables, accumulator variables are initialized inside the loop.
When analyzing a problem, you always search first for the input, and then for the
The startIndex argument is not optional in the IndexOf method's syntax.
You can use an independent Sub procedure to avoid duplicating code when different
sections of a program need to perform the same task.
A programmer determines whether a problem's solution requires a selection structure by
studying the problem specification.
Fewer unintentional errors occur in applications when memory locations have the
maximum scope needed.
The variables defined in a structure are referred to as member variables.
The variables (elements) in a two-dimensional array can be used just like any other
A clock uses nested repetition structures to keep track of the time.
Only selected ASP pages contain Flash tags that tell the client's browser how to render
the page on the computer screen.
Unlike variables declared at the beginning of a procedure, variables declared within a
statement block have block scope rather than procedure scope.
Most algorithms begin with an instruction that enters the input items into the computer.
The text boxes, labels, and buttons included in most Windows applications are objects.
A possible use for the Index method includes determining whether the area code
"(312)" appears in a phone number.

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