Book Title
Business Data Networks and Security 10th Edition

CDA 48374

July 19, 2017
To connect to an access point, you must know its ________.
B) EUI-48 address
C) IP address
D) Wi-Fi ID
A password-cracking attack that tries all combinations of keyboard characters is called
a ________.
A) dictionary attack
B) hybrid mode dictionary attack
C) brute-force attack
D) comprehensive keyboard attack
To deliver an arriving packet to a destination host on a subnet connected to a router, the
router needs to know the destination host's ________ before the router can send the
packet on to the destination host.
A) IP address
B) data link layer address
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
In SQL injection attacks, the attacker sends ________.
A) a legitimate SQL query
B) a malformed SQL query
C) user input that is used in an SQL query
D) an SQL query in malware that is delivered to the target computer
The IEEE calls 64-bit interface addresses ________.
A) Extended Unique Identifiers
B) Interface IDs
C) MAC addresses
D) half-IP
Control functions are located in routers in ________.
A) traditional routing
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
The UDP ________.
A) is unreliable
B) has a checksum field
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
Phase modulation uses two ________ levels.
A) loudness
B) frequency
C) wave
D) none of the above
The main limit of IPsec tunnel mode protection compared to transport mode protection
in IPsec is ________.
A) protection over only part of the route
B) higher cost
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
Which header comes SECOND in a VoIP transport packet?
D) Application
The PSDN technology that is growing rapidly today is ________.
A) Frame Relay
B) Carrier Ethernet
C) the Internet
D) No PSDN technology is growing rapidly today.
At what layer would you find EUI-48 addresses?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
An unauthorized internal access point is a(n) ________ access point.
A) evil twin
B) rogue
C) shadow
D) counterfeit
Within a LATA, ILECs and CLECs interconnect at ________.
A) access points
A customer's leased line to its ISP connects to the ISP's ________.
D) interface
Today, Wi-Fi sales are dominated by ________.
A) 802.11a
B) 802.11g
C) 802.11n
D) 802.11ac
Single network addresses in different single networks are ________.
A) unique
B) unique if the two single networks use the same technology standard
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
At what layer would you find packets?
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4
Many "T1" lines that carriers provide today use ________ in the local loop.
A) 1-pair voice-grade UTP
B) 2-pair voice-grade UTP
C) 1-pair data-grade UTP
D) 2-pair data-grade UTP
The path that a packet takes across an internet is a ________.
A) physical link
B) data link
C) route
D) all of the above
A company has more control over its ________ technology.
Policies are separated by implementation to take advantage of ________.
A) implementer knowledge
B) the delegation of work principle
C) minimum permissions
Using encryption, you make it impossible for attackers to read your messages even if
they intercept them. This is ________.
A) authentication
B) confidentiality
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
If the destination host receives a segment that has an error, it will ________.
A) transmit an ACK segment
B) transmit a NAC segment
C) transmit an RSND segment
D) none of the above
A radio that has a power of 8 mW represents a ratio of about ________ dBm.
A) 2
B) 8
C) 9
D) 10
Which form of Bluetooth has a typical transmission speed of about 24 Mbps?
A) classic Bluetooth
B) high-speed Bluetooth
C) enterprise Bluetooth
D) none of the above
How many HTTP request-response cycles are needed to transfer a webpage containing
88 lines of text and three different images?
A) 3
B) 4
C) 88
D) 91
When the source host transmits a frame, the frame is addressed to the ________.
A) destination host
B) first switch
C) first router
D) destination application
Which of the following is good for mobile stations?
C) both A and B
D) neither A nor B
A 7-bit field can represent ________ alternatives or different combinations.
A) 14
B) 49
C) 128
D) 256
Overprovisioning means ________.
A) assigning high priority to latency-intolerant applications while giving low priority to
latency-tolerant applications
B) adding much more switching and transmission line capacity than will be needed
most of the time
________ is the general name for proofs of identity in authentication.
A) Credentials
B) Authorizations
C) Certificates
D) Signatures
When a router forwards incoming packets closer to their destination hosts, this is
A) routing
B) switching
C) bridging
D) relaying
EUI-48 addresses are ________.
A) 32 bits long
B) 48 bits long
C) 128 bits long
D) Address length varies.