Book Title
Computer Concepts-Illustrated Complete 6th Edition

CDA 11202

August 6, 2017
A surge strip offers an uninterruptible power supply.
Deciding how much inventory to stock during the holidays is an example of a
structured problem.
A(n) ____________________ GIF is also called a Web bug.
[Ctrl] is an example of a function key.
A computer ____________________ is a set of instructions that tell a computer how to
carry out a task.
Hand-geometry scanners and voice recognition are examples of
____________________ devices.
On a Web page, if the pointer changes shape when placed over an object or text, it
indicates that the object is a link.
Devices that process data are called ____________________.
Traceroute is a software utility that records the path of a packet as it travels from your
computer to its destination.
AutoCad is an example of 3-D animation software.
A ____________________ can be built into a PC and is used to establish an Internet
In the above figure, the item numbered 2 indicates the Web server name.
Biz, com, edu, and gov are all examples of top-level ____________________.
When you delete a file from the directory, it is removed from the clusters on the disk.
Computer databases typically display records as rows in a table or as a form.

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