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Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology 12th Edition
Dennis G. Tasa, Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens
Peridotite is the main constituent of which part of the Earth?
A) Crust
B) Magma chambers
C) Rift zones
D) Upper mantle
Which of the following is not an example of a continental rift?
A) East Africa
B) Rhine Valley, Europe
C) Lake Baikal, Siberia
D) Appalachia, United States
________ is the scientific study of fossils.
A) Quaternary geology
B) Volcanology
C) Geomorphology
D) Paleontology
What kind of unconformity is visible in this figure? The unconformity in question is
indicated by the Arrow A.
A) Disconformity
B) Nonconformity
C) Angular unconformity
Which of the following eruptive materials can be associated with cinder cone
A) Ash
B) Lava flows
C) Scoria fragments
D) Lava flows and scoria fragments
E) Ash, lava flows, and scoria fragments
What system of measurement is used to categorize the strength of a hurricane?
A) Richter Scale
B) Mercalli Scale
C) Fujita Scale
D) Saffir-Simpson Scale
The first country to generate electricity geothermally was ________ in 1904.
A) Japan
B) New Zealand
C) Italy
D) Mexico City
In order for an aquifer to be useful for reliable water extraction, what kind of porosity
and permeability should it have?
A) Low porosity, low permeability
B) High porosity, high permeability
C) Low porosity, high permeability
D) High porosity, low permeability
A(n) ________ is a sharp mountain peak created by erosion from several cirque
A) arte
B) cirque
C) glacial trough
D) horn
A ________ forms when a rising mantle plume causes the overlying crust to dome and
separate into three rifts.
A) triple junction
B) complex rift
C) submarine canyon system
D) divergent boundary
Glaciers form because of the accumulation of large amounts of ice and snow. Which of
the following provides the most water needed to create glaciers?
A) Groundwater
B) Geysers
C) Oceans
D) Streams
________ is a high-pressure ultramafic rock, often containing diamonds, which is
carried to the surface in tapered volcanic pipes.
A) Pegmatite
B) Migmatite
C) Kimberlite
D) Platinum
Which of the following areas is known for its rainshadow deserts?
A) The Sahara in Africa
B) South America east of the Andes
C) Central Iran
D) Great Valley of Central California
Which physical property is responsible for determining how Earth materials separate
into interior layers?
A) Density
B) Color
C) Molecular charge
D) Tensile strength
Which of the following trace gases does not contribute to climate change?
B) Nitrous oxide
C) Krypton
D) Methane
Match the geologic location with the type of mountain building. Please note that your
choices may be used more than once.
A) Fault-block mountain building
B) Andean-type mountain building
C) Alpine-type mountain building
D) Cordilleran-type mountain building
E) Island arc-type mountain building
1. Sierra Nevada Mountains
2. Himalayan Mountains
3. North American Cordillera
4. Basin and Range Province
5. The Alps
6. Teton Range
7. Japanese Archipelago
What is the parent rock of the metamorphic sample displayed?
A) Limestone
B) Quartz sandstone
C) Shale
D) Granite
Define magma.
A) Dissolved gases in molten rock
B) A material's resistance to flowing
C) Molten rock that has been erupted
D) Molten rock found at depth that contains dissolved gases and some crystals
Which of the following will mark the furthest extent of a continent?
A) The shoreline
B) Tidal flats exposed during low tide
C) The crest of the continental slope
D) The lowest part of the continental slope
One main cause of creep is
A) melting of ice during a volcanic eruption.
B) oversteepening of a slope due to construction.
C) expansion and contraction of soils during freezing and thawing.
D) collapse due to weight of intense rains saturating the sediment.
Which of the following trace materials produces bright-red colors in some cherts?
A) Manganese
B) Clay particles
C) Iron oxide
D) Calcite
Using this image, indicate which is the hanging wall and which is the footwall by
matching the correct term to the correct block.
A) Hanging wall
B) Footwall
1. Left
2. Right
Which of the following best explains the global distribution of plant species, such as the
Glossopteris, during the Mesozoic?
A) Seeds were small, so they could be carried by the wind.
B) Seeds were ingested by animals and later deposited in scat.
C) The landmasses were joined and the plant had a large geographic extent.
D) Oceans that transgressed on the continents carried the seeds to different locations.
Where is the highest rate of heat flow escaping the Earth's interior?
A) At mid-ocean ridges
B) At subduction zones
C) At volcanoes
D) At mountain ranges

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