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Earth: An Introduction to Physical Geology 12th Edition
Dennis G. Tasa, Edward J. Tarbuck, Frederick K. Lutgens
Match the mass wasting process with the correct definition.
A) Gradual movement of sediment due to repeated freezing and thawing
B) Soil saturated with water flows downslope in permafrost areas
C) Material moves as an intact mass along a curved slip plane
D) Mixture of soil, regolith, and large quantities of water
E) Flow of water and volcanic materials downslope
F) Material moving as an intact mass along a flat slip plane
1. Lahar
2. Creep
3. Solifluction
4. Rockslide
5. Slump
6. Debris Flow
Which of the following is a positive gravity anomaly on this map?
A) Location A
B) Location B
C) Location C
D) Location D
Which of the following is not a factor that will influence infiltration of groundwater?
A) Acidity of precipitation
B) Steepness of the slope
C) Nature of surface material
D) Intensity of rainfall
Why is there virtually no hydrogen and helium present in the atmosphere today?
A) These gases were burned off by solar radiation.
B) The gravitational force of Earth was not strong enough to hold them.
C) These gases were consumed by rock-forming processes.
D) Acid rain removed these gases from the atmosphere.
Which volcanoes have flanks with the steepest angle of repose (between 30 and 40)?
A) Shield volcanoes
B) Cinder cones
C) Composite cones
D) Lava domes
If an igneous rock is heated, which mineral will be the very last mineral left to melt
according to the Bowen's reaction series?
A) Quartz
B) Pyroxene
C) Potassium feldspar
D) Olivine
Assume that this foliated rock is oriented so that north is at the top of the image. From
which compass directions is the greatest differential stress coming?
A) North and south
B) North and east
C) South and west
D) West and east
What geologic body is marked in this image by the circle?
A) Batholith
B) Accreted terrane
C) Oceanic lithosphere
D) Flood basalts
What kind of fault is present in this image? What kind of stress generated it?
A) Normal fault; tensional stress
B) Reverse fault; compressional stress
C) Strike-slip fault; shear stress
D) Thrust fault; compressional stress
Which of the following organisms is defined as a primitive, single-celled organism that
lacks separation between the nucleus and the rest of the cell?
A) Eukaryote
B) Prokaryote
C) Brachiopod
D) Bryozoan
E) All of the above
Which of the following is not a possible mechanism contributing to continental rifting?
A) Changes in gravitational attraction of the moon
B) Concentration of mantle plume heat beneath a continent
C) Tensional stress
D) Upwelling from shallow levels in the asthenosphere
Which location is likely to experience creep?
A) Horizontal plateaus
B) Steep slopes
C) Gentle slopes
D) Steep and gentle slopes
E) Vertical cliffs
Liquefaction will ________.
A) amplify the power of seismic waves
B) lessen the power of seismic waves
C) do nothing to the power of seismic waves
Match the astronomical bodies to their correct description. (Note: some answers will be
used more than once.)
A) Terrestrial planet
B) Dwarf planet
C) Jovian planet
1. Earth
2. Neptune
3. Uranus
4. Pluto
5. Mercury
6. Ceres
7. Jupiter
In order to cover such large expanses of seafloor, shield volcanoes erupt ________ lava.
A) rhyolitic
B) andesitic
C) porphyritic
D) basaltic
Explain how the shapes of polar wandering paths for Europe and North America and
the locations of those continents can be used to support the existence of Pangaea.
Match the sand dune with the correct description.
A) Dunes with complex shapes that formed as a result of various seasonal wind
B) Undulating sand ridges perpendicular to prevailing winds with crescent-shaped slip
faces pointing downwind
C) Multiple, overlapping crescent-shaped coastal dunes with the dune tips pointing
toward shore
D) Linear ridges of sand perpendicular to the prevailing wind
E) Crescent-shaped dune with tips pointing downwind
F) Linear ridges of sand parallel to the prevailing wind direction
1. Longitudinal
2. Parabolic
3. Barchan
4. Transverse
5. Star
6. Barchanoid
________ has a large percentage of voids and is lightweight, so therefore has the ability
to float in water.
A) Basalt
B) Pegmatite
C) Pumice
D) Scoria
________ describes Earth's origins and its development through time.
A) Natural hazards
B) Physical geology
C) Historical geology
D) Uniformitarianism
Which horizons make up the topsoil?
A) C horizon
B) O and A horizons
C) E, B, and C horizons
D) O, A, E, and B horizons
What is the difference in densities between the upper mantle and the lower mantle?
A) 2.7 & 3.0 g/cm3
B) 3.0 & 3.3 g/cm3
C) 3.3 &5.6 g/cm3
D) 10 & 12.1 g/cm3
Inselbergs are generally associated with a(n) ________ stage desert landscape.
A) early
B) middle
C) late
How old are the oldest fossils of more advanced organisms, the eukaryotes?
A) 3.8 billion years
B) 3.5 billion years
C) 2.8 billion years
D) 2.1 billion years
Why is it possible for rock avalanches to move at speeds in excess of 200 kilometers
per hour?
A) They are moving with large quantities of water.
B) They are moving with molten material such as lava.
C) They are moving with large quantities of air trapped and compressed beneath the
D) They are moving with large chunks of ice compressed beneath the moving material.
What is a berm?
A) A flat-topped platform of sand adjacent to dunes or cliffs
B) Area landward of the high-tide shoreline
C) Wet, sloping surface of the beach
D) Build-up of sand where a stream meets the sea
Physical rotation of platy minerals will contribute most to the development of foliation
in ________ grade metamorphism.
A) low-
B) medium-
C) medium-high-
D) high-
What happened when the spreading center that generated the Farallon plate collided
with the North American plate?
A) A mantle plume formed.
B) A divergent plate boundary was created.
C) The spreading center subducted, resulting in the Yellowstone Hot Spot.
D) A transform boundary was created.
________ is the process that converts sediments into a sedimentary rock.
A) Diagenesis
B) Cementation
C) Imbrication
D) Lithification
What scientific development made accurate numerical dating possible?
A) Discovery of radioactivity
B) Correlation of rock layers
C) Development of radar
D) Discovery of X-rays
What is the highest level on the Mercalli Intensity Scale?
B) X
What is one possible explanation for the crustal subsidence that created extensive areas
of downwarping such as in Michigan and Illinois?
A) Cessation of compression along a convergent plate boundary
B) Cessation of upwelling from a mantle plume
C) Cessation of subduction, with detachment of the descending slab, creates a
downward pull in the mantle
D) The crust is extended to maintain a convergent plate boundary where the descending
plate is sinking

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