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The American Story: Penguin Academics Series 5th Edition

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July 17, 2017
Whose activities were essential to the establishment of a colonial alliance with the
A) Thomas Paine
B) John Adams
C) John Dickinson
D) Thomas Jefferson
E) Benjamin Franklin
What was one reason why Reagan won the 1980 presidential election?
A) He made large inroads among the African-American community.
B) He carried every state east of the Mississippi.
C) He benefited from the growing political power of the Sunbelt region.
D) He won the majority of votes among Jewish voters.
E) He led in every single southern state.
The Philippine-American War was ________.
A) a minor event for Americans
B) more costly than the Spanish-American War
C) fought in a traditional manner
D) never completely resolved
E) over even before the Spanish-American War
Which of the following individuals assumed the least progressive position regarding
race relations in the early 1900s?
A) Theodore Roosevelt (second term)
B) Woodrow Wilson (first term)
C) William Taft
D) Booker T. Washington
E) W. E. B. Du Bois
The Iran-Contra affair was ________.
A) a covert operation through which the Reagan administration planned to topple the
Iranian government
B) a diplomatic disaster in which Iranian and Nicaraguan leaders were deeply insulted
by one of Reagan's speeches
C) a foreign policy crisis in which Reagan sent combat troops to both Iran and
Nicaragua in order to keep the peace
D) a crisis between Iran and Nicaragua regarding an antimissile system that nearly
resulted in nuclear war
E) a scandal in which the government planned to sell weapons to Iran in order to
finance exiles fighting in Nicaragua
The passage of the National Security Act in 1947 _______.
A) indicated America's desire to decrease its military strength
B) coordinated and unified America's military establishment
C) served only to further divide the Defense Department
D) weakened the intelligence-gathering capabilities of the United States
E) added unnecessary bureaucracy to matters of defense
All of the following contributed to the rift that developed between President Johnson
and Congressional Republicans EXCEPT _______.
A) the appointment of provisional southern governors
B) the passage of the Black Codes
C) the veto of the Freedmen's Bureau bill
D) the veto of the Civil Rights Act of 1866
E) the refusal to seat the recently elected southern delegation
The selection of a site for Jamestown was based primarily on the settlers' ________.
A) fear of surprise attacks
B) desire for a healthful place to live
C) belief that friendly Indians lived nearby
D) need for close proximity to the open ocean
E) fear of diseases in the swamps
During World War II, the closest ally of the United States was _______.
A) the Soviet Union
B) Canada
C) France
D) Great Britain
E) China
Beginning in 1696, the ________ settled disputes that occurred at sea.
A) House of Commons
B) Lords of Trade
C) Board of Trade
D) Privy Council
E) vice-admiralty courts
How does this statement from Monroe's inaugural fail to address American reality?
"Their citizens individually have been happy and the nation prosperous."
A) Few people were truly happy in the U.S. during the first few decades of the
nineteenth century.
B) The nation was only prosperous because it exploited immigrants and weaker North
American neighbors.
C) Only those who were citizens (white males) were able to be happy and prosperous;
Native and African Americans were denied these opportunities.
D) Monroe was addressing politicians, the only truly happy citizens of the U.S. and the
only people allowed to enjoy its prosperity.
E) From the moment of his inaugural address, Monroe's policies undermined individual
citizen's happiness and the nation's ability to prosper greatly.
What did the Ostend Manifesto of 1854 accuse the Pierce administration of doing?
A) accepting bribes from southern plantation owners
B) conspiring with Northerners to make the U.S. a "free soil wasteland"
C) wanting to punish the working class through taxation
D) wanting to create a "Caribbean slave empire" by annexing Cuba
E) discriminating against recent immigrants through unfair voting laws
Due to their poverty, where did most Irish immigrants settle in the United States?
A) the South
B) the Midwest
C) the Far West
D) the Northeast
E) the Gulf Coast region
Which of the following statements describes the result of the arrival of large numbers of
immigrants in the 1850s?
A) They were a positive development for American cities.
B) They did not contribute measurably to city developments.
C) They worsened the already serious problems of the cities.
D) They increased the population of rural rather than urban areas.
E) They prevented the development of America's first suburbs.
How did some American labor leaders respond to the idea of annexing the Philippines?
A) They were against it because they worried about losing jobs to cheap labor from the
B) They were against it because they worried that Filipino workers would demand
higher wages than Americans.
C) They were against it because they worried trade with the Philippines would increase
import tariffs and raise taxes.
D) They were in favor of it because they wanted to increase union membership by
recruiting Filipino workers.
E) They were in favor of it because they believed Filipinos would take the jobs that
American workers did not want.
Which of the following was a New Deal program that worked to bring about farm
A) the Federal Farm Board
B) the Agricultural Adjustment Administration
C) the Tennessee Valley Authority
D) the National Recovery Administration
E) the Civilian Conservation Corps
What was the main function of American cities during the Jeffersonian era?
A) to centralize cultural activities
B) to serve as depots for international trade
C) to create agricultural marketplaces
D) to centralize financial activities
E) to serve as places to exchange ideas and keep up with news
What was Dr. Benjamin Spock's bestselling book about?
A) infant and child care
B) public education
C) Cold War politics
D) dating and marriage
E) space travel
Hamilton's Report on the Public Credit recommended ________.
A) the renunciation of all old government debts
B) that the federal government assume remaining state debts
C) that the states fund most government activities
D) that bankers be restricted in their dealings with the federal government
E) that the federal government offer its creditors 80 percent of the face value of its
What was the primary source of income for most yeoman farmers?
A) sugar
B) rice
C) whiskey
D) livestock
E) lumber
Who advocated "black power" as the new leader of the Student Nonviolent
Coordinating Committee in the 1960s?
A) Martin Luther King, Jr.
B) A. Phillip Randolph
C) Stokely Carmichael
D) Thurgood Marshall
E) Robert Weaver
Which of the following is incorrectly matched with its colonies?
A) France: Canada
B) Portugal: Brazil
C) Spain: Puerto Rico
D) England: Cuba
E) Spain: Mexico
The controversy which delayed ratification of the Articles of Confederation involved
A) slavery
B) the disposition of western lands
C) American relations with European countries
D) regulating trade with British manufacturers
E) boundaries between the states
Why did the Era of Good Feeling end?
A) The United States could not sustain continued economic growth; financial
institutions began to crumble.
B) Nonpartisan cooperation could not be sustained through disagreements of how
government should be involved in social and economic changes.
C) The United States could not maintain peaceful relations with European countries
intent on continuing colonial rule in Latin America.
D) Poor road transportation made it difficult to unite the West with the East of the
United States, causing poor communication and political divisions.
E) The Supreme Court's focus on protection of individual liberty produced political,
social, and economic inequalities that greatly weakened the nation.
All of the following were part of the national government's policy toward Native
Americans from the early 1870s to the mid-1880s EXCEPT ________.
A) signing separate peace treaties with specific Indian tribes
B) trying Native Americans in federal courts
C) giving individual Native Americans parcels of land
D) assimilating Native Americans into urban life
E) establishing Native American schools
What is one conservative criticism of liberals?
A) Liberals are too willing to sacrifice high standards to achieve social equality.
B) Liberals are too tough on communist dictatorships in other countries.
C) Liberals are too focused on what is right about America rather than what needs to be
D) Liberals ignore the social inequalities faced by ethnic minorities and women.
E) Liberals are focused on reducing government spending and social services.
How did the election of 1916 influence the nation's involvement in World War I?
A) By electing Roosevelt, Americans showed their determination to remain neutral in
World War I, although this was a short-lived determination.
B) By electing Hughes, Americans showed their determination to remain neutral in
World War I, although this was a short-lived determination.
C) By electing Wilson, Americans showed their determination to remain neutral in
World War I, although this was a short-lived determination.
D) By electing Wilson, Americans showed their determination to enter World War I,
whatever the costs.
E) By electing Roosevelt, Americans showed their determination to enter the war,
whatever the costs.
Under the terms of the Taft Commission, the United States ________.
A) would control the Philippines in perpetuity
B) gave the Filipinos complete independence
C) provided funds but did not interfere with local government
D) gave the army complete control of the Philippines
E) guaranteed future independence for the Philippines
Why did voting decline during the progressive era?
A) Pessimism marked the progressive era, and people did not bother voting as a result.
B) Women made up most of the population and their disfranchisement affected turnout.
C) Voters focused on social reforms rather than on politics in the progressive era.
D) Most of the population was concerned with moral reform rather than political
E) People relied on interest groups to bring about change, and did not feel a need to
In what way did the National Reclamation Act of 1902 help settlement in the West?
A) It restricted immigration from Asia and parts of Europe so that there would be more
land for Easterners moving west.
B) It reclaimed hundreds of acres of land from Native Americans and made it available
to white settlers.
C) It restricted cattle to specific areas of land, so that farmers would have more land for
D) It gave 160 acres of land to anyone who would pay a registration fee and cultivate
the land for five years.
E) It financed irrigation projects, such as dams and canals, which brought water to the
In the South, how was James Buchanan's winning of the 1856 presidential election
A) with a temporary sense of relief
B) as a long-term victory for the southern cause
C) as a victory for Free-Soil supporters
D) with a strong sense of dismay
E) as evidence of the strength of the North's threat
Why did the Virginia tobacco planters oppose the Navigation Acts?
A) Trading with the Dutch made the price of tobacco decrease.
B) Virginians wanted to be able to import goods from France.
C) The planters received smaller profits due to the customs duties on tobacco.
D) They wanted tobacco to be transshipped through England first.
E) The cost of ships reduced the profits they made from tobacco.

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