Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

CAS CS 89380

August 22, 2017
XML Schemas consist of ________.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of personal DBMS products hiding the
complexity of database systems?
Microsoft Access 2013 can secure database files by storing them in a(n) ________.
Describe why SQL Server 2014 is sensitive to certain words being used in SQL
commands or scripts, and what to do about it.
Briefly describe the four components of a database system.
The purpose of the ________ in a database system is to receive requests from
applications and to translate those requests into reads and writes on the database files.
Databases are created in a DBMS during the ________ step.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, describe the possible cardinality settings for a Relationship
object that can be set in the symbols menu in a database design, and how these settings
correspond to the IE Crow's Foot symbols shown in Figure G-21.
A(n) ________ is a program stored within the DBMS that is invoked by the DBMS
when a specified event occurs.
What are SQL stored procedures and how are they used?
What is PHP?
What is XML, and why is it significantly better than HTML?
When Microsoft Access 2013 compiles VBA code in a database, the resulting file is
stored using a(n) ________ file extension.
The four categories of NoSQL databases used in the text are the ________ database, the
________ database, the ________ database, and the ________ database.
One way to specify all of the columns of a table is to use the special character * after
the SQL keyword ________.
By default, Microsoft Access 2013 saves data files in the ________ file format.
Table and relationship properties not supported by Microsoft Access SQL can usually
be set ________ in the appropriate window or dialog box.
NoSQL really stands for ________.
What is a "use case" and how is it used?
Why is operational data sometimes unusable for Business Intelligence use?