Book Title
Clearly Visual Basic: Programming with Microsoft Visual Basic 2012 3rd Edition

CAS CS 77291

July 31, 2017
A form's ____ event occurs when an application is started and the form is displayed the
first time.
Every object has ____, which are the characteristics that describe the object.
a. properties
b. attributes
c. parts
d. elements
The ____ in a flowchart is the process symbol.
The members of a structure can be ____.
You use a(n) ____ to display an image on the form.
A(n) ____ is a single item of information about a person, place, or thing.
The ____ structure makes a decision and then takes an appropriate action based on that
a. repetition
b. sequence
c. command
d. selection
You use a(n) ____ to specify both the records to select in a dataset and the order in
which to arrange the records.
a. query
b. question
c. inquiry
d. access
The syntax of the IndexOf method is ____.
a. string.IndexOf(subString[, startIndex])
b. string.IndexOf.subString
c. subString.IndexOf(string)
d. string.IndexOf(startIndex, subString)
The code in the ____ block of a Property procedure allows an application to assign a
value to the Private variable associated with the property.
Entering instructions in the wrong order in a program can cause a ____ error.
To include more than one expression in an expressionList, you separate each expression
with a ____.
a. comma
b. forward slash
c. semicolon
d. period
An empty array is an array that contains no ____.
The set of statements contained in the true path, as well as the set of statements
contained in the false path, is referred to as a(n) ____.
Like Sub procedure names, function names typically begin with a(n) ____.
An ____ represents information that is passed to the function while the function is
In most tables, one of the fields that uniquely identifies each record and is called the
In a task box, each task in the list is associated with one or more ____.
The LINQ ____ operator returns a single value from a group of values.
a. collect
b. collapse
c. integrate
d. aggregate
The ____ memory of a computer is composed of memory locations.
The parallelogram symbol in a flowchart is called a(n) ____ symbol.
After declaring a StreamReader variable, you can use the ____ method to open a
sequential access file for input, which automatically creates a StreamReader object.
When you pass a variable by ____, the computer passes a copy of the variable's
contents to the receiving procedure.
No matter how thoroughly you test an application, chances are it still will contain some
errors, called ____.
A ____ is a container that stores the projects and files for an entire application.
A ____ is a message to the person reading the code.
a. comment
b. header
c. heading
d. footer
A group of related records is called a ____.
Text that cannot be changed by the user is referred to as ____ text.
You create a message box using the ____ method.
The ____ method can be used to read a file's contents, one line at a time.
____ are the operations (actions) that the object is capable of performing.
In some applications, you may want to use an array to store items that are related but
have different data types, such as employee IDs and salary amounts.
In the order of precedence, the modulus operator has a lower priority than the addition
and subtraction operators.
When debugging, while the execution of a procedure's code is paused, you can view the
contents of controls and variables that appear in the highlighted statement, as well as in
the statements above it in the procedure.
The statement that invokes a function will always assign the function's return value to a
The default radio button is the radio button that is automatically selected when an
interface first
You can start an application by pressing the F12 key on your keyboard.
You can declare the counter variable in a Dim statement, as long as the Dim statement
appears somewhere after the For"Next statement.
You center the contents of a control by setting the control's TextAlign property.
You refer to each element in a two-dimensional array by the array's name and the
element's row and column subscripts.
The number of elements is always one number more than the array's highest subscript.
The letter D indicates that the data type of the variable's value is Decimal.
Invalid data typically is the result of the user making a typing error, entering the data in
an incorrect format, or neglecting to make a required entry.
Variables and arrays are declared in procedures when the memory locations are needed
only by the procedure that declared them.
You can use the arithmetic assignment operator (+=) to abbreviate the statement intNum
= intNum + 1 as follows: intNum = 1.
When you open a file for output, if the file already exists, the computer erases the
contents of the file before writing any data to it.
If the subscript of an array is not in the acceptable range, the procedure should try to
access the array element to verify the correct range.

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