Book Title
Database Concepts 7th Edition

CAS CS 75403

August 22, 2017
Microsoft Access can run QBE queries, but not SQL queries.
Users should create a MySQL Workspace folder to hold documents created with the
MySQL Workbench.
Microsoft Access forms can only contain data from one table.
Microsoft Access 2013 database files can be easily copied to create multiple copies of a
A star schema resembles a star, with a dimension table at the center and fact tables
radiating out from the center.
Using standard SQL, unmatched rows will not appear in the result of a join.
To start working with MySQL Server Community Edition in Windows 8.1, use the
command Start | All Programs | MySQL | MySQL Workbench 6.1 CE.
Since Microsoft Access is a personal database, it is not subject to the modification
problems that occur in other relational databases.
A data warehouse is a database system that has data and programs for, as well as
personnel specialized in, BI processing.
There is no reason for serious database developers to learn many aspects of database
processing technology because DBMS products like Microsoft Access hide these
The E-R Model assumes that all instances of a given entity class have the same
In Microsoft Visio 2013, we can create data models using Entity and Relationship
XML designers created a system that allows document structure, data content, and
materialization to be mixed.
When using SQL to create a table, specifying the NULL property for a column indicates
that only null values may be stored in that column.
In market basket analysis, confidence is the probability that one particular product will
be purchased.
Report systems include three functions: authoring, management and delivery.
Market basket analysis as described in the text uses the technique of conditional
A Microsoft Access 2013 switchboard provides networking capabilities in Microsoft
Access 2013.
The key of the parent entity becomes part of the key of an ID-dependent entity.
Microsoft Access 2013 databases can be secured using trusted locations for database
The CAP theorem defines the three properties, one of which is consistency.
Microsoft Access 2013 is a personal database that combines a DBMS with an
application generator.
With ODBC, a database and the DBMS that processes it are identified by the data
MySQL Community Server 5.6 uses DBMS authentication.
A relational database can be defined as a self-describing collection of related tables.
ODBC is an industry standard interface between programming code and DBMS APIs.
One of the four categories of NoSQL databases used in the text is the Word Processing
Users log into MySQL Community Server 5.6 using the Connect to MySQL Server
dialog box.
Referential integrity constraints can be created using the ON DELETE phrase when the
table is created using the CREATE TABLE statement.
One of the four categories of NoSQL databases used in the text is the Key-Value
XML designers created a system that allows document structure, data content, and
materialization to be mixed.
Reports that rely on the most current data when they are prepared are called dynamic
A data mart is a collection of data that addresses a particular component or functional
area of a business.
A database is a set of one or more computer programs that serves as an intermediary
between the users and the database management system (DBMS).
In Microsoft Visio 2013, Dynamic connector objects can be formatted with the line end
symbols needed to create IE Crow's Foot notation.
User interviews are conducted during the requirements analysis step.
In unsupervised data mining, explanations are created after patterns are found.
For a workstation running the Windows operating system, a commonly used file system
utility is Microsoft Internet Explorer.
Statement level consistency means that all statements within a transaction will access
consistent rows across the lifetime of the entire transaction.
Recursive relationships can be represented in the relational model using the same
techniques that are used for binary relationships.
When Microsoft Access 2013 secures a database just by storing the database in a trusted
location, the database file will be a(n):
A) *.accdb file.
B) *.accdc file.
C) *.accde file.
D) *.mdb file.
E) *.mdw file.
Today almost every commercial database is based on:
A) lists.
B) the hierarchical model.
C) the linked-list model.
D) the relational model.
E) the object-oriented model.
For a workstation running the Windows operating system, the user file system
permissions Modify and Write must be granted to the Users group at the ________
A) wwwroot
B) inetpub
C) web
D) eclipse
E) php
Business Intelligence (BI) systems fall into which of the following categories?
A) Processing
B) Reporting
C) Data mining
D) Both A and B
E) Both B and C
XML documents that are not-type-valid can still be ________.
A) DTD-valid
B) XML-valid
C) DTD-compliant
D) XML-compliant
E) proper XML documents
Which SQL keyword is used to specify a condition that rows must meet to be included
in the results of an SQL SELECT query?
XML Schema elements of the complexType may contain ________.
A) one simple element
B) one complexType element
C) more than one simple element
D) more than one complexType element
E) Any of the above
The reports generated by a reporting system can be classified as:
A) static.
B) dynamic.
C) fluid.
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
Which of the following is true about a key?
A) It may be unique.
B) It may be non-unique.
C) In may identify more than one row.
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
A(n) ________ is an information system that helps users analyze and use data.
Which of the following are true about data mining applications?
A) They use sophisticated mathematical techniques.
B) They use sophisticated statistical techniques.
C) Their report delivery is more difficult than report delivery for reporting systems.
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
Which of the following is not a means of processing databases?
A) Internet applications using ASP
B) Internet applications using JSP
C) Applications invoking stored procedures
D) Programs coded in C#
E) All of the above are means of processing a database.
A data warehouse database differs from an operational database because:
A) data warehouse data are not stored in tables.
B) data warehouse databases do not have metadata.
C) data warehouse data are often stored in a dimensional database.
D) Both B and C
E) All of the above
After getting data from a database, a PHP program needs to:
A) open the connection.
B) test the connection.
C) query the database.
D) process the query results.
E) close the connection.
A data mart differs from a data warehouse in that:
A) it has a smaller database.
B) it deals with a particular component or functional area of the business.
C) data mart users do not have the data management expertise of data warehouse
D) Both A and B
E) All of the above
Although Microsoft Access is a personal database, it is still subject to the following
modification problem(s):
A) problems adding data.
B) problems changing data.
C) problems deleting data.
D) All of the above
E) None of the above
RFM scores commonly range from ________, with ________ being the "high" or
"most desirable" score.
A) 0 to 5; 0
B) 0 to 5; 5
C) 1 to 5, 1
D) 1 to 5; 5
E) 1 to 10; 10
If the computer hosting the Web server is running a UNIX or Linux operating system,
the Web server is probably:
A) Apache.
B) Tomcat.
C) Internet Information Server (IIS).
D) Internet Interpreter Server (IIS).
E) Information Interpreter Server (IIS).
OLAP stands for:
A) Online Analytical Processing.
B) Offline Analytical Processing.
C) Online Analysis Process.
D) Offline Analysis Process.
E) Old, Lazy And Particular.
Given the table
CUSTOMER(CustID, Name, PhoneNum, AcctBalance)
what is the standard SQL query phrase to retrieve the Name and Phone Number of
C) SELECT Name, PhoneNum
D) SELECT (Name, PhoneNum)
When transforming an ID-dependent E-R data model relationship into a relational
database design and the child entity is designed to use a surrogate key, then ________.
A) the parent entity must also use a surrogate key
B) the relationship remains an ID-dependent relationship
C) the relationship changes to a non-ID-dependent relationship
D) A and B
E) A and C
In the MySQL Table Editor, the abbreviation for Primary Key is:
In Microsoft Visio 2013, for a Relationship object relationship that is one-mandatory on
the child side of the relationship, the correct setting in the Symbol menu is:
A) 1 and only 1.
B) 1 or more.
C) Zero or 1.
D) Zero or more.
E) Range [At least][At most].
A deliverable from the requirements analysis step is a(n):
A) user requirements document (URD).
B) user requirements statement (URS).
C) statement of work (SOW).
D) statement of requirements (SOR).
E) A and C
A new SQL Server database is created using:
A) the New Database dialog box.
B) the Create Database command.
C) the Create New Schema dialog box.
D) the Create Schema command.
E) the New Object dialog box.
If T3 is a table with three columns C1, C2 and C3, where C1 is integer data, C2 is
character data, and C3 is date data, which of the following would be the proper
statement to have Oracle Database enter the date 02/10/14 into a row in table T3 while
making sure that it is formatted correctly as shown?
A) SET INTO T3 VALUES (101, 'Smith', '02/10/14');
B) SET INTO T3 VALUES (101, 'Smith', TO_DATE ('02/10/14', 'DD/MM/YY'));
C) INSERT INTO T3 VALUES (101, 'Smith', '02/10/2014');
D) INSERT INTO T3 VALUES (101, 'Smith', TO_DATE ('02/10/14', 'DD/MM/YY'));
E) Any of the above will work correctly.
Business Intelligence (BI) reporting systems are used to filter data, sort data, group data
and make simple calculations based on the data.
In Microsoft Visio 2013, we can create supertype/subtype relationships in database
designs using:
A) Entity and Dynamic connector objects.
B) Entity and Relationship connector objects.
C) Category and Dynamic connector objects.
D) Category and Relationship connector objects.
E) We cannot create database designs in Microsoft Visio 2013.
RFM analysis is a way of analyzing and ranking customers based on online survey data.
During the normalization process, the remedy for a relation that is not well formed is to:
A) create a surrogate key.
B) create a functional dependency.
C) break it into two or more relations that are well formed.
D) combine it with another relation that is well formed.
E) convert it into a list.
In crow's foot style E-R diagrams, a circle across the relationship line near an entity
A) a minimum cardinality of zero.
B) a minimum cardinality of one.
C) a maximum cardinality of one.
D) a maximum cardinality of many.
E) Both B and C
SQL stands for ________.
Briefly define the three problems that can occur because of concurrent processing that
are addressed by resource locking.
Data warehouse data is often stored in a(n) ________.
SQL views are constructed from SQL ________ statements.
Describe how to create and run an SQL script in MySQL 5.6 Community Server
Explain the ambiguity in the broad definition of a weak entity.
What is a three-tier architecture?
Microsoft Access ________ can use previously stored view equivalent Access queries
the same way an SQL SELECT statement uses SQL views.
In RFM analysis, R stands for ________.
How does Michael Porter define support business activities?
Describe how to add a table object to a MySQL Workbench database design.
SQL query results are displayed in a tabbed ________ window.
Explain the concept of a functional dependency.
A dimensional database uses a(n) ________.
Existing tables in a database can be structurally modified by using the SQL ________
Data warehouses are populated with data prepared by ________ programs.